Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Relic Roadshow #3 – The St. Paul U.F.O. Landing Pad

Coordinates: 53°59′34″N 111°17′50″W / 53.99278°N 111.29722°W

This is the first official UFO landing pad that was sanctioned and built by the ancient Canadian government of times past.  It was consummated in a massive ritual that was performed across the country in the year 1967.  It has always attracted strangess and weirdness.

Times after Revelations

This site fell into disrepair, until it was rediscovered by Harold.

All about Harold

Nobody is sure how long Harold has been around.  He’s claims to be a member of an ancient and mysterious secret order, but he talks little of this beyond his “ceremonial clothes” of red checkered shirt, red and green suspenders, beige pants and horned rimmed glasses. 

He is a master Faustian Mechanic that has maintained the site in the hopes of meeting “aliens.”  People are still not sure what he means.  With all sort of races that have flung to post-revelations earth, you’d think he had his fill.  But still he persists.

He has attracted disciples to his passion.  The majority of his minions being little bears and serpent people, but he’s always happy to talk to “star watchers.”

Additionally, Harold has a Faustian Mechanical portable device that is an oversize patch panel on a shoulder strap with dials and a keyboard that acts as a focus for the majority of his powers.

Overall Properties

The landing pad is inscribed with mystical symbols in the ancient languages of French and English.

It also has a several monitors showing landing footage proving that will happen again.

Magical Effects

Place of Power: Major
Special Usage: The caster gains +2 Ritual skill checks to cast Conjuration, Divination and Illusion spells. Upon successfully casting one of these spells, you immediately know the current of year, date and current time to the second. You will also know where the stars are in the sky for the next 24 hours.  This will give a bonus of +2 to all survival checks when it comes to navigation and tracking.
Other Rules: You must be standing on the pad to gain the spellcasting bonuses (however the star knowledge lasts regardless of whether you leave or not).  You also gain the ability to gain control of the various scope lights that surround the landing pad.

The Scenario 

The Situation: Somebody has stolen Harold’s patch panel.  Harold hires the party to get it back from a nearby Minotaur clan whom are believed responsible.
Potential Twists:
·         Harold lent them the patch panel, but absent mindedly forgot.  The party needs to play peacekeeper to avoid complications.
·         The Minotaurs stole it so Harold could not open a portal to the hallowed world on the summer solstice, letting in demons that Harold has mistakenly thought are aliens.
·         CRAZY Radio (See book of Arrogance) has possessed either the Minotaurs or Harold and they have become his dangerous devotees.
·         As a dare, one of the younger Minotaurs stole the object, but not for power, but to tie the strap on the biggest scariest Thunderslither he could find.  The party needs to track down the Thornslither and either fight it or calm it down to retrieve the patch panel.
·         Aliens did steal his patch panel.  Whether it is from the Dreamtime, Hallowed World, Outer Space or are just illegal aliens is up to you.   Naturally Harold is ecstatic and will want to join the party in discovering them. 
·         Desecrators from the south stole his patch panel.  They built a faustian mechanical space ship to awe Harold before stealing his patch panel.  They because the patch panel is the key for their Armageddon machine.  The party needs to stop them at all cost. 
·         The little bears and serpent people are doing an intervention because they are fond of Harold, but think his obsession is going a little too far.

Common Monsters to Use:

Desecrators (Aerodemon, Chimer, and Legionnaires), Entities (Fury), Mooks (Boomers most common, but Blasters and Bandaids would also be common), Thornslither.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Players Wanted

I would like to run some testing on roll20 and am interested in recruiting players.

We will do them Sunday night, about mid afternoon mst.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to drevrpg@gmail.com

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Victoria Day Special - Snake People

Victoria Day is a time when the many parks open in Canada.  Now enjoy the following inspired by one of the most interesting conservation preserves.

Snake People


When people think of snake men, they think of cold hearted, evil creatures with ancient lore that have threatened humanity since the dawn of time. 

Snake people are definitely not like that.  They are a young species that is believed to be a mutation from the dreamtime that altered them and are generally friendly folk.

Their relationship with the more powerful serpents is unknown, but suspected as many seem to develop the spontaneous ability to cast spells.


Snake people are gregarious.  As a result, they congregate in communities that are frighteningly immense.  

The major reason for these communities is sex and earthworms.  They are a very sensual people that comes off somewhat disturbing to those unprepared.  Because they are carnivores, they have massive earthworm ranches to ensure everybody gets fed.  However, they also hunt to supplement their diet.

Snake folk give live birth to children that are raised communally.

The largest community is the Narcisse Snake pit in southern Manitoba.  They have hallowed out the canyons to build an amazing subterranean lair.  However, they are surprisingly versatile in re-purposing natural habitats and ruins to become effective homes.  There are also large communities in the former states of Minnesota, and Florida.

Despite this friendliness, there is a fierce dynamism and an unconquerable energy to these places.  They can go from lively and peaceful to an aggressive posse if outsiders appear to be rowdy.


Despite being usually quite friendly, they generally creep out the “mammal races” due to manners, actions and dietary concerns.  Dragons and Medusas usually have good relations with them, as they are able to look past the stigma.  Desecrator races can be surprisingly tolerant and open minded as well.  Feylins are usually bitterly disappointed as Snake people are noting like what they expect.   They have a friendly relationship with the Froggies, despite being considered “scaly hippies.”

While they often put off people with their mannerisms, they have this racial reputation of being “honest brokers” and often act as go between cultures.  In fact they are often requested by the Harvesters to act as mediators.  They also act as mediators between Bee People and other races.


Snake people adventure to experience life, and to meet people.   They often wriggle into and out of trouble just by simply entering an area.  It’s not just their appearance and mannerisms.  Sometimes Snake people just get cocky.

Recommended Class/Path:   
The most common class for Snake Folk is Adventurer with a spread between the Prowler, Scout and Troubleshooter paths.  If they do become spellcasters, they usually default to Channeler / Witch.


If ever there was a race that replaces manners with friendliness, it is the serpent folk. They are inquisitive, observant and have a bad habit of telling you what they observe.  However, in spite of this, once you earn their trust, you are considered more than friends: you are family.


Imagine a Snake half the size of a human, but with arms. While their coloration varies, the overwhelming majority are based on Garter Snake patterns, not unlike their personality.  In fact, racing stripes are considered “sexy.”

While they have no nudity taboo, they prefer brightly colored cowboy like attire when they do wear something, and often decorate their scales with colorful ornamental stones.  They are also love magic fetishes.

Height: 2’6” Height mod: +2d6 inches
Weight: 35 lbs + Height mod x 1d6 in lbs
Age: Starting: 16 +1d4 years (+1d4 years for spellcasters).
Middle Age: 40 years; Old: 100 years; Venerable: 150 years; Max Age: 150 years +3d20 years

Snake Folk
Creature Type: Monstrous Humanoid
Template: None to start; can take templates as a monstrous humanoid creature.
Racial Talents: Dreamtime, Savage, Savvy, Snake, Venom. 
Ability Score Adjustment:  +2 Wisdom; Snake Folk seem to be surprisingly wise and stubborn for what they consider right from wrong.
Size: Small: +1 to attack and AC, -1 to CMB/CMD, +4 to Stealth skill, carry capacity is ¾ (x 0.75) that of a normal
medium creature. Weapons must be sized for a small creature (treat tiny weapons as light, small weapons as
one-handed, medium weapons as two handed, cannot use large weapons).

Base land speed: 20 feet

Basic Features:
·         Alignment: Any, but usually Good.
·         Vision: Normal
·         Language: Draconic
·         The character gets Scent, and Thick Scales as additional racial Talents.
·         They also get one Racial Talent of choice:  A common one is Musk Spray.
·         Snake Torso:  While this makes it difficult to drive (-2 to use vehicle checks), it also gives them +2 to all Athletics checks.
·         Limit: Non-Human armor: Must wear armor designed for a small non-humanoid body shapes.
·         Limit:  Cannot use Boot Slot Items:  They literally do not have feet.

New Racial Talent Trees

A Note about Venom: The stinger feature from the Venom racial talent tree represents this creature gaining small, but sharp fangs to deliver any venom attacks they may have.”

Medusa Modification:  A common Mutation of Medusas is when they are born with a snakelike torso instead of legs.  If taken at 1st level, it causes the following changes:
·         Skill Changes: it makes it difficult to drive (-2 to use vehicle checks), it also gives them +2 to all Athletics checks.
·         They get the Snake Talent Tree as an option.
·         They get a free racial talent that must be taken from the Snake Talent Tree.
·         Limit: Non-Human armor: Must wear armor designed for non-humanoid body shapes.
·         Limit:  Cannot use Boot Slot Items:  They literally do not have feet. 

Snake Racial Talents

Coiled Strike (Ex)
Benefit: Grants the Lunge feat as a racial talent, and gain an additional +2 to attack when you use it.

Slither (Ex) 
Benefit: You may move at normal speed when prone (though you may not run while prone) and suffer half the normal penalties when squeezing through tight spaces
Normal: Move action reduces to five foot when prone.

Snake Athletics (Ex):
Benefit: Snakes may use their dexterity modifier for Athletics (Climb and Jump only) checks instead
of strength.

Snake Grapple (Ex)
Benefit: You do not apply your size penalty to CMB to perform grapples.  When you apply damage using the grapple sub-action you do +1d3 extra blunt damage.  You still provoke attacks of opportunity with grapples if you are not trained in their use, and all other normal grapple rules apply.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The “Dano’mobile”

Jay Say’s:  When game testing quite often you build what is supposed to be a throwaway characters of various stripes to test the rules.  Over the testing process they seem to grow organically into beloved regulars with their own personalities and quirks.  When my GM and fellow game tester exclaimed “we need Skater Dan” numerous times, then I had no choice but to keep using him.  
So, who’s Skater Dan?  Well he’s my Halfling Transrider..with a skaterboard…who is super safety conscious.  You can see his picture under the Halfling in the DRev Player’s Guide.  But today instead of profiling Dan himself, we’re going to look at his car, “The Dano’mobile” with all of its weapons and glory.  As a roleplaying feature, the car is painted in bright construction orange and has numerous warning signs and decals on it, including a “Caution: Missiles Ready” sign. 

Writer’s Notes:  this vehicle was designed for a 10th level character.

“Cougar” Interceptor 4x4

This fair sized sturdy vehicle is a cross between an old style muscle car and a 4x4.
Huge ground vehicle (wheeled), 2500 lbs.
CR: 4
Cost: Base 16000, with extras 37910 total
AC: 14 (armor +6, -2 size)
Hardness: 12
HP: 60
Speed: combat speed: 70 (14 sq.); 80 mph overland; top speed x4
Mobility: Average
Max Driver Dex Mod: +4
Vehicle Strength: 22(+6); Base Ramming Damage: 2d10
base VCMB/VCMD: +8/18  (+12/21 with skater dan).
Stunt/Reflex Modifier: -2
Passenger Protection: Partial Cover (half hardness, inside -1 to perception, attack, ritual vs. outside).
 (environment protection does not protect fully from normal attacks, only air borne, i.e. car has “drop down” air masks for passengers).
Minimum Skill Rank: 4
Crew: 5 (1 driver, 3 passengers)
Fighting Space: 15 feet long x 10 feet wide (3x2 sq.)
Fuel: Gas (20 gallons, 5 mpg (100 miles))
Capacity: 3520 lbs.; has a medium size trunk that is large enough for medium sized items, and is capable of
towing. It is also large enough for a medium sized creature to lie down in (5x5x2 feet).
Extras (all added):  Crash Protection +2 hardness (+800 gb); Sealed Environ. System (10,000 GB, see below);  2 Weapon Hard Point-Front (8200 GB Twin Rocket Launcher, 2 concussive, 2 Heat); 1 Full cover turret with DG-290 Machine Gun (11850 gb +250, extra 1 box of ammo, MT 3)

Base Chassis:  

Hard Point-Front:  Twin Rocket Launcher:   2 concussive rockets (4d8 (b), 20/x2, 10 ft radius, 100 ft incr (20 incr. max; may fire double shot -2 attack/damage fire both at once).
Hard Point-Front:  Twin Rock Launcher: 2 HEAT rockets (4d12, 20/x2; must hit normal AC, 100 ft incr (max 20); may fire double shot -2 attack/damage fire both at once
Full Cover Turret:  DG-290 Machine Gun MT 3 (+3 attack).   2d10 (p), 20/x2, 90 ft incr.   Full Auto; 50 shot box (1 box reload, takes 2 full rounds to reload);  untrained: -4 attack,  full auto fire 1d10 bullets, +2 damage over the first bullet fired, only first bullet can crit.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Relic Roadshow #2 - Carhenge

Coordinates: 42.1423° N, 102.8580° W

Pre-Revelations History

This bizarre constructed site is one of the most powerful sites of magic on Dark Revelations Earth.  Created by the ancient art master Jim Reindeers for some unknown but assumed nefarious purpose, it sits in vast contrast to the flattened plains of the former state of Nebraska.

What is known is that the 39 automobiles were created in an identical model of the Stone Megaliths of Great Britain. 

It was dedicated in a ritual on the summer solstice in the ancient year of 1987.

Times after Revelations

Like many other sites of power, the time of revelations surged this ancient site to life.  It began to hum almost immediately and this dull roar has echoed through the plains.

Overall Properties

It circles an area that is 96 feet (29m) in diameter.  Most of the autos are held upright in pits five feet deep trunk end down.  To finish the arch other cars are placed welded in place. All are covered with gray spray paint.

Magical Effects

Place of Power: Major
Special Uses, Spellcasters:  Player character spellcasters gain a +2 bonus to Ritual skill checks to cast Enchantment, Transmutation and Divination spells.  When casting any Repairs spell (such as Repairs-Light) the caster may add two times the spell’s level to the total amount of hit points these spells restore.  You must stand within the circle for at least one full round to gain these bonuses.
Special Uses, Non-Spellcasters:  All player characters with ranks in the Tinkering skill gain a +2 to any Tinkering check they make.  When using tinkering repair tools increase the damage they repair to d6’s instead of d4’s.  You must stand within the circle for at least one full round to gain these bonuses.
Special Uses, Campaign:   Once during a campaign or when the GM feels it is an appropriate, if the party is able to overcome the guardian of Carhenge they gain a McGuffin called “Wheel of Carhenge.”  This looks like a normal steering wheel, but the party may use it to invoke a Resurrection Montage (see DRev Book of Adventure) outside of combat.  This Resurrection Montage can be used not only to bring back a fellow player character back from the dead, but may also bring back a vehicle from being completely destroyed that a character has invested their own money in purchasing or upgrading.  Once used the steering wheel disappears.  Its bounded with the party, so cannot be lost or stolen (will return with one day), but also cannot be sold or given away.  If the GM feels the party has broken their bond with the wheel (by say trying to pawn it off), the wheel will disappear from existence.
Other Rules: While originally located in Nebraska, it also has a tendency to teleport throughout the American prairies.  It is most likely during the Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice.

The Scenario

The Situation: The Cybercult considers this one of its more sacred sites and keeps sending out patrols to safeguard it.  It is an endless quest to keep it under their domain.  They almost always build a visitor center nearby to safeguard this amazing place.  As a result, they hired adventurers to track it down.
Potential Twists:
·         A renegade RoadCrew has decided that no “fleshbags” are worthy to gaze upon the mighty Carhenge and will attack those on site.
·         The Cybercult has hired the adventurers to not only track down Carhenge, but they are to be sacrificed at the next equinox/solstice.
·         When the party arrives at Carhenge, they are teleported with it.  This is also a good point to use the mystical energy for retraining (see Books of Adventure for full details).
·         Gremlins have infested Carhenge and are trying to figure out a way to destroy it once and for all.
·         A single Golem is acting as guardian for the site and will judge those by asking trivia that is based on their knowledge (technology).  If they succeed, they are greeted as a “kindred spirit” and it will allow those to bask in the glory of Carhenge.  If it fails, it will turn the power of the site against the party.

Common monsters to use:

Gremlins (All), Roadcrew (All), Golem (All).  Further machine opponents will be included in the upcoming Monster Manual 2: Psychic Boogaloo and Machines too.

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