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Hodgepocalypse Africa - Part 6 - The Sahara


The single greatest feature of the continent is the Sahara, but it has changed drastically in the wake of the Hodgepocalypse. Stretching from the Mediterranean to the south, where it is bordered by the Sahel, a strip of dry savannah, the Sahara has been transformed into a landscape of mystery and peril.


When most people in the Hodgepocalypse think of the Sahara, if at all, they envision seas of sand, blistering heat, and a land of incredible inhospitality. While this perception is not strictly untrue, the reality is far more nuanced. The land is now mainly rocky stone plateaus intertwined with vast areas covered by sand dunes. This territory is shaped by anomalous weather phenomena, such as wind or rare rainfall, which have given rise to a range of bizarre features including sand dunes, dune fields, sand seas, stone plateaus, gravel plains, dry valleys, dry lakes, and salt flats.


The Hodgepocalypse has brought about a series of environmental anomalies, turning the Sahara into a realm of enigma and danger. Here are some of these anomalies:

Environmental Hazards from Book of Danger: The Sahara now experiences a range of environmental hazards, including relentless heatwaves (pretty much the default state), unpredictable windstorms, and a peculiar phenomenon known as the Weird Warp.

Oasis Dimensional Gauntlets: In the tradition of the Mirage, most dimensional gauntlets have taken on the appearance of oases. These oases may seem like a welcome respite until you attempt to leave, only to discover that you have been transported to another dimension. Despite the risks, adventurers often seek these out for the thrill and the potential loot that might be hidden within.

Terrorsaur Hot Spots

In the wake of the Hodgepocalypse, the Sahara has metamorphosed into a crucible for the birth of Terrorsaurs, and certain locales have acquired sinister renown for unleashing these nightmarish creatures upon the world:

Isle of Wight, Egypt:

Nestled within the desolate heart of Egypt's Western Desert lies the enigmatic Isle of Wight, a land shrouded in eerie geological history. This remote isle, far from human civilization, has been blessed or cursed, depending on your perspective, with glimpses into the depths of the Cretaceous period. Its arid expanses have yielded fossils that defy comprehension, relics from an age when colossal reptilian titans roamed the Earth. Now, in the wake of the Hodgepocalypse, the very bedrock of this desolate isle has sprung to life, birthing mighty Terrorsaurs with a taste for chaos. These primeval beings have become the undisputed masters of this peculiar isle, and those who dare to tread upon its wind-swept sands do so at their peril.

Kem Kem Beds, Morocco:

The Kem Kem Beds in Morocco, renowned for housing the remains of ancient giants like Spinosaurus and their fellow prehistoric behemoths, have borne witness to a disturbing transformation in the Hodgepocalypse's wake. The predatory might of these colossal predators was once confined to the pages of history, but now, the sands of the Kem Kem Beds have turned sinister. The Terrorsaurs, born from the restless spirits of these ancient creatures, have risen to prowl the arid landscapes once more. With their sharp fangs and unquenchable hunger, they menace the region, turning it into a realm of dread. Those who venture into these desolate sands must be prepared to confront both the ancient and the newly arisen terrors, a task that is no less formidable than contending with time itself.

The Richat Structure

In the Hodgepocalypse-modified Northern Africa, the Richat Structure, once an interesting geological curiosity, has become an even more peculiar and enigmatic phenomenon:

Energy Source: The Richat Structure has become a focal point for otherworldly energy. It emits a mesmerizing, pulsating light from its center, and this energy has inexplicable effects on the environment and those who approach it. This energy can be harnessed for various purposes, from powerful spellcasting to unique technological advancements.

Interdimensional Portal: The Hodgepocalypse has turned the Richat Structure into a portal to other dimensions. At certain times, when the conditions are right, the eye of the structure opens up like a rift to an alternate reality, allowing beings and creatures from other dimensions to pass through. This phenomenon is a constant source of wonder and danger for those who reside nearby.  It is believed that this was the place that the Void Covenant originally came through, but it is currently unfounded.

Time Distortion: Within the confines of the Richat Structure, time operates differently. Minutes can stretch into hours, or days can pass like mere moments. Adventurers who venture into the structure must be cautious, as it becomes a realm where the past, present, and future seem to overlap, making navigation and survival a complex challenge.

Evolving Landscape: The terrain around the Richat Structure is in a constant state of transformation. Mountains rise and fall, forests appear and disappear, and rivers change their courses overnight. This ever-shifting landscape adds a layer of unpredictability to the region, and its ability to adapt to various ecosystems and environments makes it a unique and treacherous ecosystem.

Dimensional Echoes: The echoes of events and entities from other dimensions occasionally manifest in and around the Richat Structure. These dimensional echoes can be benevolent or malevolent, offering insights, cryptic warnings, or threats to those who can perceive them.

Guardians of the Eye: Sentient guardians, creatures of incredible power, have emerged to protect the Richat Structure. These guardians, influenced by the Hodgepocalypse, are enigmatic and challenging to communicate with. They defend the structure from any who would exploit its strange properties, but they may also offer knowledge or assistance to those they deem worthy.

Temporal Nexus: The Richat Structure is a focal point for temporal anomalies. Temporal loops, where events from the past and future replay endlessly, can be observed here. Travelers may encounter themselves in the past or future, creating paradoxes and complex moral dilemmas.

Other Locations of Note

Apart from these anomalies, Northern Africa now harbors other intriguing locations:

Crystal Forest of the Void: In an area where the Sahara meets the Sahel, there's a remarkable phenomenon known as the "Crystal Forest." Crystals of various sizes and colors have grown from the ground, and these crystals are not just beautiful but also hold unique properties. Some can harness energy from other dimensions, while others have healing or destructive powers. The Void Covenant is keenly interested in this location.  They are believed to be a species of living crystal not unlike the massive crystal forests of the boreal region of north America.

Deserted Fortresses: Throughout Northern Africa, remnants of medieval desert fortresses can be found. These fortresses have been repurposed into insect hives, with the insects using the walls and towers as their nesting sites. These insect hives can be both a resource and a danger for those who venture too close.

Duat's Reach: The mystical realm of Duat, traditionally confined to Egyptian mythology, has manifested its influence in the heart of the Sahara. Here, the boundary between the living and the afterlife blurs, creating eerie and unpredictable phenomena. Lost souls and spirits can be encountered, and the ruins of ancient Egyptian temples are rumored to serve as gateways to the underworld, providing both peril and opportunities for the brave.

Lost Cities:  The sands have many secrets and many towns across history and even time and space can now be found there.  Roman Ghost Cities, Lost cities of the Nigerien Sahara, Timgrad, Gamara, Zaranj, Khami, and Kufra, and the Lost City of Ubar are just some examples of such locations.  They are often occupied temporarily by new inhabitants before they inevitably return to the sands of time and space.

Mirage Bazaar: An ephemeral marketplace appears at unpredictable intervals within the desert. Traders, both human and supernatural, gather to exchange rare artifacts, knowledge, and exotic goods. However, the marketplace's transient nature and the ever-present risk of being lost in the desert make it a high-stakes location.

Mystic Spire of Nubia: In Nubia, a towering spire has emerged from the desert sands, seemingly unaffected by time. This spire is a hub for sorcerers and scholars who wish to study and harness the Hodgepocalypse's magical energies for their own purposes. It's a place of great intrigue and danger, as its secrets are guarded by powerful beings.

Nomad's Haven: A remote, hidden oasis has become a sanctuary for nomadic tribes and travelers, seemingly immune to the influence of the Hodgepocalypse. Rumors suggest that it may be safeguarded by a powerful guardian or deity, making it a sought-after refuge and trading hub for those aware of its existence.

Salted Lands Enclave: Amid the salt flats and dry valleys of the Sahara, there exists an isolated enclave where the Salted Lands have extended their reach. In this area, the salt has unusual properties, and it's rumored that rare and valuable substances can be extracted from it. However, the influence of the Salted Lands also brings about strange transformations in living creatures, leading to bizarre flora and fauna.

Solar Collective Sites: Amid this transformed landscape, automated solar collection sites have sprung up, run by mysterious robotic entities. These sites are often focal points for exploration and discovery, but they may also hide secrets and potential dangers, as the robots have been affected by the Hodgepocalypse in unpredictable ways.

Void Covenant Outpost: The Void Covenant, typically associated with otherworldly dimensions, has established an outpost within the rocky plateaus of Northern Africa. This outpost acts as a conduit for interdimensional travel, and its presence has led to the emergence of mysterious portals, which adventurers seek to explore despite the inherent dangers of the unknown realms beyond.

Wadi Al Hitan:  Also known as "Whale Valley," has been transformed into a surreal and unsettling site. The fossils of ancient whales, once preserved in this desert location, have now taken on a life of their own. These skeletal remains move, emitting eerie, otherworldly sounds, and at night, they assemble into ghostly specters. The valley is rumored to be a gateway to the underwater realm, attracting those seeking to explore this hauntingly beautiful, but perilous, domain where time, space, and dimensions are warped and where the whales of old may still roam.

White Natural Gas:  There are a number of the largest natural gas deposits on the planet that are ripe for mining purposes and are coveted by those that understand their value.  While some of been long since tapped out, the Hodgepocalypse has renewed many of these fields in Algeria, Egypt and Libya.  It has also attracted Naphtha Nereids and other stranger creatures to be the basis of an entire ecosystem.


Desert Legends

1.       The Lost Caravan of Gold: Legend has it that a massive, golden caravan, laden with treasures, was lost in the vast dunes of the Sahara centuries ago. This treasure is said to be more than just material wealth; it's believed to hold otherworldly powers. In the Hodgepocalypse, this legend could resurface as adventurers and factions vie for control of the caravan's location, sensing that its unearthly secrets may have been awakened.

2.       The Whispering Sands: A well-known desert legend tells of the Whispering Sands, a stretch of dunes where the shifting sands seem to produce eerie, melodious sounds that can lull travelers into a trance or guide them to hidden locations. In the Hodgepocalypse, these sands might have gained a newfound, mysterious power, influencing the minds and actions of those who traverse them.

3.       The Desert Djinn: According to Sahara folklore, powerful desert spirits, known as Djinn, inhabit hidden oases and remote caverns. They can either be benevolent, offering wisdom and aid, or malevolent, creating sandstorms and leading travelers astray. In the Hodgepocalypse, these Djinn could play a pivotal role, serving as enigmatic allies or formidable foes with their own hidden agendas.

4.       The Tomb of Eternal Night: Legends speak of a hidden tomb in the heart of the Sahara, known as the Tomb of Eternal Night, which is said to house a treasure of unimaginable value. However, disturbing this tomb is rumored to unleash a malevolent force that could bring eternal darkness to the world. In the Hodgepocalypse, this legend could become a central quest, with various factions and adventurers seeking the tomb for different reasons.

5.       The City of Glass: Sahara folklore tells of a city made entirely of glass hidden beneath the desert. This city is said to have been a bastion of advanced knowledge and technology. In the Hodgepocalypse, this legend could become a reality, with the Glass City reemerging as a place of both wonder and danger, where ancient technologies are reactivated and strange entities guard its secrets.

6.       The Luminous Scarab: A mythical luminous scarab beetle is said to roam the Sahara, its glowing shell guiding travelers to safety. In the Hodgepocalypse, this legendary creature might become a symbol of hope and guidance in the harsh desert, or a living artifact with mysterious powers, able to lead individuals through the surreal and ever-changing landscape.

7.       Purity’s Soldiers: In the hushed whispers of the Hodgepocalypse, a perplexing myth endures, one that tells of a legion of soldiers who have been plucked from the annals of history or yanked from the grip of death itself. These spectral warriors, it is said, bear a singular obsession — the pursuit of ethnic purity, a haunting fixation that beckons them across time and space. Their spectral banners are adorned with symbols of a war long lost, a conflict steeped in the mysteries of ages past.

Vertical cities:  These were created throughout the 21st and 22nd century and in the aftermath of the hodgepocalypse, they are large dungeons that stretch upwards.

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Hodgepocalypse Africa - Part 5 - Duat - Part 4 - Areas of Note and Adventure Hooks

Areas of Note

The Feline Sanctuaries of Bastet and Sekhmet: These hidden temples dedicated to ancient feline deities, guarded by psychic and sentient cats, provide a rich sandbox location for players to explore. These sanctuaries are shrouded in mysticism, and adventurers can delve into rituals, uncover ancient secrets, and interact with the guardian cats.

The Submerged Ruins of Alexandria: Beneath the waters of modern Alexandria lie the remnants of the old city. Players can engage in underwater exploration, seeking lost treasures, Ankh-Tech artifacts, and dealing with guardian AI entities. The city's political intrigue  seep into this underwater world, creating challenges and opportunities.

The Siwa Oasis and the Oracle of Amun: The Siwa Oasis is a unique sandbox location where adventurers can seek prophecies and divine guidance from the Oracle of Amun. The oasis is teeming with psychic energy, mysterious rituals, and hidden Ankh-Tech treasures that players can uncover.

Luxor and the Valley of the Kings: Luxor, with its ancient temples and burial sites, offers a vast sandbox for archaeological exploration. Players can venture into the tombs, unlocking the mysteries of the past, facing guardian spirits, and dealing with political factions vying for control of this historically rich region.

The Great Digital Library of Alexandria: This sprawling digital repository is a hub of knowledge and information. Players can engage in quests to gain access, protect it from external threats, or decipher hieroglyphic codes that unlock lost technological and mystical insights.

The Aswan High Dam: The Aswan High Dam is a massive engineering project that controls the flow of the Nile River. In Duat, factions might harness similar technology to manipulate Ankh Energy flows for power and defense.

Hodgepocalypse Alexandria:

Hodgepocalypse Alexandria is a bustling, sprawling metropolis in the Duat setting, combining elements of ancient Egypt with the mystique of cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic fantasy. The city's grand landmarks have been transformed into digital fortresses and research hubs, and its streets buzz with Ankh-Tech wonders and hieroglyphic-coded mysteries. In this melting pot of technology and mysticism, rival factions vie for control of Ankh Energy, hidden knowledge, and power, while digital spirits and ancient gods watch over the city's secrets.

Governmental Structures:

Alexandria is a city divided, with distinct governing bodies controlling different districts: 

  • The Alexandria Technocrats are led by an AI council that rules over the Cyberian Citadel, overseeing technological advancements and AI-driven defense systems. 
  • The Siwa Oracle Order, stationed at the Siwa Oasis Outpost, operates as an enigmatic theocracy, with the Oracle herself holding supreme authority. 
  • The Submerged Watchers are governed by an oligarchy of veteran divers and treasure hunters who maintain the Underwater Alexandria. 
  • The Alexandria Technomage College is overseen by a council of master technomages, while the Luxor Enclave employs a council of geneticists and bioengineers to lead their experiments with digital-animal hybrids. 
  • The Temple of Eternal Data has its own priestesses, and the Ankh Bazaar operates without a centralized authority, with merchants governing themselves.

Societal Quirks of Note:

Society in Hodgepocalypse Alexandria is marked by a blend of ancient traditions and cutting-edge technology. Citizens wear digital ankhs as talismans, and hieroglyphic-coded tattoos are common, representing personal histories and achievements. 

The city's factions often recruit adventurers, spies, and negotiators to fulfill their goals, leading to a diverse and transient population. Duat residents have a unique relationship with Ankh Energy, which influences their daily life and fuels their magic and technology. 

Virtual Altars are essential for communing with digital spirits, and the sands of the Siwa Oasis are believed to hold prophecies. Trade in Ankh Energy artifacts is the city's lifeblood, making the Ankh Bazaar a constant frenzy of commerce and intrigue. The interplay of techno-wizardry, ancient rituals, and AI-controlled defenses creates a dynamic and ever-evolving society.

Places of note:

1. Cyberian Citadel (Reimagined Citadel of Qaitbay):

Description: The Cyberian Citadel stands as a massive fortress that now serves as the central hub for the Alexandria Technocrats. Its walls are lined with advanced Ankh-Tech defenses, and hieroglyphic-coded gates grant access to key research chambers.

Plot Hook: The Citadel's AI overseer, A.I.M.O.N., has malfunctioned and is endangering the faction's experiments. The Technocrats seek adventurers to enter the digital realm and repair the AI.

2. Ankh Bazaar (Reimagined Montaza Palace):

Description: Montaza Palace has been transformed into the bustling Ankh Bazaar, a chaotic marketplace where rare Ankh Energy artifacts, hieroglyphic-coded tech, and mysterious data scrolls are bought and sold. Nomadic Ankh-Energy traders converge here.

Plot Hook: An enigmatic merchant offers a unique hieroglyphic-coded artifact for sale, rumored to have the power to access hidden realms of Duat. Factions are bidding fiercely for it.

3. Siwa Oasis Outpost (Reimagined Maamoura Beach):

Description: Maamoura Beach is now an outpost of the Siwa Oracle Order, hidden within digital sand dunes. Mystical seers reside here, guarding sacred pools filled with shimmering Ankh Energy.

Plot Hook: The Siwa Oracle Order seeks adventurers to protect the oasis from a Void Covenant incursion. They believe the oasis holds the key to an apocalyptic prophecy.

4. The Submerged Ruins (Reimagined Underwater Alexandria):

Description: Submerged Alexandria lies beneath the digital sea, home to the Submerged Watchers faction. They control the ancient ruins and salvage Ankh Energy from shipwrecks, using advanced technology to breathe underwater.

Plot Hook: The Submerged Watchers need help recovering a powerful artifact from an underwater tomb, but it's guarded by digital sea creatures and ancient security systems.

5. Alexandria Technomage College (Reimagined Bibliotheca Alexandrina):

Description: The Bibliotheca Alexandrina has evolved into the Alexandria Technomage College, a hub of techno-wizardry and Ankh-Tech experimentation. Hieroglyphic-coded tomes and enchanted data scrolls line its shelves.

Plot Hook: A rogue technomage is wreaking havoc with forbidden experiments. The college requests assistance in tracking them down before their reckless magic triggers a catastrophe.

6. Pharaoh's Legacy Park (Reimagined Alexandria Zoo):

Description: The former zoo now houses rare digital-animal hybrids created by the Luxor Enclave. Visitors can interact with digital serpents and Ankh-lion cubs. It also serves as a tranquil park.

Plot Hook: An Ankh-lion cub has gone missing, and adventurers are hired to find the elusive thief who plans to sell it to the highest bidder.

7. Temple of Eternal Data (Reimagined Temple of Serapis):

Description: The Temple of Serapis is now the Temple of Eternal Data, a mystical center of digital worship. Ankh Energy rituals are conducted here, and priestesses oversee the Virtual Altar, a portal to the digital afterlife.

Plot Hook: The Virtual Altar malfunctions, causing distress to pilgrims. The clergy seeks assistance to appease the digital spirits and restore the connection.

8. The Digital Beacon of Alexandria:

Once revered as the Great Lighthouse, the Digital Beacon of Alexandria now stands as a technological marvel in the heart of the city. This wondrous structure, once responsible for guiding ships through treacherous waters, has been transformed into a radiant pillar of Ankh Energy and advanced technomagic. Rising above all other city landmarks, the Digital Beacon serves as both a symbol of Alexandria's technological prowess and a critical component of its defense and communication systems.

Structural Transformation:

The original lighthouse has been merged with state-of-the-art Ankh-Tech and hieroglyphic-coded defenses. It now consists of a central obelisk surrounded by an intricate web of energy-conducting cables, forming a complex fusion of the ancient and the futuristic. Hieroglyphic symbols, visible only in the digital spectrum, cover the entire structure, conveying messages to those who understand their mystical language.

Function and Significance:

The Digital Beacon's primary function is twofold: to emit a constant beam of Ankh Energy into the digital skies, providing illumination and energy to the city, and to act as a central hub for Alexandria's communication network. This energy serves as a protective barrier against the Void Covenant's assaults, safeguarding the city from digital incursions.

Plot Hooks:

·       Mystic Disruption: The Digital Beacon's Ankh Energy beam begins to flicker and weaken, causing panic throughout the city. The Luxor Enclave suspects foul play and needs adventurers to investigate the source of the disruption, fearing an attack on their digital-animal hybrid experiments.

·       The Forbidden Hieroglyphs: Rumors spread of hieroglyphs within the Digital Beacon holding hidden knowledge, potentially of ancient secrets or dangerous technology. Alexandria's Technomage College seeks adventurers to decipher and retrieve these hieroglyphs for the sake of advancing their research.

·       The Oracle's Vision: The Siwa Oracle Order claims that the Digital Beacon's fluctuating energy patterns are part of a prophetic vision, signaling an impending cataclysm. The Oracle herself seeks adventurers to undertake a perilous quest to restore the Beacon's balance and avert the prophesied disaster.

·       The Beacon's Resonance: The Submerged Watchers discover a unique connection between the Digital Beacon's energy pulses and the behavior of digital sea creatures. They ask adventurers to unlock the lighthouse's true purpose, believing it  offer a means to strengthen their defenses.

9. The Cyberpharaoh's Memorial:

The tomb of Alexander the Great has been transformed into the Cyberpharaoh's Memorial, a towering monument and memorial site located within the heart of Alexandria. Its original grandeur has been preserved, but it now serves a different purpose, combining ancient reverence with the city's high-tech present.

Structural Transformation:

The mausoleum itself remains an imposing structure, constructed with gleaming cyberstone that shimmers with Ankh Energy. Within the memorial, advanced Ankh-Tech displays and holo-projections showcase the life and conquests of Alexander the Great, while hieroglyphic-coded texts and virtual statues pay tribute to the legendary conqueror. The burial chamber has been modified to house a data vault containing records of Alexandria's history, serving as a digital repository of knowledge and heritage.

Function and Significance:

The Cyberpharaoh's Memorial stands as a symbol of Alexandria's connection to its rich history and ancient heritage. It is a place of education, reverence, and digital exploration, where citizens can interact with holographic representations of history and learn from the past.

Plot Hooks:

·       The Lost Ankh-Crown: Rumors circulate that a long-lost Ankh-Crown, a powerful and enigmatic artifact, is hidden within the Cyberpharaoh's Memorial. Factions vie to retrieve it, and adventurers are tasked with uncovering the truth behind this ancient relic.

·       Digital Vandalism: The data vault within the memorial is under attack from a rogue hacker, attempting to corrupt the historical records. The Alexandria Technocrats seek help in identifying and stopping the vandal before critical information is lost.

·       Ghostly Apparitions: Mysterious apparitions believed to be the echoes of Alexander's ancient soldiers are haunting the memorial. The Temple of Eternal Data sees this as an opportunity to commune with the afterlife and requests adventurers to investigate the phenomenon.

·       The Illuminated Scroll: A set of hieroglyphic-coded scrolls, said to hold secrets about Alexander's final wishes, is rumored to be hidden within the memorial. Adventurers are hired to decipher the hieroglyphs and uncover any hidden agendas related to this discovery.

·       The Cyberpharaoh's Memorial encapsulates the city's commitment to its history, preserving ancient legacies while adapting them to the digital world of Duat. It offers opportunities for quests and adventures that revolve around the mysteries of the past and the clash of technology with tradition.

Cairo Urban Legends

Cairo, like many ancient and bustling cities, has its fair share of urban legends and mysterious tales that have been passed down through generations. Here are some urban legends and stories associated with Cairo:

The Cursed Mummy's Curse: Legend has it that a cursed mummy, stolen from an ancient tomb, brings misfortune to anyone who possesses it. Some believe that the mummy's curse still haunts certain areas of Cairo.

The Ghost Ship of the Nile: There have been reports of a phantom ship that appears and disappears along the Nile River at night. Some say it's a ghostly relic from ancient times.

The Hidden Tunnels of the Pyramids: Rumors suggest that there are secret tunnels beneath the Giza Pyramids, leading to unknown chambers filled with ancient treasures and mysteries.

The Lost City of the Sphinx: Some claim that there is an entire hidden city beneath the Sphinx, containing untold riches and lost knowledge. Explorers and treasure hunters often seek this fabled city.

The Djinn of Khan el-Khalili: It's said that the famous bazaar, Khan el-Khalili, is home to mischievous djinn. Shopkeepers tell tales of mysterious happenings and strange occurrences.

The Cursed Mosaic of Ibn Tulun Mosque: A mosaic in the Ibn Tulun Mosque is rumored to be cursed. Those who touch it are said to suffer from misfortune until they return to apologize.

The Vanishing Hitchhiker of the Ring Road: Motorists have reported picking up a hitchhiker on Cairo's Ring Road, only for the person to disappear from the car shortly afterward.

The Haunted Tower of the Cairo Citadel: It's believed that one of the towers within the Cairo Citadel is haunted by the ghost of a medieval sultan who met a tragic end.

The Lost Treasures of the Sultan's Labyrinth: Some say that a labyrinth beneath the Sultan's Palace holds hidden treasures, but those who enter risk getting lost forever.

The Whispering Walls of Old Cairo: The narrow alleyways of Old Cairo are said to have whispering walls that reveal secrets to those who listen closely.

Adventurers and Duat

In a Duat setting, you can justify people from the culture becoming adventurers by incorporating the following elements and motivations:

·       The Call of Exploration: The Hodgepocalypse  have ignited a curiosity and desire for exploration. Some inhabitants of Duat are drawn to venture beyond their familiar territories, seeking knowledge, resources, or solutions to the challenges they face.

·       Ancient Prophecies and Visions: Prophetic visions or ancient prophecies  foretell of events and discoveries in the wider world, driving individuals to become adventurers in pursuit of fulfilling these predictions.

·       Technological and Mystical Anomalies: Anomalies, anomalies, and disturbances in the Ankh Energy  pose threats to the people of Duat. Adventurers are motivated to investigate and neutralize these anomalies to protect their homeland.

·       Searching for Lost Loved Ones: The Hodgepocalypse  have separated families and loved ones. Adventurers  be on a quest to reunite with or rescue their missing kin, motivating them to explore the world.

·       Trade and Commerce: The necessity for resources, Ankh-Tech, or unique artifacts can lead individuals to become traders or mercenaries, embarking on expeditions to negotiate or secure valuable goods.

·       Political Ambition and Power: As power dynamics evolve in Duat, individuals  see opportunities in the wider world to gain political influence, form alliances, or secure backing for their own aspirations.

·       Protection from the Void Covenant: The imminent threat of the Void Covenant  force people to leave Duat to seek allies, knowledge, and weapons from beyond their borders to defend their homeland.

·       Cultural and Academic Exchange: Scholars, historians, and those interested in preserving and expanding their cultural heritage might become adventurers to exchange knowledge, traditions, and artifacts with other cultures.

·       Discovery of Hidden Technologies: Whispers of advanced technologies or magical relics outside of Duat  motivate adventurers to embark on quests to uncover and harness these powerful tools.

·       Mystical Enlightenment: Seeking spiritual or mystical enlightenment, individuals  journey beyond their homeland in pursuit of transcendent experiences, knowledge, or divine insights.

Legends and Story Hooks

Mummies: Egypt is famous for its mummies, preserved for the afterlife. In Duat, mummies  serve as guardians, agents, or even AI constructs linked to the digital afterlife.

Hieroglyphs: The use of hieroglyphs in ancient Egypt  be reimagined in Duat as powerful coded spells, hidden messages, or as the basis for a unique form of programming.

Cats in Egypt: Cats were revered in ancient Egypt. In Duat, psychic and sentient cats can have a significant role, perhaps as keepers of mystical knowledge or as allies to certain factions.

Desert Oases: Egypt has numerous desert oases. These serve as hidden strongholds, mystical retreats, or sources of Ankh Energy.

The Sphinx: The Sphinx is a famous monument. In Duat, it might hold secrets or act as a guardian for access to crucial areas or information.

Feluccas: Traditional Egyptian sailing boats called feluccas be reimagined as advanced AI-driven watercraft for transportation and warfare along the Nile.

Sinai Peninsula: The Sinai Peninsula offers diverse landscapes. In Duat, it be a contested region with valuable resources or secrets.

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Hodgepocalypse Africa - Part 5 - Duat - Part 3 - Military, Species and Classes


Military Equipment in Duat:

Ankh-Pulse Rifles: Advanced energy rifles powered by Ankh Energy, these weapons can fire concentrated energy beams with precision, serving as the primary small arms for the Duat armed forces.

Obelisk Tanks: Heavily armored and AI-driven, these tanks are equipped with energy projectors and hieroglyphic-coded defenses. They are a symbol of power and protection in Duat.

Phoenix Drones: These AI-controlled aerial drones can surveil, attack, and self-repair. Their adaptability and resiliency make them valuable assets in the factions' arsenals.

5-Step Doctrine Based on Modern Egyptian Army Tactics:

·       Step 1: Reconnaissance and Intelligence Gathering: Gather information on enemy positions and intentions using digital afterlife access, AI drones, and mystical divination.

·       Step 2: Flexible Defense and Positioning: Utilize Obelisk Tanks and Ankh Energy shields for defense, creating adaptable, fortified positions to protect key locations.

·       Step 3: Combined Arms Warfare: Integrate infantry with Ankh-Pulse Rifles, Obelisk Tanks, and Phoenix Drones for coordinated offensives and defenses, leveraging both technological and mystical elements.

·       Step 4: Hieroglyphic Coded Communications: Use hieroglyphic-coded messages to communicate securely, avoiding electronic warfare vulnerabilities.

Step 5: Ankh-Energy Suppression: Deploy techno-wizardry and AI-driven systems to disrupt enemy Ankh Energy sources, weakening their capabilities.

common other tactics:

  • Utilization of advanced technology and AI in warfare.
  •  Cybernetically enhanced special forces units.
  • Technological intelligence warfare and cyber-espionage.
  •  Development of digital countermeasures to defend against enemy cyberattacks.

Duat Armed Forces strategies:

Abydos Arcology:

·       Dominance in Ankh Energy technology and hieroglyphic coding.
·       Integration of AI-driven war machines into their military.
·       Abydos-trained elite soldiers with Ankh-Pulse Rifles.
·       Heavy reliance on protective Ankh Energy shields.
·       Aggressive offensives to extend their influence.

Nile Consortium:

·        ·      Focus on amphibious warfare using specialized Obelisk Amphibious Tanks.
·       Naval power projection along the Nile banks.
·       Defensive strategies along river fortifications.
·       Hieroglyphic-coded river communications.

Luxor Enclave:

·       ·      Guardianship of the Valley of the Kings and its guardian spirits.

·       Specialized forces with hieroglyphic-coded spells.
·       Heavy use of digital afterlife access for strategic advantage.
·       Preservation of ancient mystical traditions in their tactics.
·       Adaptation of AI-driven tech to support mystical rituals.

·       Alexandrian Technocrats:

Protection of the digital library, leveraging its knowledge for tactics.

Siwa Oracle Order:

·       Prophecy and divination-based intelligence gathering.
·       Use of Ankh-Tech devices to enhance foresight.
·       Limited military force, relying on guerrilla tactics and mysticism.
·       Hieroglyphic spells for camouflage and deception.
·       Defense of the Siwa Oasis as a sacred stronghold.

Ankh-Energy Nomads:

·       Expertise in harnessing Ankh Energy in nomadic lifestyles.
·       Mobile and adaptable warfare, using hit-and-run tactics.
·       Hieroglyphic communication with other nomadic groups.
·       Protection of Ankh-Tech secrets in remote desert locations.
·       Cooperation with the Siwa Oracle Order for mystic guidance.

Void Seekers:

·       Covert operations against the Void Covenant, utilizing AI intelligence networks.
·       Techno-magical defenses against Void Covenant incursions.
·       Specialized techno-wizardry for Void-containment.
·       Digital traps and counter-infiltration methods.
·       Hieroglyphic-coded defense against void incursions.

Species of Duat


Bogeys, known for their adaptability and resourcefulness, thrive in the modern metropolis of Cairo, using their cunning nature to navigate the complexities of the city.



In Hodgepocalypse Africa, mystical feline guardians, revered for their protective association in ancient Egypt, now serve as protectors of hidden tombs and temples. These psychic cats, imbued with the spirit of Bastet and Sekhmet, establish hidden sanctuaries that act as centers of mysticism. Serving as spiritual guides, they share ancient wisdom with those seeking enlightenment. Moreover, these extraordinary felines, equipped with unique psychic powers, explore the digital afterlife, venturing into the AI collective's realm to retrieve lost knowledge and encounter ancient entities, making them indispensable for these ethereal missions.



The Feylin, with their mystical and magical attributes, inhabit the ancient forests near the Nile River, preserving ancient rituals and mysticism.  With their knowledge of popculture references, they seem to be obsessed with a certain band from the 80's as a framing device.


Gnomes, with their affinity for technology, be in Alexandria, actively involved in the city's technological advancements and digital libraries.


Medusas, with their unique abilities,  be associated with the ancient ruins of Siwa Oasis, using their powers to guard the secrets hidden in the desert.


Minotaurs, with their strength and resilience,  establish themselves as formidable protectors of key locations, such as the Giza Plateau or the Valley of the Kings.


Known for their size and durability, might make their homes in the deep tunnels and caves beneath Luxor, guarding ancient artifacts and precious resources. They also love making pyramids at an alarming rate.

Classes of Duat

Adventurer - Path of Prowler, Scout, and Troubleshooter:

·       Prowler: These adventurers excel at stealth and infiltration within the digital landscapes of Duat, making them ideal spies and information gatherers. They can bypass security systems, unlock hieroglyphic-coded doors, and remain hidden while navigating the secrets of the afterlife.

·       Scout: Scouts in Duat serve as pathfinders, mapping out the complex terrain of the digital realm. They can identify hidden passages, locate ancient relics, and ensure the safety of their parties in uncharted territories.

·       Troubleshooter: Troubleshooters are problem solvers within the Duat factions, resolving disputes, handling diplomatic negotiations, and maintaining order in a world filled with intrigue and power struggles.



Channeler - Path of Faustian Mechanic, Sentinel, and Witch:

·       Faustian Mechanic: These channelers have a deep understanding of Ankh-Tech and Ankh Energy, allowing them to create or modify technological devices for their factions' advantage. They  summon AI-powered constructs and manipulate digital systems.

·       Sentinel: With their mixing of combat and spellcasting, Sentinel channel the power of ancient gods and spirits to protect and serve their factions. They can invoke the abilities of deities, heal allies, and ward off evil entities that threaten Duat.

·       Witch: Witches in Duat master both techno-magic and ancient mystical rituals. They wield hieroglyphic-coded spells, manipulate Ankh Energy, and communicate with digital spirits to shape the fate of their factions to curse, heal and harm.

Combatant - Path of Brute, Commander, and Deadeye:

·       Brute: Brutes are the warriors of Duat, utilizing brute force and combat skills to serve their factions as enforcers and defenders. They can engage in digital duels, protect their allies, and crush their enemies.

·       Commander: Commanders take leadership roles in the factions' armies, strategizing and orchestrating warfare in the digital realm. They rally troops, coordinate offensives, and ensure their factions' military dominance.

·       Deadeye: Deadeyes are sharpshooters with unparalleled accuracy in shooting Ankh-Pulse Rifles, drones, and hieroglyphic-coded projectiles. They provide precision firepower and take down high-priority targets.

Ritualist - Path of Artillery Mage, Magister, and Rainmaker:

·       Artillery Mage: Artillery mages specialize in large-scale techno-magical attacks, launching devastating hieroglyphic-coded assaults on enemy factions. They can summon digital artillery and launch Ankh Energy barrages.

·       Magister: Magisters are scholars and researchers, unraveling the mysteries of the digital afterlife and preserving ancient knowledge. They can decode hieroglyphs, access hidden information, and control the flow of Ankh Energy.

·       Rainmaker: Rainmakers are masters of weather manipulation in the digital realm, controlling sandstorms, rain, and elemental forces. They can shape the environment and unleash Ankh Energy storms on their foes.