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New Hodgepocalypse Species - Trollitariot

The following is a revised version of the troll that appeared in the dark revelations adventurers guide.

Hopefully, it will amuse.


“All your fancy talk means is you’re not doing your job” is one of the Trollitariot mottos for life as they strive to keep busy.  Trollitariot are from the dreamtime and that far off, yet very close dimension is filled with Trollitariot puttering around with useless tasks while dreaming of meaningful work elsewhere.  Most Trollitariot don't like it there, and describe as being "too bright," "too clean," and "filled with overly cheerful lazy folks."  Thus, many have found their way to revelations earth through dimensional portals.  "Its not too bad here, if you like the whole world gone crazy as hell look.  At least it's not boring" it pretty much every Trollitariots answer to why they seek out a life in ruins of multiple civilizations.

Then there is the hard talk that Trollitariot must have with other species: "we're not your average troll. In fact, we're nothing like an average troll, we are above average trolls.  But we leave it to you who the real trolls are, and won't blame you if you don't this crazy crap."  This and other similar circular and confusing conversations is often had in regards that they have taken the same name, and frankly look like the common giant species of troll.  To this effect, instead of calling themselves trolls, they now call themselves Trollitariot and encourage others to do the same.  Trollitariot are fey stalk and of no relation to their giant counterparts with the same name, and certainly not related to elves…that's just as bad.  At least that’s what any Trollitariot worth their salt will claim.    

Trollitariot are laborers by nature.  They work for long hours often doing trivial tasks, all while they mutter threats and complaints under their breath about their lot in life.  If asked why they don't stop working, a common reply after some light profanity is "I'd really prefer to be doing something than nothing."  In the Dreamtime, Trollitariot communities not under the control of elvin or other fey courts are filled with towering walls, arches, bridges, causeways, and endless roadways.  Many of which that serve no purpose other than to fill the days with something to build.  Some Trollitariot communities have night crews that purposefully damage and tear up the meticulous works just to provide the day crew with a new challenge to tackle.  It's all a bit weird and counterproductive.  Certainly, it answers the question why so many Trollitariot seek life outside of the Dreamtime.  

The largest colonies of Trollitariot outside of the Dreamtime are in the DPP and in the Drejlands.  
While in the Drejlands they often organize themselves into unions to get the best deals for their hard work, in the DPP they are at best indentured servants and they kept well out of sight of the regular public.  While it is well known dirty secret that the DPP government has been using non-humanoid species or species that just don't look human enough for forced labor, its citizens really have no clue just how extensive the issue is, as there is perhaps a hundred thousand Trollitariots alone working on public works projects.  The Trollitariot in the DPP are by far not passive actors in their fate, and aware there is a difference between good work and slavery.  Their disagreeable nature and tendency to unionize may yet threaten to destabilize the DPP. 

Trollitariot are usually abrupt and even a little derogatory when it comes to other species, often using a single word to define them.  

Despite these opinions, once you’ve earned the respect of a Trollitariot, you have a friend for life.  While they might not always stick their neck out for you, they will consider you a “troller” and may do a lot more than you think to help you out when in need. 

A combined dwarven and Trollitariot workforce may seem a bit comedic to watch as the two species often butt heads and rub each other the wrong way.  However, if they can cooperate any job they are working on is usually completed in less than half the normal time and under budget.

Trollitariot often adventure just to keep busy.  While they don't seek out fame or fortune, they will often stumble into it through sheer tenacity.  A Trollitariot suddenly thrust into the limelight as a hero often seems aloof and ungrateful at the prospect.  Though it's not they don't understand their actions, it's just a little confusing why everyone is paying attention to them and not the outcome of a job well done.  Even if things get tough, most Trollitariot just shrug and consider it “just another day on the damned job.”

Despite often being an expert in their respective fields, most Trollitariot are boorish.  They enjoy using lewd behavior and words to get a rise out of folks, especially those that they don’t like.  They also have a fondness for wordplay and quips.  If you are pals with a Trollitariot, just be aware that rather than insulting you, they enjoy friendly ribbing, and giving you a nickname.

Now, none of this will affect a Trollitariot's work, for they are pretty good at multi-tasking.  Many Trollitariot see their chosen occupation as an extension of their identity and take pride in what they do as long as it was their choice to do so.  For a Trollitariot finding a job that can call their own matters far more than any paycheck or praise from their employers. 

Trollitariot are broad humanoid-like creatures with long thin arms and legs, a long nose, and a few patches of wiry black hair on their head and chest.  They are usually a shade of green, but red, blue and grey are not uncommon.  Their long narrow eyes are usually a bright complimentary color to their skin tone.   They have very long pointy ears which gives away their fey heritage.  In a lot of ways, they kind of look like a Bogey who was stretched and blown out of proportion. 

Trollitariot Traits
Creature Type:  Fey 
Ability Score Increase:  Your Constitution score increases by 2, up to its normal maximum.
                     Talent Access:  You have access to the Fey, Growth, Natural Armor, Savage, and Stout species talent trees. 
                     Age: Trollitariot come of age at age 17-20 and have a lifespan that can live up to 150 years outside of the Dreamtime, and 300 or more years inside it. 
                     Size:  Trolls stand between 5 and 6 '6'' feet tall and average about 150 to 200 pounds. Your size is Medium.
                     Speed:  Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
                     Language:  You can speak, read, and write Trade Tongue, and one of Elvin or Gnomish.
                     Darkvision:  You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
                     Trollitariot Recovery:  For every hit dice you spend to heal hit points to yourself, you heal back one extra hit point.  This is cumulative with similar effects. 
                     Worker:  You have proficiency in two artisan tools of choice.

Trollitariot Diversity  
Pick one of Boss or Quarry Trollitariot.

Boss Trollitariot
Many Trollitariot can be commanding and steadfast bosses and union leaders. 
                     Ability Score Increase:  Your Wisdom score increases by 1, up to its normal maximum.
                     I'm the boss:  If you take damage from a creature, your very next use of Intimidation Tactics (see new actions) against that creature has advantage, and that creature will have disadvantage to save or resist your Intimidation roll for that action.  This effect is lost once triggered, if you become incapacitated, and fades harmlessly if one-minute passes without using it.  This effect is not cumulative and only applies to one creature at a time.  
                     Intimidating Will:  Your gain proficiency with the Intimidation skill.  You may also always substitute your Wisdom modifier for your Charisma modifier for Intimidation rolls, if beneficial. 

Quarry Trollitariot  
These strong and tough Trollitariot are used to working in mines and quarries. 
                     Ability Score Increase.  Your Strength score increases by 1.
                     Nearly Regeneration:  As a reaction to taking damage or as a bonus action, you may spend one hit dice to heal hit points to yourself.  You must take a short or long rest before using this feature again. 
                     Bigger Build (talent):  you may now carry weight equal to your Strength score x 20 (instead of x 15).  You also gain advantage on any Strength ability check related to carrying, lifting, pulling, or pushing heavy objects, or breaking down doors or other objects.  This advantage cannot be applied to combat-like actions against creatures. 

If used as a npc:

Trollitariot base 
Size: Medium
Speed: 30 ft.
Darkvision 60 ft
Creature Type: Fey
Constitution boost: This NPC gains an advantage over all Constitution related ability checks and saving throws
Nearly Regeneration (1 per day):  As a reaction to taking damage, this monster gains immunity to that damage, unless it is from acid, fire,  or force damage.

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Regional Sourcebooks for the Hodgpocalypse

These are ideas I've had for a while and testing out 4 elevator speeches with the following poll.


A comprehensive break down of the African Continent in the Post-Post Apocalyptic world
- The Void Covenant, an insect sentient hive species threatens the entire continent.
- Dakaguére - a massive city ruled by a mutant king.
- New Monsters and new tweaks on more traditional ones.

The Beaver Hills

The Beaver Hills is a location in what was once central Alberta is now a relic of the past and hopes for the future.
- The Great Mall at the edge of the city: an automated dystopia.
- The Eltrich park where it's the remains of a national park contains what should be kept sleeping.
- former military bases possessed by art aberrations, a transdimensional big box store and set pieces for your own post-apocalyptic adventure

The Rock

The Rock, which was once Newfoundland is now a place of magic where spellcasting fraternities vie for dominance.
- The Fraternities, their secrets, and their spells.
- magical islands where experiments have gone awry.
- an adventure that delves into the dimensional gauntlets that they call home.

South America

During the Hodgepocalypse, dinosaurs invaded South America and it changed the feel of the continent forever.
- Dinosaurs being herded by power armored cowboys
- The Terrorsaurs - demonic dinosaurs from the depths of the hallowed world.
- the Gazebo - the sandbox city at the mouth of the Amazon.

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Other NPCs

Other NPCs

Now that we’ve defined Villains and Monsters, there are pretty much everybody else.  This can range from allies, to store keepers, to that random guard that has to come running when you cause a commotion.
When it comes to these characters, the big question you must ask is whether you need to stat them out or not.   A good rule of thumb is, if you expect them to get into a physical conflict, then stat them out.  If you don’t, then don’t.  This will help reduce the “grinding aspect” when PCs attack everything in the name of XP.   

More often than not, just treat the NPC as a skill check or skill montage to get the desired effect.     You can easily give them a rough personality, if needed by consulting the random personality generator below.

Common NPC Archetypes

The following are common background and/or archetypes that can be used to flesh out your NPCs as needed. Yes, you can use these to flesh out PC’s if you want.

Absent Minded Expert:  While an expert in their field, this character is absent minded and a tad daffy.  This could lead to the character getting in danger time and time again and babbling information to the wrong people.
Absent Minded Expert
Arrogant Snob
The Destroyer
Crusty old Professional
Informative Lunatic
Innocent In Distress
Talkative Merchant
Tragic Fellow Hero

Arrogant Snob:  This person thinks the world owes them a living. Often connected to somebody of power and influence, this can be used to ruffle the PC’s feathers.  It gets more interesting when they can’t afford to abandon or kill the person.   This character could calm down over time if shown how to interact with others properly.

Chronicler: Suddenly the NPC wishes to follow the characters to record their story.  They will often ask annoying and personal questions, sometimes in the middle of battle.   Alternatively, they could be using the character as a “muse” for song and storytelling.

Commander:  This NPC is a natural leader and would be able to handle the issue, if they didn’t have other duties to attend to.  They may be the main contact for the party and the driving force for their adventures.

Crusty old Professional: This is the grumpy old person whom is an expert in their field.  They are cranky, sharped tongue, and is probably complaining about everything.  It’s up to you whether it’s all a façade and is hiding a heart of gold.

Enigma:  This NPC is primarily meant to be a trickster to test the wits of the party.  The NPC will give the party a rough time, but may eventually befriend and help the hero. 

Guardian:  Every so often, you need the cavalry or protection.  These NPCs are there to provide comfort and to act as protection in times of trouble.   While they probably can’t actually solve the problem in question, they can provide a place for the PCs to regroup and train.

Informative Half-Wit:   This NPC is friendly, happy and obviously a little crazy.  Over time, the NPC follows the group wherever they go.  They could even take a romantic liking to one of the PC’s.
                What this NPC could be anything from a simple half-wit, to a fallen hero, to a supernatural creature, to a lackey of either the local authorities or a main villain.  Sometimes, the Informative Half-wit is all of the above at the same time. Alternatively, this can also be used by having somebody come up to you in the street and just start blabbing away, obviously spooked about something.   

Inductee:  Everybody’s got to start somewhere.  An inductee is a young hero who must undergo some sort of challenge.  While this certainly classifies most starting PCs, in the NPC context it is a young character, who might take to Hero-Worshipping one of the PCs or the Party as a whole. 

Innocent In Distress:  This NPC is pretty sweet, charming, and in need of help.  They may choose to follow the party around for protection, and may get innocently into trouble, time and time again.  This can include males and females to make the party’s life more interesting, or often a child or teenager.

Mentor:  Sometimes an NPC is significant simply because they is the teacher or counsellors to a PC or the party.  Their job is to impart skills, training, knowledge or good old fashion insight.  Often they end up leaving their students in mysterious circumstances, leaving small clues to where they have gone. 

Observer:   This NPC represents a big mover and shaker, whether it is a government employee, an envoy from a major corporation, or a tribal liaison.   Often the character is a stickler for proper procedures and can often give unwanted advice, whether good or bad.  They may also be a trouble magnet by pulling rank when not satisfied.

Talkative Merchant:  Probably the common archetype in fiction is a chatty innkeeper, barkeeper or purveyor of wares.  They will have the information that the PC’s require, but will need something for their trouble.  This can range from a bribe, to buying expensive goods, to listening to their stories, or performing a “favour”.

Tragic Fellow Hero:  The PCs run into a fellow hero whose down on their luck.  They may have met the NPC in its past, or they may know them by reputation.  The NPC is a tragic figure whom may have just lost either his family or belongings to a villain. He’s pretty depressed and gloomy and will need help from the party.


Die roll (%)
Pleasure Seeker
Distinctive Scar
Bad Breath
Strong Body Odour
Smells Like Perfume
Hand’s Shake

Giving NPCs Traits

If you need to give a personality and/or unusual feature to an NPC in a hurry, just roll on the following table to give some color.

If you want to add some quirks to your own PC, you may pick or roll on this chart a couple of times if you wish.

Using NPCs

Okay you have an NPC.  What can you do with them?

Quite a lot actually

Background enhancement:  A simple encounter with an NPC could very well flesh out the world.  Often NPCs are stereotypes that personify the average Joe or Jane in a particular area.

Exposition:  All adventures have to start somewhere, and an NPC is as good as any.  They could be your employer, hiring you for a job.  They could be the survivor of a terrible monster attack.  They could be even be a newscaster from FNN news letting you know of a great problem and a call to arms.  

Family Connections:  Having NPCs that are related to a PC are also fantastic for fleshing out backgrounds.  They can range from the black sheep that everybody hates, to loving parents that tentatively support your lifestyle.  This gives yet another tool to add color.

Vendors:  Goods and services are always needed and a colorful NPC to provide these services will make such transitions fun as well.  Don’t be afraid to use opposed skill checks for bartering and the like.

Victim:  An NPC can be a victim of a villainous plot to spur the PCs into action.   This doesn’t necessarily mean death.   Another example is the Scapegoat, a person that has been convicted of a crime they didn’t commit and needs the party’s help.  If the party is generally good, it might drive the storyline based on their own moral code.

One Last Point – the NPC’s Place

Despite all the hard work of the GM, there is something that must be remembered. 

Never sideline the PCs

The PCs are the heroes. If the other NPCs could perform the task expected of the PCs, the PCs would not be adventuring.

If a NPC must tag along with the PCs, it should be in a support role.

Good Examples of Support NPCs include
·         The healer that keeps the party patched up, but is a pacifist.
·         The friendly mechanic that keeps your equipment upgraded.
·         The agent whom keeps the jobs coming your way.
·         The salesman that always has what the party needs.
·         The security robot that is left behind so the party can adventure.
·         The crack pilot/driver that drops off the PCs into the danger zone.
·         The news reporter that interviews them after the mission.
·         The archaeologist or scientist whom identifies their anything they find.

Generally let the heroes be heroes.  The world was specifically created so that they can be so.