Saturday, March 16, 2024

Primals - An introduction


Originating from the mystical depths of the Hallowed Earth, Primals are ethereal entities that have breached the veil, intertwining with the forces of nature on the Hodgepocalypse Earth. These enigmatic beings are pure manifestations of ancient and primal energies, shaped by the very essence of the Hallowed World. Having transcended from a dimension teeming with demonic forces, primordial energies, and prehistoric wonders, Primals embody the raw, untamed power of their origin. Their arrival on the Hodgepocalypse Earth marks a convergence of realms, blending the ancient with the contemporary, and unleashing the chaotic beauty of their elemental forms.

While not inherently malevolent, Primals are indifferent to the concerns of the inhabitants of the Hodgepocalypse Earth. Their motivations and actions are guided by a primal instinct, a reflection of the untamed forces they embody.  Encounter with a Primal is an encounter with the raw, unbridled forces of nature, reminding those who dare to face them of the cosmic dance that birthed their existence. The Hodgepocalypse Earth is now both witness and stage to the unpredictable manifestations of these primal energies, a testament to the ever-shifting balance between worlds.