Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Winter Season - 2016 and Retrospective on 2015

Almighty campers, It's been an awesome year.

This site went from a repository for a bunch of .pdfs to a plethora of stuff.

The six core books are done (yay!), barring editing, game testing and other feedback.

I also had a chance to do some podcasting for both appendix n and Podcast at ground zero (so if you look, you can see my ugly mug). :p.

Finally we did a twitch game so now you know roughly how the game works. :)

I'd like to thank you all, especially those that have provided feedback to get this far. :)

Finally, the following urls will now redirect to the drevrpg site:

Here are my objectives for 2016,

1. Onebooks.com: I'll try to have it up on either rpgdrivthru and rpgnow by January.  I've gotten a lot of feedback on issues with google books and honestly, that's where the soft gaming market is on.  I may have to charge for some of them to comply with requirements, but I'll try to keep it as minimum as possible.  I'm more interested in the statistics and feedback.

2. Rpglory game:  I've enjoyed immensely gaming with both John and Brad of Rpglory.  and we will start our next round of the epic (mis)adventures with Beelzebull (the star), Tywonon,  Boldrix, Roland and REX RANSOM! in January.  More Details to follow.

3. With the 6 main books done, I'm working on my first continent to see if I can figure out a model for region material.  I'm going to use Africa as a test to get a model for later books.  It might not be out for a while.  If you are/were from Africa and/or want to be involved in feedback/gametesting to ensure a quality product, please let me know by email or by twitter.

4.  I also will start fiddling with a starter set of some sort.  I realized I wrote an insane amount of text so am trying to make it more user friendly by creating something to hook potential fans that's fairly short and easy to read over.  This might  not be out for a while, so I'll keep you posted as time continues.  I'm also opened to suggestions and models to follow.

5. I'm going to start the slow slog towards a kick starter.  I'm aiming for sept 2016, but realize that this can and most likely change as we do our homework.  The main goal of the kickstarter is to see if I can get this material up to professional quality.  I'm not sure on a hard copy yet, but will crunch the numbers before making a decision one way or another.

6. Blogging:  Honestly, I'm getting to the point where I'm not sure whether there's enough time to work on this and other stuff at the same time.  I'll probably reduce it to 1-2x a month, but if something catches my fancy, I'll post (most likely on a Tuesday).

I will post a poll next week to see if I can get some feedback on where to proceed with this.

7. I'm sticking with my own variation of d20/ogl for now in order to reduce issues.

Thanks again for all of your help, for without it, it wouldn't have been possible.

Links of awesome:

appendix n podcast

podcast at ground zero

Rpglory twitch page

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Cyberxmas - the Cybergiver

This plastic white spider-like automaton gives gifts to good cyber cultists and punishes those that are naughty.

Large Construct (Quadruped)


6 (2,400 Xp)






All Around Vision, Darkvision (120 feet), Perception -1





12 (Natural Armor 9, Flat-footed 11


74 hp


+2 Fort, +1 Will, +4 Ref

Defensive Abilities

Fast Healing: 3, Hardness 5



5 feet/10 feet


40 foot, 20 foot climbing






+13 Pincer (1d12+6)

Full Attack

+13/+8  Pincer (1d12+6)

Special Attacks

Present Launcher (+9 attack; 100 foot range increment; 1d8+6 damage)

Abilities and Other










Carrying Capacity (light/med/hv)

440/880/1760 lbs

Special Qualities

Construct Traits


Combat Maneuver-Improved (Grappling, Trip),  Cover behind Opponent, Grapple-Greater, Initiative-Improved 


Athletics +15


Any, especially in Cybercult territory


Solitary, or with mooks dressed as cyber-elves



Combat Options

·          The Cybergiver has a +17/+29 against grappling.  If it successful Grapples, it will increase the Armor Class to +16, and reflex save to +6.  It can perform two grapple sub options on that turn.

Feature Details

Present Launcher:  The Cybergiver is armed with an air compressed cannon where it fires gifts to good little cultists.  However, this weapon can fire a lethal shot of pretty much anything  that will fill in its cannon.  It is essentially a improved weapon launcher.

Tactics:  If forced to defend itself, it will grapple its target and take it away.  It will use its target for cover while it returns fire with its Present Launcher.


Appearance: This is a large white “spider-bot” with 6 leg, large pincers, and a present launcher on its abdomen.  It usually wears a Christmas hat.

Common:  The cybergiver gives presents and is a cherished event for the cybercult.

Unusual: They are usually repurposed for any holidays which the cybercult then repurposes.  For example, a settlement that loves Halloween might end up with an orange cybergiver that may look like a giant pumpkin with spiderlegs that gives out sweets.

Secret:  They are connected to the database of the cybercult which is transmitted via radio signal primarily to determine whose naughty or nice.  However, it is also used to identify enemies of the cult and to request assistance.

Reveal with Knowledge check: Knowledge (technology): or

Tinkering at +5 DC.  DC 11: Common knowledge, air gun.

DC 16: Unusual knowledge, increased speed feature and feat/.

DC 21: Secret knowledge.


It carries up to 2,300 GB of presents.

A predecessor?
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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Relic Roadshow #5 - Festivus Rocks

Note: inspired by the Christmas in Ignace song as done by the arrogant worms.
(last song on Christmas Turkey – their Christmas album)

Coordinates: N46° 40.671’ W81° 32.592’
Roughly 15 km north of Ignace on Highway 599 in Northern Ontario, Canada


This giant rock was originally formed in ancient times as a product of the receding of the Lauretide ice sheet over 10,000 years ago.  These angular chunks of fractured granite stand out along the wasteland.   They were once known as the blueberry rocks and were a popular tourist trap that was relayed in song.  These were also used by the local inhabitants for bouldering (short climbs to learn how to climb)

Times after Revelations

However, once the Times of Revelations occurs, these rocks were pelted with mystical energy.  These rocks have developed a faint red and green glow that cycle over time that is what gives them their name of Festivus Rocks.  There doesn’t seem to be a pattern, but it gets more prominent during winter holidays.  They also have a number of festive holiday pictures that appear on its flat surface that will be animated by the Festivus Rocks if it feels threatened.

Overall Properties

Place of Power: Minor; most of the magic is already channeled by the rocks themselves.
Special Usage: The caster gets +2 ritualist checks when it comes to cold and earth based spells. 
Other Rules: You must be within 100 feet of the rocks and need to make a use magic device check to get the rocks to like you.  If a 1 is rolled, 1 or more art aberrations are animated and attack the target.

Additionally: Any damaging spells with the earth or cold properties gets an additional will save (based on spell level of the spell).  If it fails, it adds the condition of confusion to affected targets for 1 round.

The Scenario:

Little black flies have blocked off this place of magic to the locals.  The local folks at Ignace are hiring the adventurers to free their beloved monument from these intruders.

Potential Twists:
·         The flies were summoned by a Tsi Tsi Master whom has taken issue with the bad customer service that they received while in Ignace.  The spellcaster is not unreasonable, but have lost their patience and the party will need to show the Tse Tse Master a good time if a fight is to be avoided.
·         They are not black flies, but bees.  The Bee People of Manitoba are making a hive in this location.  The have already sent out Road Bugs to connect it to their hive.
·         A community of Snake People has moved in to the area and has been using the massive amount of little black flies as a food source.   They have setup a series of “serpent holes” in between the Festivus Rocks.  They aren’t leaving unless they get something of equivalent in return.

Common Monsters to use: Art Aberrations, Insect Swarm, Road Bugs

Urls of note:

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Dark Revelations - The Role Playing Game - Book of Progress - Available Now

Dark Revelations Earth is filled with robots of all sort.

On Google Books Now.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Betrothal of Ruin - the Module


Enclosed are links to the module that you may have watched on twitch.

Feel Free to offer any feedback. :)

Dropbox Links

Google Drive Links

Also a friendly update.
Everything is lined up for Dark Revelations Book of Progress to drop on December 5th.

Tell your friends,  Tell your enemies, Tell those people that make you go meh! :)

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