Tuesday, July 28, 2015

House Rules

Delaying the end of psychic month for one week while I get the final post prepped, so here's some filler:

The following are some fun rules that came up during game play that we found fun.

Critical Hits and Knowledge Checks

If somebody in your party makes a secret knowledge check on an opponent, it allows the party to be able to do critical hits on opponents that normally would be immune (ex. Construct, Undead).  This promotes team work and reduces talent waste (because honestly, if you sink a series of talents to improve your critical, this allows them to be used).

Potion Mixing

Note: This rule was inspired by the 1st edition dnd rules and the Spoony Experiment for reminding me about it.

It is possible to mix magic potions.  However, by doing so it increases the chance of magical mishap.  Use a Use Magic Device that is based on the most powerful spell involved (DCs as per a standard ritual check based on page 88 Book of Magic).  If it succeeds, both spells work normally.  If it fails, or a 1 is rolled, roll on the spell mishap table (see page 97 from the Dark Revelations Book of Magic).  If a 20 is rolled, consult the ritual casting-expanded critical (See page 45 of the Dark Revelations Book of Adventure) for results.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Psychic Builds #2

More builds using the Book of arrogance….click here to download.

DPP Psychic Sweeper 
Call it a gut feeling, but I think I found them.
Class/Path:  Psychic/Mentalist
Recommended Races:  Human only
Party Role:  You sweep rooms and know pretty much everything that needs to know before it happens.
Focus On:   Wis (Str 10, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 15, Cha 10)
Best Skills:  Perception, Sense Motive, Survival
Who Are You?  When they discovered your “talents”, you were immediately brought into the Psi-Guard military arm.  From your training, you became a Sweeper, a psychic trained to see the world around you.   You are also a surprisingly lucky shot.

Snow Tabby
Chill out before I howl!
Class/Path:  Psychic/Eruptor
Recommended Races:  Cat
Party Role:  Ranged Attacker and close Ranged Fighter at higher levels.
Focus On:   Dexterity (Str 11, Dex 17, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 10);
Best Skills: Perception, Psycon, Stealth
Who Are You? Some find you cold, you prefer the term discriminating.  However, inside your small fury body is a ton of feline rage. 

Two Axe Warrior
Mighty is the Axe and it’s next Cord will be your Epitaph!
Class/Path:  Psychic/Psycho-Warrior (Strength Psychic Key Ability)
Recommended Races:  Minotaur; requires the Growth talent tree
Party Role:  Front Line fighter and general axe enthusiast.
Focus On:   Strength (Str 17, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 12); strength based psychic
Best Skills: Athletics, Manipulation, Performance
Who Are You? You have two axes: One for playing and one for fighting.  Your Intense Harmony with the music allows you to push yourself in ways that mere mortals can only dream of.  That glistening on your hide just happens to be corrosive.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dark Revelations - The Role Playing Game - Book of Arrogance is out

Dark Revelations - The Role Playing Game - Book of Arrogance

  • New Psychic Rules
  • New Psychic Races
  • The Domininon of Strathcan
  • Ed-town - town of rock and vision

and much, much more. :)

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Battle of the Bands

More than any other event that defines Ed town is how bands clash in a bizarre combination of song and fury.

Battle of the Band Skill Montage

Trigger Points:
• When it is declared between band.  It is essentially a duel.
Complexity: Participants (size of on looking crowd),
DC: Based on the CR of the rival band.
Modifiers: Conditional, Environmental; General, Social
Base Skill:  Perform
Secondary Skills (+5 to DC): Animal Handling, Diplomacy, Gunplay
Other Actions during Skill Montage: Spellcasting
Total Success: The band wins so overwhelmingly that the combat that usually happens afterwards doesn’t occur.
Success: Every individual success allows a free attack on the rival band without acting as a failure.  If they succced, they win.  If a fight occurs they get a gets a +2 morale bonus if it degenerates into a combat afterwards.
Failure:  Every failure means that the rival band gets an attack on a party member that failed the roll that doesn’t act as a failure.  If they fail, their opponent wins. If a fight occurs they get a gets a +2 morale bonus if it degenerates into a combat afterwards.
Total Failure:  The band is booed off stage.  This may have saved their lives as the fight afterwards won’t occur.
Retry: No; it’s all or nothing.
Other Notes:  This is a Skill Montage where the alternative rule Skill DCs- Dynamic (See book of adventure) could add more oomph.

Attacking the crowd is bad form and gives a -4 morale penalty to any future rolls, including the combat afterwards.

Battle of the Band Equipment

Battle Stage
Costs: 4000 GB
Effect: This location adds a wire screen to the stage that adds cover to the band.
Special: Can be put on a vehicle that is size huge or larger.  The vehicle can no longer use a weapon arm (see book of progress) or turret.

Launchable Speakers
Costs: 5000 GB
Effect:  This fires speakers on the fly allowing for battle of the bands to happen in places other than stages.

Psychic Amplifiers 
Costs: 1000 x the maximum bonus it can give in GB.  For example a psychic amplifer that can give up to a +4 (maximum 1 psychic point) costs 4000 GB
Effects: Because of the inherently psychic quality of music, Psychic Amplifiers are often put onto stage to enhance the performance. 
Such a device gives: a base +2 to any Skill perform checks.  However, if a psychic point is put into it, it adds an additional +2 per psychic point spent.  A maximum of the character’s level divided by four can be added to the roll
Weight: 40 lbs.
Special:  It needs to be selected for whatever Psychic power will be used in the performance.  The following will give a some examples of what it will do:
·         Astral:  This psychic amplifier gives the stage an ethereal feel as it distorts everything.
·         Cryokinesis:  An ice stage show occurs at the same time as long as the music plays.
·         Ectoplasmic Projection:  Ectoplasm morphs and projects and in some cases can act as subtitles so the audience can sing along.
·         Electrokinesis: electricity always provides a draw.
·         Empathy:  This enhances the love of the audience for the band.
·         ESP:  This is often used to point out “a very special someone” in the crowd.
·         Photokinesis:  This power allows the stage to be reshaped to fit the needs of the band.  It also makes for great laser light shows.
·         Telekinesis:  Band Members and equipment can float anywhere on stage.  It also can be used to seed the audience with “merchandise”
·         Telepathy:  This is good for causing the music to not only be heard, but projected into the minds of the audience.
·         Teleportation:  Ever see a music video where the band members appear out of nowhere.  This is how it is done.

·         Vibrokinesis:  Music is enhanced by the natural psychic powers to give it a distinctive feel.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Psychic Builds #1

This month the book of arrogance will be released on the 15th of July.  As a result, this month has been declared Psychic month.

Fire Drake 

Fly fast, burn hard and leave tons of chard corpses.
Class/Path:  Psychic/Eruptor
Recommended Races:  Dragon (affinity fire); requires the Dragon, and Flight Talent Trees
Party Role:  Flying Blaster
Focus On:   Dexterity (Str 10, Dex 17, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 10); 
Best Skills:: Knowledge (Parapsychology), Perception, Stealth, Treat Injury
Who Are You? You look like the classic dragon of legend, or at least will in about a century. Right now, you are still growing into your wings.  Still, you love to fly and burn those that have earned your wrath.  However, your party has insisted that you carry a First Aid Kit in case you miss.

Level 1
Feats: Extra Powers Talents, Lightning Reflexes
Talents: Dragon’s Breath Beam, Wings-Budding, Wings-Clumsy
Psychic Powers: Path Bonuses, Burning Control, Burn Control-Improved, Burn out 
Awakenings: Pyrokinesis
Tactics:  You try to go to the air whenever possible and let loose your psychic powers to burn stuff.

Level 5
Feats: Dodge, Dodge-Improved
Talents: Powerful Breaths, Wings-Poor
Psychic Powers: Flame Blast, Psychic, Flame Wall
Awakenings: Talent-Class (Psychic Breath Pool)
Tactics:  When you get Flame wall, you become as much a controller as a striker.

Level 10
Feats: Mobility, Roll with Blow, Spring Attack
Talents: Extra Breaths, Wings-Average
Psychic Powers:  Control Thermo, Control Thermo-Improved 
Awakenings: Ability Awakening (+2 Dex)
Tactics:  You now have the ability to bob and weave and have taken effort to improve your AC to avoid being hit.  You also have improved defenses.

Level 15
Feats: Take Cover Run
Talents: Spine over Matter, Wings-Good, Wings-Perfect
Achievement: Dodging Achievement
Psychic Powers:  Flame Aura, Flame Aura-Improved, Telecom
Awakenings: Psychic Awakening: Telepathy
Tactics:  you now have melee defenses as well as are pretty much untouchable in the air.

Level 20
Feats: Lunge, Initiative-Greater, Initiative- Improved
Talents: Dragon Affinity-Improved, Dragon Affinity-Superior
Achievements: Initiative Achievement , Run, Spring, and Lunge Achievement 
Psychic Powers: Telecom-improved, Telecom-link
Awakenings: Whole Body Awakening ,
Tactics:  besides your formidable pyrotechnic powers, you have become the great communicator.  

Sparkling Vampire

My Only Judgment on you is that you look Delicious.
Class/Path:  Psychic/Rocker
Recommended Races: Vampire 
Party Role:  Illusionist, landscape control
Focus On:   Charisma (Str 10, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 17); 
Best Skills: Bluff, Performance, Knowledge (Parapsychology), Stealth
Who Are You? You decided the works of 70’s Glam Rock is how you want to live your life and the rest of the world be damned, especially if you can be involved in the damning.  In spite of this, you’d be surprised how popular a vampire is that can control light is amongst their associates.  You like to choose to live in a world of your creation and most people come around for the ride as well.

Level 1
Feats:  Lingering Powers
Talents: Devour Blood (See Drev Book of Magic), Light Show
Psychic Powers: Path Bonuses, Basic Mirage, Combat Mirage, Distortion, Distortion-Improved, Psy-Ambience, Psy-Laser
Awakenings: Photokinesis,
Tactics:  You usually sneak into combat and use combat mirage to “tie up” enemies.  You use psi-laser for when people decide to attack you directly.

Level 5
Feats:  Extra Psychic Points, Psyche Avoidance
Talents: Ballad of Power, Unnatural Deflection
Psychic Powers: Deceptive Mirage, True Mirage
Awakenings: Quantum Awakening
Tactics:  You can hide pretty much anywhere and anything.  You also reshape the terrain with your illusions, often in a mocking fashion.

Level 10
Feats:  Psychic Focus (Basic Mirage), Quantum Specialization (True Mirage), Quicken Power
Talents: Devour Blood/Flesh-Improved, Musical Combat-Basic
Psychic Powers: Psy-laser burst, Audio Detection,
Booming Strikes, Frequency Protection
Awakenings: Class Talent (Sound Check)
Tactics: the addition of vibrokinesis allows your combat guitar hit like an angry god and very little gets past your perceptive senses.  You now have a laser strike that is your own personal salute to Pink Floyd. 

Level 15
Feats:  Extra Power, Steps-Nimble
Achievement: (Mind over Matter Achievement)
Talents: Ballad of Battle, Musical-Combat-improved
Psychic Powers: Harmonic Disruption, Psy-Light, Audiometry, Audiometry-Sounds
Awakenings: Vibrokineis
Tactics: You Vibrokinesis only makes it more effective to attack the senses.

Level 20
Feats:  Psychic Focus (True Mirage), Steps-Acrobatic, Step-up, 
Talents: Ballad of Defense, Ultimate Rock on
Achievements: Steps Achievement
Psychic Powers: Harmonic Negation, Psy-Light Projection 
Awakenings: Amplify Energy Awakening
Tactics:  you now are dedicated to putting on a show and your tools give you a descent show.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Canada Day Special - Beaver Folk

These small beaver human hybrids are common throughout North America.  While it is unknown whether they were a creation of pre revelations genetic engineering or magical breeding, what is known is that they are obsessed with building stuff and “don’t take too kindly to strangers.”

Beaver Folk usually setup home steads besides bodies of water.  They are usually nuclear families, with a mated pair and children.  Because their diet is vegetarian, the usually chew on trees for sustenance.  They also setup “underwater gardens.”

When multiple families get together, they create a lodge that can also be described as compounds.  Often armed as best they can, and taking advantage of natural obstacles, they are incredibly defensive.

Beaver folk mark their territory with signs and scents to keep trespassers away.

Beaver Folk have trouble getting along with anybody, but can respect the work ethic of dwarves and often setup trade relationships with them.  Fey seem flighty, but will stay out of their business if it is reciprocated.  Desecrators and Living Dead are “unnatural” and it takes a lot to get them to trust either.  However, they have working relationships with Little Bears (because they are just so darn friendly).  

While most Beaver Folk Shun the undead, there are evil Lodges that live trap on behalf of the Vampires.

While most Beaver Folk do not adventure, when they do it is for the money and glory.  They also have a tendency to get armed to the teeth and armored to the eyeballs.  They also almost always try to get a “sweet ride.”

Recommended Class/Path:  The preferred adventuring of choice for the Beaver folk is Adventurer/Troubleshooter.  They also make a mean Channeler/Faustian Mechanic.  Other common choices include Adventurer/Scout and Combatant/Soldier.

Beaver Folk have a Jekyll and Hyde personality.  To “outsiders” they are quiet, paranoid and very suspicious.  However, with friends, they are friendly to the point of nosey.

They are a fluffy rodent man with a flattened tail.

They prefer paramilitary gear for attire and dress for maximum effect.

Height: 3’7” Height mod: +2d4 inches
Weight: 65 lbs. + Height mod x 3 in lbs.
Age: Starting  12 +1d4 years (+1d4 years for spellcasters).
Middle Age: 25 years; Old: 50 years; Venerable: 75 years; Max Age: 75 years +3d10 years

Beaver Folk
Creature Type:  Monstrous Humanoid
Template: None to start - can take templates as a monstrous humanoid creature.
Racial Talent Tree access:   Savage, Stout

Ability Score Adjustments:   +2 Constitution; they are surprisingly tough for their size.

Size:  Small: +1 to attack and AC, -1 to CMB/CMD, +4 to Stealth skill, carry capacity is ¾ (x 0.75) that of normal medium creature. Weapons must be sized for a small creature (treat tiny weapons as light, small weapons as one-handed, medium weapons as two handed, cannot use large weapons).

Base land speed: 20 feet

Basic Features
·         Alignment:  Any
·         Vision:   Normal
·         Languages:  French
·         Aqua Vision: Does not suffer any special penalties for vision or other senses for simply being underwater (though concealment and darkness still apply).
·         Hold Breath: You can hold your breath for 1 minute per point of constitution score.
·         Swimming: You can “take 10” on Athletics (Swimming) checks after knowing the results of your initial check, even a failed checked (except rolling a critical failure-natural 1).  The also move at normal speed in the water.
·         Natural Bite: 1d4 (19-20/x2)
·         Skill Bonuses: +2 to Sabotage and Tinkering Checks

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