Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Great Mall at the Edge of the City - Part 6 - Where are you going to throw your Gnome?
and now the exciting conclusion where our heroes try to survive a game show where Anarcha throws a gnome, Salo tries to land successfully and Jez learns to use the spell flux table.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Feylin News Network - Part 9

“Um, hello, Miss Darthmouth? Can I trouble you for another comment, if, um, you’re not busy?”

“Yes, yes. Ya’ been here so long Walt, that I’ve finished my work.  Just be quick, I’m tired and we all need rest.”

“So your friend Baldrix will live?  You brought him back from the dead!!  YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!!”

“Inside voice Walt, and yes my beefy brute of a pal will live.  Chop, chop Walt; questions before I get impatient again.”

“Right, Right.  So, um, so you are a witch than?  How did you take down the eater of damnations?”

Witch?  I don’t call myself a witch exactly.  I just have way with words.  As for the Damnation Eater, I just gave it the good old evil eye, and an ear full.  Like the man in the tin can said: we had no choice, it was after my friends.  And are ya’ insinuating that little old me couldn’t take it down, Walt?”

“NO! No Miss Dartmouth, you are the most awesome Elf I have ever met…wait, why was the creature after your friends?  Did one of you start this?”

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“Why don’t you go ask Laura, she’ll love ya’ Walt.”

Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Great Mall at the Edge of the City - Part 5 - Sharks, Frog Costumes and Golden Tickets
its a bit ribbit-diculous as our heroes go on a mall-wide scavenger hunt for glory.

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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Feylin News Network - Part 8

 “And, we’re back!!!  Welcome back to the Feylin News Network, and I’m Walt Kooper for ONSITE. We dig deeper, because no one else will.  If you are just tuning in, we’re here at a major scene interviewing some heroic souls. Next up, is a tall broad man, who seems to be the leader of this fine band. Who would you be? And where are you from?”

“I bid you a good meet fine lad, and I am Stephan Hollis.  I have been knighted the title of royal envoy of the grand Kingdom of Caladornia.    I am honored by my valiant company’s compliments; I bear the mantle of leadership with humbleness.”

“COOL!  So I heard you struck the final blow on the beast that lies just over there, do YOU know what that thing is?”

“I would not have been victorious without my brothers and sisters in arms.  And, aye I know it, that be a slayer of damnations.  Poor beast gave us a glorious fight. It was fine creature, but we had no choice but to dispatch it.   Certainly I cannot take full credit for its fall. That clearly lies on the shoulders of Miss Dartmouth over yonder.”

“…the black elf lady with the silver hair, again, yay. Well, folks we’ll be back right back after these messages as we try once again to get an interview with the mysterious Miss Dartmouth.”

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Great Mall at the Edge of the City - Part 4 - Santa Prawn!

Our heroes slink back to Growlwing's lair on Phase 4.

It involves too many Santas and Shrimp of unusual size.

#drevrpg #5e #apocalypse #dungeonsanddragons5e #twitchtv

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Feylin News Network - Part 7

“Hello everyone, and welcome back to FNN ONSITE.  I’m Walt Kooper, with me now is one of our fine saviors Jon Boo.  Welcome Mr. Boo, and thank you.”

“No problemo mi amigo. It was my pleasure and it was fun. You know what I always say.”

“What’s that Mr. Boo?”

“If you cut through a dark forest path, you better be prepared to rumble in the jungle.  And you better be prepared to shoot a giant sunflower monster thingy, lots.  Like seriously, I’m plum out of bullets.  Even Fred and Ginger are hot.”

“Fred and Ginger?”

“My pistols. Made with titanium steel alloy, perfectly balanced, Fred has a bigger bang, but my girl Ginger…”

“OK…Well, Mr. Boo it’s been a pleasure, but as I say, got to keep moving before the next commercial break.  Who else was involved in this rumble in the jungle that might be able to help me?”

“See that big human over there in the fancy armor? He’s kind of our boss he took the thing out.”
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Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Great Mall at the Edge of the City - Part 3 - Mall of Confusion
Where we find out what's in the box and it's Ranger Gord!

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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Feylin News Network - Part 6

“I was almost killed by that thing, and we broke for commercial?  I love commercials, but come on!  Wait, we’re live?  Welcome back, Walt Kooper here.  We’re headed towards a woman apparently doing something to a large greyish winged demon of some sort.   Hello there, I’m Walt…”

“Go the <explicit> away.”

“Excuse me Miss…”

“Can’t ya’ see I’m busy?  Stupid <censored> Feylin always sticking their noses…”

“Holy!  Is that thing dead? You were attacked by a raging Verkhail with a power hammer?  Did it swoop in and attack you?  It’s kind of big, how did you miss it?  Did YOU kill it?  What are you doing to it?  Did it….”

“No. This is my pal, Baldrix.  He didn’t attack us. He died protecting us, again.   He’s always racing into trouble first; it can be hard to keep up with the lovable oaf.  I’d hate his ugly ass if he wasn’t just so damn brave and loyal, and so good at knocking heads.  <explicit> I should be concentrating <censored> can ya’ come back later maybe?”

“Um, ya. I’ll come back later Miss…”

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