Friday, January 29, 2016

twitch game on in Jan 31st - 6:30 pm MST (5:30 pm PST) -

RPGglory and Dark Revelations will try this upcoming Sunday to get this game underway. :)

edit: sorry guys, a bit of an update.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Drevrpg - Instant Adventure Maker

The purpose of this table is to quickly generate a set piece for which to build a campaign around.  It also gives great titles for your adventure.  The syntax will be as follows:

The <insert location here> of<Adjective> of the <Noun> in <State/Province>

.pdf Dropbox download here 

edit: Added Mexico's states and countries in Central America to increase  the percentile.

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DRev Instant Adventure Table

d location of of the in State/Province/Country
1 Army Site Abandon Abberations Aguascalientes
2 Bank Abundence Amazons Alabama 
3 Barberian Clan Ambrosia Ancients Alaska 
4 Battlefield Anger Assassins Alberta
5 Biosphere Anguish Automation Arizona 
6 Boat/Ship Anxiousness Bandits Arkansas 
7 Boom Town Belligerence Barbarians Belize
8 Burial Mounds Blood Beasts Baja California
9 Butte Chaos Beaver Folks Baja California Sur
10 Cache Clownish Bee People British Columbia
11 Cairn Corruption Birds California 
12 Castle Crimson Bogeys Campeche
13 Cave Crooks Cannibals Chiapas
14 Chasm Curses Carniverous Plants Chihuahua
15 Circle of Stone Cynicism Cartels Coahuila
16 City Darkness Cats Colima
17 Civic Building Death Corpseman Colorado 
18 Cliff Debauchery Cult Connecticut 
19 Clouds Defeat Cybercult Costa Rica
20 Crater Demonic Cyborgs Delaware 
21 Crop Circle Desolation Deep Durango
22 Crystals Despair Desecrators El Salvador
23 Desert Destruction Dinosaurs Florida 
24 Dimensional Gauntlet Disgrace Dire Weasels Georgia 
25 Dreamtime Aspect Disturbed Doomsday Cult Guanajuato
26 Dreamtime Conduit Doom DPP Guatemala
27 Factory Dreamtime Dragons Guerrero
28 Fairy Circle Eldrich Drifters Hidalgo
29 Forest Enchantment Dwarves Honduras
30 Fortress Envious Elves Idaho 
31 Frontier Community Evil Elysium Corporation Illinois
32 Giant Statue Fear Engineers Indiana 
33 Glacier Flagilation Entities Iowa 
34 Grave Flame F1D0s Jalisco
35 Hallowed World Aspect Forceful Feylins Kansas 
36 Hallowed World Conduit Frivolous Froggies Kentucky 
37 Hill Fury Giants Louisiana 
38 Hive Gloom Gnomes Maine 
39 Horde Heaven Golems Manitoba
40 Hospital Hell Gremlins Maryland 
41 Hotel Hot-Tempered Grey Alliance Massachusetts 
42 Island Humiliation Half-Elfs México
43 Isolationist Colony Ice Halflings Michigan 
44 Jungle Illogical Half-Orcs Michoacán
45 Laboratory Illusion Harlowes Minnesota 
46 Labryinth Intiquity Harvesters Mississippi 
47 Lake Irritation Humans Missouri 
48 Ley line Jumpy Jewels Montana
49 Library Lifeless Kamidavers Morelos
50 Lost City Light  Kilgoreans Nayarit
51 Mall Lightning Knights Nebraska 
52 Mansion Luminescence Little Bears Nevada 
53 Meadow Magnificance Lords New Brunswick
54 Medicine Wheel Maladjusted Lost New Hampshire 
55 Mesa Malice Machines New Jersey 
56 Metropolis Materialistic Mad Trapper New Mexico 
57 Military Encampment Melancholy Malarkoids New York 
58 Military Warehouse Might Medusa Newfoundland and Labrador
59 Mine Minature Megafauna Nicaragua
60 Missile Silo Misfit Mercenaries North Carolina 
61 Monolith Monsterous Miners North Dakota 
62 Mountain Mystery Minotaurs Northwest Territories
63 Museum Narcisism Mooks Nova Scotia
64 Office Building Neurotic Mutanimals Nunavut
65 Oil Fields Nihilism Mutates Nuevo León
66 Parking Garage Ordeal Nomads Ohio 
67 Pit Profane Oozes Oklahoma 
68 Pool Prophacy Pestilence Ontario
69 Portal Rebellious Pod People Oregon 
70 Prison Reckless Porcines Oaxaca
71 Pyramid  Revenge Portals Panama
72 Research Station Ruin Psychics Pennsylvania
73 River Sarcastic Puppets Prince Edward Island
74 Rock Art Scandal Raiders Puebla
75 Ruins Scheming Ravagers Quebec
76 Salt Flats Scorn Republic Querétaro
77 Satellite Scum Road Crew Quintana Roo
78 Sewer System Silence Scavangers Rhode Island 
79 Sinkhole Skeptical Scientists San Luis Potosí
80 Skyscraper Slime Seers Saskatchewan
81 Spacetime Anomaly Sly Serial Killer Sinaloa
82 Spring Smug Serpent Sonora
83 Submarine Souls Serpents South Carolina 
84 Suburb Stalkers Skinwalkers South Dakota 
85 Subway Stern Skull Tree Tabasco
86 Survivalist Compound Superstitious Snake People Tamaulipas
87 Swamp Taint Stumpies Tennessee 
88 Temple Terror Thunderbird Texas 
89 Theatre Thunder Thunderslithers Tlaxcala
90 Tomb Trauma Trolls Utah 
91 Tower Troubled Underworld Veracruz
92 Trade Town Unethical Ungo Vermont 
93 Trading Post Unsocial Ungulates Virginia 
94 Trees  Venom Vampires Washington 
95 University Vice Verkhail West Virginia 
96 Valley Violation Vermin Wisconsin 
97 Vault Wasteful Warlords Wyoming
98 Volcano Whirling Blades Wizard's Guild Yucatán
99 Waterfall Woe Xenophobes Yukon
100 Well Wretchedness Zombies Zacatecas

Friday, January 22, 2016

Dark Revelations - the Role Playing Game - 5e it is

Thanks to those that voted. :)

It looks like there is interest in a 5e version for drevrpg.

I have a ton of reading and testing to do so it will be a while.

That being said, I might do an ogl starter set if I get a chance.

It just will be lower priority.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

twitch game will be delayed by a week due to illness

sorry about that. :(

Friday, January 15, 2016

Dark Revelations - Poll Results and additional querries.

Thanks all for all those that voted. :)

what I'm getting from the feedback is the following priorities for future material

1. Dark Revelations - The Role Playing Game - starter set
2. Dark Revelations Africa
3. Playground Follies (a new project)
4. Any new Blog postings (at most 1-2 month)

When I do a blog entry, it should be split amongst the following categories.

  • Random Tables of Plot Hooks
  • Relic Roadshows
  • Rules Spotlights

Of course, with the 5e srd dropping, it pretty much changed my info.

So I need to ask the following two part poll

Namely whether to do the starter set for ogl or for 5e.

The pros of ogl
1. The material already done - just needs to be truncated for ease of use.
2. I am way more familiar with the material.

The pros of 5e.
1. It is just released.
2. It has a more active fan base

Realize that the 5e version, if selected, will be more of an exploratory paper and will take more time.

Thank you all. :)

What Type of Starter Set?


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Well the 5e OGL dropped, and musing whether to use it for Dark Revelations

I will be reading it over the next week.

I'm very torn.

The biggest complaints I seem to be getting is Drevrpg is "d20 and long."

But part of the reason it is d20 is because it was the first ogl I had access to and my goal was so monumental that it took longer then it's life span. :p.

I haven't committed to anything yet, but will seriously consider it.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Twitch Game Returns - Jan 19th - The Nefarious Machine of Mrs. Bigglesworth

We return to the Ruins of Philadelphia on Jan 19th, 5:30 pm - MST

After rescuing Princess the cat, our valiant heroes return to New Beckford to assist Bazelbull in passing his exams in Faustian magic in which things inevitably go awry.

Enjoy the shenanigans.

#drevrpg #d20 #apocalypse #twitchtv

Friday, January 8, 2016

Drevrpg poll - What should the focus for 2016 be for drevrpg?

Here's the poll

Let me know your two cents and it will really help figure out the road ahead

Note: There are two polls below.

What should the focus for 2016 be for drevrpg?

What should the Blog Emphasize be in 2016

If you have any answers that fall outside the poll, please add comments below. :)