Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Feylin News Network - Part 3

So can we go into the ruins yet???

No Walt, not yet. There is still some stuff to see out here. The mystery is perplexing and part of the fun.

Yes, indeed, mysterious ooze, fun. I see…not very shiny though.  On a more personal note how do you feel being…well…you know…a stranger on this planet?

Stranger is a relative term.  I’d be lying if I said it has not been difficult dealing with some these self-entitled apes at some points in my life. But some of my best friends are a bit ape-ish! <suppressed giggle> Forgive my jovial nature, I jest of course.

Yes…ha ha… wait, Apes?

Homo Sapiens, the DPP is in particular a hassle.  Being from the Rock I have fewer issues there, they are much more open.  The trick is to not overstay your welcome when abroad.   However, it is always good to have some rudimentary self defense. <taps on rather large pistol hanging from her belt>

<whispering under breath:  I like humans> Well it’s getting late Ms. Stonesworth, but we’ll stick around for a while more, but time for another commercial… actually time to change our batteries….

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Feylin News Network - Part 2

And we’re back! This Walt Kooper, and we’re still here with Rebecca Stonesworth once again. So why we wait, can you tell us what do you do for fun?

I suppose that’s completely determined by what you defined by fun.  I’ve directed digs across this continent to find items of note.  It’s important work for the future. Digging in the dirt may be my hobby, but getting stuff out of it is my job.

So why do you think history is important, why dig up the past?

It is by understanding our past will we have the tools to create a better tomorrow.  This can be both symbolically, but just as much literally.  After all we rediscovered the internal combustion engine thanks to digging up the past. Who knows what hidden treasures you will find?

So you’ve driven by finding treasure??  I love treasure!  In fact my entire news network is based on treasure that’s been found in the ruins!  Actually is there any treasure in there? <Points to ruins of an old shopping mall> I mean it’s pretty quiet out here now.

Wait and see Walt, we got to be careful.  Before we go any deeper into the building, my team has got to secure it, and even before that we have to find out what this ooze is…it could be biological, or is it inorganic?  It’s not moving, and the initial tests show nothing. Yet.

This is getting really tense listeners and viewers….what will we find inside these ancient ruins…what will this ooze turn out to be???  We’ll find out after this quick commercial break!!!

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Monday, May 13, 2019

Feylin News Network - Part 1

For the next bit, we will be presenting the interviews done by Walt Kooper of FNN news to shed light on what is the world that is the Hodgepocalypse:


Hello, this is Walt Kooper for FNN news, and welcome to our first episode of On Site, where we dig deeper so you don’t have to.  If you are tuning in on TV don’t forget we now broadcast in super analog color, and if your tuning by Radio and CB make sure to stay tune to  Tunes of 21st for all those human classic tunes of old after the show.  Today I’m on site with Rebecca Stonesworth, our newest research specialist correspondent.  So what are we doing here today among these ruins, you look quite busy?

Yes, quite busy, and thank you Walt, happy to be working with you.  Please watch where you land.  The ground is laced with an ooze-like substance of unknown origin.  I’d prefer not to have FNNs best news reporter end up encased in it like some mosquito in amber. Hopefully with the sample I’ve taken we can identify it, and then we can proceed into the ruins for your viewers.

Hmm, kind of gooey, yes, I’ll be careful. Well we’ll get back to that later, it looks safe for now.  I have some initial questions for our viewers and listener while we wait for the all clear.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, and your role at The Rock’s School of Science?

I am a teaching assistant and adjunct to the Faculty of Anthropology, Archaeology and  Ancient Studies.  I have actively participated in the mapping and sample collection at the lost Toronto hub, and explored such places as the great serpent mound of Ohio, Carhenge, the Majorville Medicine Wheel Complex…

That’s… really…interesting…  Well Ms. Stonesworth, we have to cut to commercial for now, we’ll be right back after these messages from my…err…our sponsors!

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Drevrpg 5e Compiled

Drevrpg 5e Compiled.

Okay campers, I'm officially announcing we are ready to start external Game Testing.

For those unfamiliar, In a nutshell, it's a post-post-apocalyptic world with magic filled with absurd situations using the 5e system. 

The Hodgepocalypse has gone through a proper edit and as we fix the occasional typo, we are comfortable enough to take it to get other people involved to get proper feedback.

We want people to help us polish this game so we can release it this summer.

If interested, please contact me at drevrpg@gmail.com with the following info:
1. Title: Interested in Game Testing
In the body the following:
2. Name. (so we can properly credit you in the acknowledgments)
3. Contact info. (email primarily)
4. Best times for gaming?  We mainly do Sunday early evening at 5:00 pm mst, on roll20 but we will be running games outside this period and seeing how much we have to game test.
5. Whether you are interested in being as a pc or a gm.  For the latter, I have a few rebuild adventures to test out different stress points to see how well it works.

As a sneak peek, here is the watermarked cover art to give you an idea of what you are looking forward to.

Diane Georges, Illustration & Concept art, https://diane-georges.net/

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