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Hodgepocalypse Africa - Part 15 - The Nkàró Syndicate - Keepers of Mystical Shadows



In the post-post apocalyptic realm of Hodgepocalypse, the Nkàró Syndicate stands as a mysterious and influential organization. Born from the ashes of ancient secret societies, the remnants of Poro traditions, and inspired by the operating tactics of organized crime, the Nkàró Syndicate has emerged as a dominant force in Western Africa. This synopsis will delve into the history, structure, society, operations, and influence of the Nkàró Syndicate, providing a comprehensive overview for adventurers seeking to navigate their complex world.


The origins of the Nkàró Syndicate trace back to the chaos following the Hodgepocalypse. As remnants of poro societies sought to preserve mystical traditions, they found themselves facing new challenges and threats. A coalition of shapeshifters and spellcasters, disillusioned with the fractured world, formed the Nkàró Syndicate to safeguard ancient knowledge, maintain order, and navigate the shifting landscape.

Governmental Structure:

The Nkàró Syndicate operates as a clandestine government in regions under its control. The leadership comprises an Inner Circle, consisting of the most skilled and influential members. The Grand Nkàró, the highest authority, oversees the Inner Circle. The Syndicate's governmental structure remains shrouded in secrecy to maintain its mystique.


Members of the Nkàró Syndicate are drawn from diverse backgrounds, including remnants of poro societies, shapeshifters, and spellcasters. The Syndicate places a strong emphasis on loyalty, mysticism, and adaptability. A code of honor binds members, emphasizing the protection of ancient traditions, the well-being of the community, and the preservation of mystical knowledge.

Gold and the Syndicate

Within the Nkàró Syndicate, a clandestine reverence for gold has evolved into a set of principles known as Auric Resonance. The Syndicate recognizes the unique mystical properties of gold, and the cultivation of these principles has become an integral part of their operations.

Forging Gold Connections

Within secret forges scattered across the Syndicate's strongholds, skilled artisans craft enchanted items infused with refined gold. These creations, adorned with intricate gold detailing, serve as symbols of the organization's commitment to the principles of Auric Resonance. Shapeshifters adept in the art of gold forging play a pivotal role, ensuring the mystic potential of gold is maximized.

Symbolism of Authority

Gold takes on a dual role within the Syndicate - it is both a source of mystical power and a symbol of authority. Leaders and influential figures within the organization often wear ornate gold accessories, signifying their connection to the principles of Auric Resonance. This symbolism fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose among Syndicate members.

Strategic Integration:

The Syndicate strategically integrates the principles of Auric Resonance into both covert and overt operations. Gold becomes a subtle yet powerful influence in key decision-making processes, shaping the Syndicate's agenda and reinforcing its mystique. Whether negotiating alliances or conducting covert missions, the resonance of gold guides the Syndicate's actions.

Economic Empowerment:

Beyond its mystic significance, gold plays a crucial role in the economic power of the Nkàró Syndicate. The organization actively engages in gold trade within its territories, establishing alliances with influential figures in gold-rich regions. This economic influence not only fortifies the Syndicate's coffers but also enhances its mystical capabilities through access to diverse and potent gold sources.

Universal Display of Prosperity:

In regions where the Nkàró Syndicate operates overtly, the principles of Auric Resonance manifest in the open display of wealth adorned with gold. This public showcasing not only conveys the Syndicate's prosperity but also serves as a universal symbol of the organization's mastery over both material and mystical realms.

Operating Procedure:

The Nkàró Syndicate employs a dual approach to its operations. Openly, they serve as protectors and leaders, integrating into society with public-facing roles. Covertly, they engage in clandestine activities, including intelligence gathering, smuggling mystical artifacts, and eliminating external threats. Shapeshifting members often act as undercover agents, infiltrating rival organizations or monitoring potential dangers.

Foreign Relations

Void Covenant (Sahara):

Nkàró Syndicate Operations: The Syndicate operates covertly within the Void Covenant-controlled Sahara, employing shapeshifters to infiltrate insectoid hives and gather intelligence on the movements of the bug-controlled regions. They seek to understand the Void energy harnessed by the Covenant, ensuring they can counteract any potential threat. Overt operations involve the covert recruitment of insectoid defectors sympathetic to the Syndicate's cause, aiming to weaken the Covenant's hold from within.

Salted Lands (Undead Territory - Carthage):

Nkàró Syndicate Operations: In the undead-infested Salted Lands, the Nkàró Syndicate maintains covert influence by manipulating the network of undead information brokers. Shapeshifters gather intelligence on the activities of the undead lords, seeking to exploit the power struggles among the undead hierarchy. Overtly, the Syndicate establishes alliances with rogue undead factions, ensuring they have a foothold in the region to counterbalance the looming threat of Carthage's industrial undead.

Duat (Techno-Wizard Egypt):

Nkàró Syndicate Operations: Operating covertly within Duat, the Nkàró Syndicate seeks to understand and counter the techno-wizardry of the ruling pyramid entities. Shapeshifters infiltrate the Techno-Wizard ruling class, collecting information on their technological advancements and potential weaknesses. The Syndicate uses overt means to disrupt Duat's technological infrastructure, keeping the ruling powers in check and preventing the expansion of their influence beyond Egyptian borders.

Eastern Africa (Great Rift Lake Islands):

Nkàró Syndicate Operations: In the fragmented islands of Eastern Africa, the Syndicate maintains a covert presence, using shapeshifters to navigate the politics of the region. They leverage their influence to ensure the islands remain independent and resistant to external dominance. Overtly, the Syndicate supports local leaders sympathetic to their cause, fostering a network of allies to counterbalance larger, aggressive powers.

Central Africa (Mining Lords and Witches):

Nkàró Syndicate Operations: Within the rough and tumultuous environment of Central Africa, the Syndicate operates both covertly and overtly. Shapeshifters infiltrate mining operations, extracting valuable information on resource locations and mining witch practices. Overtly, the Syndicate establishes alliances with influential mining lords, ensuring a steady flow of resources and mystically-charged minerals for their own purposes.

Equatorial Abyss (African Underdark):

Nkàró Syndicate Operations: Operating covertly in the depths of the Equatorial Abyss, the Syndicate uses shapeshifters to navigate the treacherous underdark. They gather intelligence on subterranean threats, ensuring their own territories remain secure. Overt operations involve establishing alliances with factions that can help control the interconnected mines, maintaining a delicate balance within the abyss.

Blood Sun Lands (Shadow Demon Influence):

Nkàró Syndicate Operations: In the shadow-infested Blood Sun Lands, the Syndicate operates covertly to counter the influence of shadow demons. Shapeshifters infiltrate demonic cults, extracting information on their plans and vulnerabilities. Overtly, the Syndicate supports resistance movements against the shadow demons, ensuring that the demonic threat is contained and the balance of power remains in check.

Dumisile Empire (War Machine Empire):

Nkàró Syndicate Operations: Covertly infiltrating the Dumisile Empire, the Syndicate seeks to influence the immortal king by manipulating key advisors. Shapeshifters act as spies within the imperial court, gathering intelligence on military strategies and technological advancements. Overt operations involve supporting rebellious factions within the empire, preventing the expansion of Dumisile's war machine beyond its borders.

Innovation City (Tech City in Rwanda):

Nkàró Syndicate Operations: Operating overtly in Innovation City, the Syndicate seeks to establish alliances with the tech-focused ruling class. Shapeshifters work openly as advisors, offering mystic expertise to enhance technological advancements. The Syndicate's influence ensures that the city's technological progress aligns with their own goals, preventing any potential threats from emerging within Rwanda's surviving tech enclave.

Locations of Note:

Overt Locations

Dakar, Senegal - Mystical Harbor:

Once a bustling port city, Dakar has transformed into a mystical harbor. Shapeshifting and spellcasting leaders control the trade routes, ensuring the flow of magical artifacts and resources. The city's coastline is adorned with protective wards.    

Casablanca, Morocco - Citadel of Shadows:

Casablanca has become the Citadel of Shadows, a fortified city controlled by shapeshifting leaders. Its architecture incorporates mystical symbols and wards, protecting the city from external influences. The society's leadership resides in the heart of the citadel.

Abidjan, Ivory Coast - Garden of Anansi:

Abidjan has evolved into the Garden of Anansi, a city known for its lush mystical gardens and vibrant cultural events. The society celebrates the trickster spider Anansi, and the city serves as a hub for trade, art, and mystical knowledge.

Yaoundé, Cameroon - Shifter's Haven:

Yaoundé has become Shifter's Haven, a city known for its advanced educational institutions focusing on shapeshifting and spellcasting. The society's leaders guide the next generation of mystics, emphasizing the importance of knowledge and skill.

Accra, Ghana - Enchanted Market District:

Accra has transformed into the Enchanted Market District, a lively area where mystical artifacts are bought and sold. The market is a focal point of economic activity, drawing traders and enthusiasts from surrounding regions.

Marrakech, Morocco - Oasis of Serenity:

Marrakech is now the Oasis of Serenity, a city surrounded by mystical gardens and water features. Its architecture incorporates ancient mystical principles, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and spiritual harmony.

Covert Locations

Mountains of Mande:

Nestled in the mountainous regions of Mali and Guinea, the Mountains of Mande serve as a sacred and remote location. The Nkàró Syndicate could have established a hidden enclave here, using the natural barriers for defense and secrecy. The high altitudes may also have mystical properties that enhance the spellcasting abilities of its members.

Nouakchott - Nexus of Shadows (Mauritania):

Nouakchott, once a thriving city, now exists under the control of insectoid invaders. However, beneath the buzzing hives and insect-dominated streets lies the hidden stronghold of the Nkàró Syndicate – the Nexus of Shadows. This covert location serves as a vital hub for the Syndicate's intelligence operations and mystical endeavors.

Oke Iho:

Oke Iho, a dense forest in Nigeria, could be a haven for the shapeshifters of the Nkàró Syndicate. The deep foliage provides ample cover for their activities, and the mystical atmosphere of the forest could amplify their abilities. Ancient shrines within the forest might serve as meeting points for both spellcasters and shapeshifters.

River Niger's Floating Nexus:

A network of floating shantytowns along the Niger River becomes a hub for the Nkàró Syndicate. Shapeshifters can easily navigate the waterways, and the constant movement of these floating settlements adds an extra layer of security. The syndicate might use these locations for trade, recruitment, and coordination.

Sahel Crossroads Oasis:

Positioned at the crossroads of the Sahel region, an oasis becomes a crucial meeting point for the Nkàró Syndicate. The oasis serves as a neutral ground where different factions can come together for negotiations, and the syndicate can exchange information and resources discreetly.

Having a Member in Your Party:

 Adventurers may encounter a Nkàró Syndicate member seeking alliances or pursuing a personal mission. These individuals can offer valuable insights into mystical arts, access to unique resources, and assistance in navigating complex political landscapes. However, their loyalty to the Syndicate might pose challenges if conflicting interests arise.

Integration into the Party:

Trust Building:

Establish a narrative that allows the shapeshifter to build trust with the rest of the party. This can involve shared goals, mutual interests, or a common enemy that requires cooperation.

Shared Objectives:

Give the shapeshifter a personal or group objective that aligns with the party's goals. This creates a sense of unity and shared purpose, fostering stronger bonds among the party members.

Demonstration of Loyalty:

The shapeshifter should actively demonstrate loyalty to the party. This can involve putting themselves at risk for the group, keeping party secrets, and consistently contributing to the success of the team.

Party Dynamics:


Establish clear communication channels within the party. Ensure that the shapeshifter is comfortable sharing information about their abilities, limitations, and intentions with the rest of the group.

Acceptance by Party Members:

Develop interactions and scenarios that allow party members to understand and accept the shapeshifter. Address any initial skepticism or concerns through in-game dialogue and shared experiences.


Emphasize the importance of teamwork. Showcase instances where the shapeshifter's unique abilities complement those of other party members, reinforcing the idea that their presence enhances the overall effectiveness of the group.

Character Background and Motivation:

Backstory Clarity:

Provide a clear backstory for the shapeshifter that explains their motivations, past experiences, and reasons for joining the adventuring party. This helps other party members understand and empathize with them.

Individual Goals:

Align the shapeshifter's individual goals with the overall narrative. This way, their personal journey contributes to the overarching story, and their presence doesn't feel like a separate subplot.

Challenges and Limitations:

Moral Dilemmas:

Introduce moral dilemmas or challenges that are specific to the shapeshifter's abilities. This can lead to interesting role-playing opportunities and discussions within the party.

Control of Shapeshifting:

Establish the shapeshifter's level of control over their abilities. If they struggle with sudden transformations or maintaining a specific form, this can add depth to their character and create potential plot points.

Character Growth:

Personal Development Arc:

Plan a personal development arc for the shapeshifter. Allow them to grow, both in terms of their abilities and as an individual, as the campaign progresses. This adds a sense of progression and investment for both the player and the party.

Shared Vulnerabilities:

Introduce vulnerabilities or challenges that the shapeshifter shares with the rest of the party. This creates a sense of unity, as everyone has strengths and weaknesses that contribute to the overall dynamic.

Player and GM Collaboration:

Open Communication:

Encourage open communication between the player of the shapeshifter and the Game Master (GM). This ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding the character's role, story arc, and potential challenges.


Remain adaptable to the evolving narrative. If unexpected opportunities or challenges arise, be willing to incorporate them into the story, keeping the campaign dynamic and engaging.

Plot Hooks

1.       Artifact Retrieval: The party is tasked with retrieving a powerful mystical artifact coveted by the Syndicate. The Grand Nkàró believes it poses a threat and offers a tempting reward for its safe return.

2.       Internal Power Struggle: A faction within the Nkàró Syndicate seeks to overthrow the current leadership. The party must choose whether to aid the rebels, support the current regime, or navigate a middle path to ensure stability.

3.       Alliance Against a Common Foe: A formidable external threat, such as a powerful warlord or an otherworldly entity, prompts the Syndicate to seek an alliance with the party. Cooperation is essential for the survival of both groups.

4.       Cultural Exchange: The party is invited to participate in a mystical ceremony hosted by the Syndicate. Amidst the festivities, a rival organization launches an attack, and the adventurers must defend the Syndicate's traditions.

5.       Legacy of Poro: The party encounters remnants of poro societies resisting the influence of the Nkàró Syndicate. Uncover the mysteries of ancient traditions and decide whether to aid or hinder these resistance efforts.

The Nkàró Syndicate, with its enigmatic leaders, mystical practices, and complex alliances, offers a rich tapestry for adventurers to explore. The thin line between ally and adversary challenges adventurers to navigate the shadows and uncover the true intentions of this influential organization.


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Hodgepocalypse Africa - Part 14 - Dakaguére

Population:  14,300,000

Demographics:  Main Race: Human. Other Common Races: Cat, Medusa, Stumpies, Ty-wara, Ungo, but the city is so vast that just about any race can be found somewhere.

 Along the Niger Delta, crisscrossing the many tributaries is a massive city that quite unlike just about anywhere on the Continent.  Built on the back of refugees and strong leadership, it is now the city which dominates the finances and technology and is often where people hole up after they lost much to the Void Covenant. 

 This shining jewel of the Zephonara Dominion has become the metropolitan city of the continent.  In fact many come to this city with the hopes of starting over.



Nigeria has always been a place of contradictions.  It was the economic powerhouse of West Africa, yet its melding of multiple cultures always made it feel like it was bursting at the seams.


              This was the building that the Hodgepocalypse demolished.  As the Void Covenant Forces spilled over onto the continent, refugees fled.  One of the many points that people congregated was along the Niger Delta.  The mixed of locals combined with refugees created a giant refugee camp that caused the remaining Nigerian government to clamp down on violence, but honestly, it was pretty much done, and it was only a matter of time before it fell.


When it finally was destroyed between rival factions, the question is what would replace it?


The answer came recently from a most unusual, but amazing individual.


The Coming of King Zephania Afolayan


              There are many tales that concern the King’s past.  Some talk about how he was a small child that was separated by his parents and survived by his wits.  Others say he was an exile that was thrown out of his tribe because of his mutation.  He has been called everything from saint to the devil with all things in-between.


              What is known is that the King is a mutant Elephant man that returned with weapons, mercenaries, spell casters and robot allies that showed up 10 years ago.  Over a five-year period, the King used diplomacy and force of arms to mold the place to his will.  While might made right, he also laid down a code of legitimacy to ensure that they would be able to hold off the onslaught of their enemies.  In fact, it was the King’s ability to fight off the Void Covenant with his forces that caused him to become King of the area.




              The King rules with absolute power.  He makes decrees involving the military, major public works, holidays and taxes.  However, he can’t do it all, so he has broken the city and the region into 9 districts that are ruled each by prominent families. 


Daily Life


While the law can be harsh, it is generally is fair for most.  Family is important and each family ends up allying themselves to a great family and their district.  These affiliations are important, and this pecking order often causes conflict between individuals.


Education is important.  The King has setup several “national schools” so the next generation can learn the fundamentals of literacy and mathematics.  It is also a place where the kids are indoctrinated to be loyal to the king and the kingdom in that order.  This also includes magical testing to see if any of the various children are “special.”  So, they can be trained to best serve their King and Country.


Technology and Magic


The overall technology of the kingdom is that of late 20th century earth.  It uses its vast oil reserves to provide power and electricity for most of the people (roughly 60%).  This also includes a sizable water works.  One of the things the Zephonara Dominion prides itself on is their salvaging of the past. 


They also have descent manufacturing capabilities for plastics, building materials, clothing, and circuitry.


They are also thee place for magic on the continent.  People come far and wide to petition to the skilled elders of District 8 (for more details see below).


Trade and Finances


Dakaguére is a major trading hub.  Like many cities, it receives raw materials that it turns into trade goods that are transported throughout the continent.   Most of the trading occurs within the kingdom itself, but trade missions from other parts show up from time to time.


Imports:  Fruits, Furs and Hides, Rough Gems, Gold, Ivory, Livestock, Steel, Oil, Wood

Exports: Arms, Clothing, Culture, Dyes, Oil and Related Products, Magic Items.


The Military


Each District is expected to raise its own militia in order to defend their interests.  They come across as glorified gangsters within their district, but they swear an oath of loyalty to the King and are expected to provide troops in times of turmoil. 


In contrast, the King’s army is well trained, and independent of the Inter-district conflicts.  It covers about 400,000 personal that are known as the ZDF (Zephonara Defense Force).  They show the King’s color (Green and White) on their uniforms and drive around in police pickups for day to day affairs.





The King

King Zephania Afolayan: For the last 10 years, the king has transformed the city and the kingdom through sheer force of will. 

History: What about the man?  Well he’s a bit of a mystery.  He never talks about his past, and often winces when the words family is mentioned.

Description: He is a large (9 foot) elephant man.  He usually dresses in suits but will wear the royal trappings in ceremonies.  He almost always wears a simple golden crown to show his position in the realm.  He is almost always covered up as much as he can to hide the scars of a hard life.

Disposition: What little is known he picks his words carefully and is even tempered in his approach.  But when he does lose his temper, it is what you expect from a monstrous mutant Elephant Man: filled with sound and fury. 

              He is a warrior that has been forced to become the diplomat.  It is his will that holds the city and the kingdom together.  There is a good chance that everything would fall apart if something would happen to him.

Plot Hook:  The King has done a lot of things, good and bad, to get to the position he is now.  It’s only a matter of time before something from his past comes to haunt his city and reveals his secrets.


District 1 – Defense Sector Head

Nia Akuchi:

History:  She is a regular rag to riches story and is a self-made woman.  She was a street rat that rose through the ranks of the defenses.  While in charge of defending the northern lines, she returns to court and treats it yet another battle. 

Description:  This Tall Lithe Ebony Serpent of a human woman that has a Maroon Skull tattoo covering half her face that seems to highlight her deep brown eyes.  She is usually dressed in military fatigues.

Disposition:  She is sober in temperament and a skeptic that insists on being hands on to ensure everything runs like a well-oiled machine.

Plot hooks:  With the Void Covenant being somewhat at peace as late, Nia has relaxed somewhat in her patrol’s and defenses.  She has had her budget slashed due to political need and it’s possible that this budget reduction may have created a hole in their defenses that requires “outside contractors.”

District 2 – Arts Sector Head

Chioma Zuberi      

History:  Being the oldest of 5 (3 younger sisters and a younger brother), the family of Zuberi has a history of acting as bandits until they were overpowered by the king.  His father died in the fighting and he took up the mantle and immediately pledged his allegiance to the man who had his father killed.  He has never forgotten this.  While he doesn’t actively plot against the King, he wouldn’t be averse to helping out any whom would, provided it didn’t come back to haunt him.

Description: He is and older man, overweight, a bit too muscular, and bald.  He tries to always think ahead before acting but can act on passion.

Disposition:   He is Loquacious and has a story for just about every occasion.

Plot hooks:  Chioma has already a liberal view on what the arts sector entails.  This overreach often causes contention within the city itself.  He is likely to hire adventurers for “undercover work” to enhance his own power.


District 3 – Rail Sector Head

Ngozi Dubaku

History:  She was a feral outsider that joined up early under the banner of the King.  She became his personal body guard.  When the tribes were pacified, the King appointed her in charge of the Rail District.

Description:  She is a middle age lady whose body reflects the hard life she had to deal with before she met the king.  Her blotchy skin looks almost like a leopard pattern.  She is known for squinting her left eye as if deciding if whom she observes is predator or prey.

Disposition: What happens when an outsider becomes a member of society? Despite almost 10 years in civilized society, Ngozi has still a crude sense of humor and a graveyard humor that unnerves many.  She has changed her predatory nature to ensuring good commerce and logistics in her Sector and she’s been known for ambushing her minions with surprise inspections.

Plot Hooks:  If she hears about anything new, she often hires contractors to know about it.  She also sends out expeditions for mapping and the retrieval of artifacts that puts her at odds with the head of district 4.

District 4 – Raider Sector Head

Sizwe Ayomide

History:  The King Found Sizwe as a slave to one of the many warlords that used to control the west coast.  He provided help at a time when the King was down on his luck.  He was hand selected to control the Raider Sector namely because he was the cool head needed to control the rowdiness of his minions.

Description:  He is a Medusa who’s based on the King Cobra in coloration who is also short and stooped.   He likes gold and often wears gold chains as if he’s a big-time gangster.   

Disposition: He is somewhat skittish, but surprisingly kindly. Make no mistakes; he will do what’s necessary to ensure he keeps his position.  He has worked to ensure he is self-sufficient in case things go sour.  He firmly believes that it’s only a matter of time before this life of abundance falls apart.

Plot Hooks:  Sizwe is a bookkeeper turned gangster and it’s not exactly a good fit.  He’s been involved in fetch quests lately to try to appear more masculine.  He might hire the party to cover his back while being manly.  He also has been involved in a quiet turf war with the head of District 3 that often runs ruff shot over his jurisdiction and might hire a few mercenaries to remind them that.


District 5 – Intelligence Sector Head

Kirabo Akachi

History:  It is believed she comes from the Times before Revelations.  She died long ago in some long ago mini-mall but arose from the grave and dug her way out.  While she cannot procreate, she has “adopted” a family and has controlled them for generations.  She was one of the first to switch sides and turned her considerable resources to his victory.   It is why she has been installed as the head of Intelligence of the realm. 

Description:  She is dead, a Kamidaver.  She takes care of herself and is remarkably preserved for her age.  She dresses in colorful attire that ranges from a power suit to a little black dress in more social situations.

Disposition: She is introverted and even-tempered.  She often runs his minions ragged over seemingly inconsequential things that only become clear later.

Plot Hooks:  She is always looking for a nugget or two of information.    She has recently heard of powerful magic that may return her to life and she’s curious to see whether it is real or not.


District 6 – Market Sector Head

Erykah Anandi

History: Erykah was raised in an orphanage, a relative rarity in the close bond families of the city.  Her family was killed by the Void Covenant and somehow managed to survive long enough to reach the city.  She had to wheel and deal her way to survive and was known for her confidence games and playing the various warlords that originally controlled the city.  When the King showed up, she saw a winner and immediately focused her attention on winning his affection.  While it wasn’t a successful seduction, the King did put her in charge of The Market Sector.  She’s not quite sure why, but not willing to let an opportunity lie.

Description: This is a well-formed lady whom has worked seriously hard to look younger than her actual age.  There are rumors that she has sought out both technology and magical infusions to do this, but it is unproven at this time.  She tries to dress in the latest fashions, and often is responsible for making them for the entire continent.

Disposition:  Erykah is a Manic-Depressive.  She goes from hyper focusing on a pet project for days on end, but also has long periods where she reclines to her own mansion for days on end.  She has hand-picked minions to cover for this flaw, but she’s often spending excess finances on what appear to be fool’s errands.

When she is in a good mood, she is very charming, abet a tad Tactless, Flippant, Suspicious, and Greedy.

Plot Hooks:  Erykah could send you just about anywhere for anything.  They range from vanity projects to consolidation of power.  However, a persistent rumor is that she is still looking for what happened to her family and more importantly, who were they?



District 7 – Science Sector Head

Unathi Otieno  

History:  In another era, Unathi would have been head hunted by the most powerful corporations in the world to improve their bottom line.  He always had a way with building machines and asking a ton of questions that often got him in trouble with his family.  All that changed one day when he discovered a cache of lost technology.  He immediately presented it as his own inventions, while secretly studying the technology in order to duplicate it.  It was this charade that brought him to the eye of the King and got him to be a leader of the new science sector.

Description: He is a human male, somewhat squat and corpulent, and is slightly less then genial.  He loves the trappings of scientists and often shows up at court events in a lab coat and goggles.  He also has a grey tweed suit that he wears when he must.

Disposition: Unathi suffers from imposter syndrome.  He believes he is a charlatan because he managed to present to the world that he is one of the greatest scientists in the world, when all he had was a bit a luck and a lot of dedication.  However, what he hasn’t realized is he has earned it 100-fold by being an excellent manager and by listening to his experts to create effective policy for his sector.  It doesn’t hurt that he has excellent communication skills that most scientists and scavengers seem to forget about.  His sense of humor crossed with his logical mind that only breaks for his romantic views on science.

Plot Hook: Besides his interest in any forms of technology, he has a soft spot towards the head of District 6.  While she doesn’t reciprocate the feelings yet, he believes he can charm her with the right act of affection.  The PCs could be involved in this attempt or in the aftermath (good or bad).


District 8 – Magic Sector

Chima Kefilwe

History: A long time ago, there was a gangster that controlled a sizable chunk of the city.  Heartless and Cruel, when he was defeated by the king, his forces were completely routed. 

              Shortly afterwards a mysterious woman showed up with immense magical knowledge.  After passing the trials that the King setup, she was given control of the Magic sector of the City.

              This person is one in the same.  It feels like a lifetime ago for Chima and in many ways it has been.

Description: Chima is a true transgender: a man that has become woman.  She hasn’t quite embraced her change and often dresses a lot less ladylike then is expected.  She has a passion for 80’s power suits: the brighter, the better.

Disposition: She has always been angry and short tempered but has taken steps to moderate it with long term thinking.

Plot Hook: Very few people know of her secret and even fewer know how she gained her mystical powers.   How this occurred is up to the G.M.  Additionally, nobody is sure whether she has truly forgiven the king, or is simply plotting her revenge.


District 9 – the Low Life Sector

Ejiroghene Ssanyu

History: A mutant was borne to the world.  Exiled from his family, the young Ejiroghene Ssanyu was abandoned and was found by the Void Covenant.  They intended to use him as a weapon against the mammals and so he was sent to the city to act as a spy to the city.  Somehow the infiltrator was found almost immediately.  Instead of death or punishment, the King instead gave him dominion over District 9: the low lives and degenerates that have not been able to integrate into other parts of the city. 

Description: He is a mutant human that is very misshapen.  They are a lumpy misshapen mass of a being with three reptilian eyes, covered in bizarre cysts and a set of feather wings.  He usually takes to a simple hooded robe to cut down the overt stares.

Disposition:  He is cowardly and whose knee jerk response is to lie when things go sour.  However, getting the position of “lord of the freaks” has really given him a new found confidence that is slowly changing this mentality. 

Plot Hook: It is unknown why the King chose him. Is it because of a common bond?  Is it because of some yet unknown secret?  Is Ejiroghen loyal to the king now, acting as a double agent, or managed to pull the wool over the King’s eyes?




Areas of Note

The original plan of the king was to build a system of districts.  Each dedicated to a different need, with the Royal Circle in the center.  Unfortunately, real life caused these neat sections to spill over into each other.  This is further deformed as they slowly, but surely change the outside ruins into habitual living space.


Royal Circle



The main hub of the city is a one giant traffic circle.  This was to make it easier for his troops to be deployed as needed as well to level the playing field of his people.


Civil Disobedience Square

This simple square was setup by the King to act as a release valve for his people.  This is a place where polite discourse can occur.  While the Military forces are always on standby , they will not intervene as long as it’s peaceful.

Adventure Ideas Civil unrest is brewing in the city, and the party is hired by a group of concerned citizens to help maintain peace during a large protest in Civil Disobedience Square. As tensions rise, they must navigate the complexities of political demonstrations, uncover the motives of agitators, and ensure that violence doesn't erupt in the heart of the city.


King’s Apartments

This set of Brown and Red luxury Condos are used for V.I.P.s, district head’s and the King’s guests.  It is an affluent place with an adjoining tennis course, swimming pools and meeting rooms for day to day activities.

Adventure Ideas  A valuable artifact goes missing from one of the King's apartments in this affluent area. The party is hired to discreetly recover the artifact, but they quickly discover that the luxury condos hold many secrets and hidden rivalries. To solve the case, they must navigate a web of deceit among the city's elite while avoiding attracting too much attention.



The Royal Palace and Adjoining Grounds

This opulent palace was made on behalf of the king.  This Yellow palace covers 12,000 square meters, and has several basements, an entrance floor and a residential floor.  It has adjoining buildings including a servants’ house and an entry pavilion used by the security guards.  It had the former ruins removed and is surrounded by a vast green space.  The road to the palace has 2 rows of palm trees running parallel.

Adventure Ideas The Royal Palace is rumored to hide a hidden passage leading to a forgotten treasure trove or a long-lost secret of the kingdom's history. The party is tasked with exploring the palace's mysteries, which include solving puzzles, deciphering ancient texts, and dealing with supernatural guardians. Their discoveries could change the course of the kingdom's future.


The Royal Orchids

This quarantined orchard is maintained upon special contract from the Arts Sector.  It produces luxurious fruit trees ostensibly for the king’s family, is also given out as favors and as rewards.  There is rumors of an orange monster that is used to protect the orchard.

Adventure Ideas A group of thieves has set their sights on the rare and valuable fruits of the Royal Orchids. The party is hired to protect the orchard from these intruders and discover who's behind the theft attempts. As they guard the orchard, they must also uncover the truth about the rumored orange monster that supposedly protects the fruits.

Zephonara National Council 

This very secure building is the meeting room for the sectors heads to meet with the king.  If they cannot make it personally, they either send an envoy or teleconference in (with varying degrees of success)

Adventure Ideas  A heated debate is scheduled to take place at the Yala National Council, and tensions between the sector heads have reached a breaking point. The party is hired as security to ensure the meeting remains peaceful. However, when an assassination attempt is thwarted, they must investigate a web of political intrigue and betrayal that could shake the foundations of the kingdom.


Zephonara Historical Museum

This round building has artifacts ranging from long from before the time of revelations and beforehand.  It is fastidiously kept under lock and key but does do guided tours to explain the kingdom’s past.  It has a huge basement of offices where the real work is done.  Some have argued that the King has made it into a propaganda museum as a lot of the history was reinterpreted when he came to power.  Others say it was because it was left in ruins and it was only the King’s philanthropy that brought it back to life.

Adventure Ideas A valuable artifact is stolen from the Zephonara Historical Museum, and the party is hired to track down the thieves and recover the item. Their investigation leads them to question the authenticity of some of the kingdom's history, and they must decide whether to expose the truth or protect the King's version of events.

Royal Army Barracks and War Center 

Located on the Southern end of the Royal Circle, It is a massive military installation that provides rapid response throughout the city to outside threats.  They also double as a police department when the Sector leader’s get out of line.

Adventure Ideas The Royal Army Barracks and War Center is under siege by an external threat, and the party is called upon to defend it. As they help the military fend off the attackers, they discover that the threat may have inside help and must identify the traitors before the kingdom falls to its enemies.



University of Zephonara

The King started this university within 4 months of his consolidation.  He has put considerable resources into it.  He routinely sends out his envoys into all the districts to test children to young adults to see if they are worthy.  If they are, they are recruited into the university where all fees are paid, and the family gets a small stipend. 

              The university is as much a vessel of enculturation as it is education.  The King believes that if he can get his beliefs in a greater kingdom and raise the leaders of tomorrow in his vision, they will preserve his legacy.  More importantly, they will reach greater heights and maybe even act more as a wall against the Void Covenant.

Adventure Ideas  A series of mysterious disappearances has plagued the University of Zephonara, with students and professors vanishing without a trace. The party is hired to investigate these incidents, uncovering a hidden world of academic rivalries, forbidden experiments, and dark magic that threatens the very fabric of the university.



District 1 – Defense Sector


This District feels more like a military camp then a city.  Most of the people involved here are involved in the defense sector as well as providing the logistics to the northern territory where they run into the Void Covenant Forces.  It has decided to use Granite walls with check points and is the most even of the districts because of it.

Housing Reclamation Force main Office

The refugee situation is out of control.  Desperate times come to desperate plans.  King Zephania Afolayan has setup a Housing Reclamation Force.  They are hired by the crown to clean out old apartments in the ruins of interlopers and then safeguard them for construction staff to come in, repair the apartment and then guide families into the house so they can live their new lives.  The dangers range from insect infestations to entities, to monsters of all sort.

              While they do good work, there are complaints that they keep contracting out their forces from the refugee camps instead of using local talent whom need better housing.

Adventure Ideas The Housing Reclamation Force has been accused of forcibly evicting residents and stealing their belongings under the guise of "reclamation." The party is hired to investigate these claims and must decide whether the accusations are true or part of a smear campaign. As they dig deeper, they may uncover corruption and conspiracies within the organization.



District 2 – Arts Sector


If the Art Sector can be described by one word, it would be colorful.  Artists from throughout the land and beyond congregate here and practice their craft.  It is a maze of huts, apartments and even tents that can be difficult to navigate.

The Auction Block

This Metal and Glass building is knowx`x`n for selling the next greatest thing to the masses.  Run by the brother of the Sector head, he claims to have the pulse of the continent and it is his decision what becomes popular.  Truth be told, the art sold here ranges from the boring to the experimental.

Adventure Ideas  A famous artist's masterpiece has been stolen from the Auction Block, and the party is tasked with tracking down the thieves and recovering the artwork. Their investigation takes them into the competitive and cutthroat world of art dealers, forgers, and collectors, where nothing is as it seems.

The Clocktower

This large tower is shaped like a torch and acts like a land lighthouse as much to tell the time.  It also has a rotating restaurant at the top that is run by the older sister of the sector head.

Adventure Ideas  The Clocktower's magical timekeeping mechanisms have malfunctioned, causing time itself to warp within the Arts Sector. The party is hired to investigate the tower's inner workings and restore time to its proper flow. Along the way, they may encounter temporal anomalies and unexpected challenges.


The Gem Cutter Guild

Within the confines of this marble building, behind its ebony doors lies the Gem Cutter Guild.  They send their agents and are always looking for talent.  Their work is top notch, but there are chronic rumors that they have hired mercenaries, and worse to ensure they keep a monopoly within the country, and in some cases beyond.

Adventure Ideas  The Gem Cutter Guild faces accusations of foul play and monopolistic practices. The party is hired to uncover the truth behind these allegations and must navigate the secretive world of gem cutting and trading, where rival factions and hidden agendas abound.


Glorious Communications

This spire has a monopoly on radio communications and often travelers hear this signal before they even see anything of the kingdom of the city.  It was appointed to the Sock Clan:  A community of cats.  Misty, an older female tuxedo cat, runs a surprisingly tight ship, mainly because they often outsource personal.   They run a lot of Pre-Revelations media, the King’s speeches, and a crap ton of cat videos.  They have a digital feed locally, but also have a standard am/fm radio feed so the message will be received by all.

Adventure Ideas Glorious Communications' radio broadcasts have been disrupted by a mysterious interference, and the party is hired to investigate the source of the problem. As they delve into the world of broadcasting and technology, they may uncover a plot to control information and manipulate public perception.


Hanging Gardens

The Head of the Art Sector has claimed knowledge of plants as art and has setup this massive multistory garden as a testimony of this.  It is rumored that he has one of every plant, and while that is most likely an exaggeration, it’s not by much.  The plants snake around the concrete and steel building making it look more like a giant plant then a building.  Inside, there are many different plant showcases that change based on the mood of the art curator, a vibrant medusa known as Johnny “Grass” Jaja.

              Behind the Hanging garden are a few green houses where they ruthlessly catalog every plant that they discover.  They have also a seed bank in case tragedy occurs.

Adventure Ideas  The Hanging Gardens, an awe-inspiring testament to the fusion of nature and art curated by the eccentric Johnny "Grass" Jaja, have recently faced a mysterious affliction causing the once-vibrant plants to wither. The desperate art curator seeks a diverse group of adventurers to embark on a quest to uncover the cause, venturing into the depths of the city's greenhouses and the enigmatic Seed Bank to find a cure before the heart of the Hanging Gardens succumbs to decay.



Golden Arch Circle

This open air market is known for its jewelry.  While they deal primarily with gold, they also work in pretty much any rare metal.  They even have a “special deal” with the Gem Cutter’s Guild, allowing them to undercut most freelancers. 

              While it technically no leader, the more powerful members of the community often dictate policy and whose allowed to sell their wares.

Adventure Ideas In the heart of the bustling Golden Arch Circle, a renowned gemcutter has disappeared under mysterious circumstances, leaving behind a cryptic message etched into a rare gemstone. As tensions rise among the jewelers and traders, a group of adventurers is hired to unravel the mystery, navigating the intricate politics of the market to uncover the truth about the missing artisan, the secret dealings of the Gem Cutter's Guild, and the hidden power struggles within the Golden Arch Circle.



Paradise Theatre

This was a joint effort between the King and the Sector head in order to preserve the culture.  It is run by the middle sister of the Sector Head whom considers herself an excellent actor but is a significantly better bureaucrat.  This is a place where ancient and newly crafted plays are shown on its rather large stage. If the event is big enough, it also transmits it out to Glorious Communications.

Adventure Ideas  The Paradise Theatre, a cultural haven in the city, faces a crisis as its leading actors suddenly lose their ability to perform. The middle sister of the Sector Head, torn between her bureaucratic duties and her passion for acting, seeks a group of resourceful individuals to delve into the arcane forces affecting the performers. As the boundaries between ancient and modern plays blur, the adventurers must navigate the realm of dreams and reality to restore the artistic soul of Paradise Theatre.


District 3 – Rail Sector


A rough and tumble part of the city, this district is industry personified. 

The Brickyard 

Run by a small family of trolls, they provide the mud bricks that are used throughout the city

Adventure Ideas The trolls of the Brickyard family are on the verge of a feud with a rival brick-making clan, and their unique mud bricks, vital for the city's construction, are at risk. The adventurers are hired to negotiate a delicate peace or, if diplomacy fails, to secure the secrets of the rival's innovative brick-making techniques by any means necessary.


The Cattle Queen

A clan of Ty-wara run the cattle queen, thee stockyard of the city.  People come from far and wide and bring their cattle to sell to be processed.  It is a place of stink.  However, it is surprisingly quiet for a place where cattle are slaughtered.  Gina, the youngest daughter of the Chief head, while heavily autistic, has almost intuitive cow sense and was responsible in designing the building for the cows to be in relative comfort before becoming food and hide related products.

 Adventure Ideas  Amidst the stench and serenity of the Cattle Queen, Gina's extraordinary abilities to communicate with the cattle have drawn the attention of a mysterious group seeking to exploit her talents for their gain. The adventurers must protect Gina and uncover the motives behind this secretive organization, navigating the intricate world of the city's Ty-wara clans.


The Railyard

This massive rail yard is the central hub for the Kingdom of Yalta.  While passenger trains travel this rail network, its main use is for freight and to move troops requested by the King.

Adventure Ideas  As tensions rise between different factions within the Railyard, sabotage threatens to disrupt the crucial rail network. The adventurers are enlisted to investigate the attacks, discovering a web of betrayal and corporate espionage that could jeopardize the kingdom's transportation lifeline.


Oil Refinery

This area is the end of the various pipelines to the oil wells that are scattered across the continent.  This is a major moneymaker and fuel is one of the big exports to the outside world.  It’s a good place to get employment as they are always looking for workers, but it is dangerous work.  This area has patrols and has somewhat good security as the Sector Head will make an example for failure. 

Adventure Ideas  A string of accidents in the perilous oil refinery has caught the attention of a radical environmentalist group determined to expose the dangers of the industry. The adventurers must balance the interests of security, the environment, and the discontented workers while uncovering the truth behind the accidents and preventing a catastrophe that could tarnish the kingdom's reputation.



District 4 – Raider Sector



This has become one of the most coveted sectors to be resettled in.  The Sector head is big into urban planning and has been reshaping the sector into what can best be described as “urban suburbia”.  The housing is mostly communal and has a lot of green space and has stable power and water.  It’s also designed in such a way that if outside raids occur, it’s easy to button down the area by retracting bridges, locking gates and the like.


Culturally, it feels like an army base.  There are few men in this area as they are usually out in the field.  Most families consist of women and children.

Training Ground

This fenced off forest has been grown in the middle of the Sector and it’s treated as a controlled place to train new raiders.

Adventure Ideas The tranquil facade of the "urban suburbia" hides a darker secret as a series of mysterious disappearances among the trainees in the forest training ground disrupt the Sector's facade. The adventurers must navigate the highly disciplined and regimented society, uncovering a series of covert experiments aimed at creating the perfect raider and preventing a potential uprising within the seemingly idyllic sector.



District 5 – Intelligence Sector


The Sector head is the Living Dead and the Sector reflects it.  Most Intelligence operatives are known as spooks and it often applies in more ways than one.   The sizable population is crammed into cramped apartments that cover the basics but are spartan.

Central Intelligence Building 

This red brick building is bean counter central.  Most information gathering is more bureaucratic then glamourous and most of the people here sift through data received from sources to determine its authenticity.

Adventure Ideas As rumors of a shadowy group manipulating information swirl through the Central Intelligence Building, the adventurers are hired to investigate a series of disappearances among the diligent data sifters. Delving into the labyrinthine corridors and secret archives, they uncover a clandestine operation aiming to control the city's narrative, testing the limits of truth and deception in the heart of intelligence.

The Courts of Justice

A side effect of the intelligence is that the King was convinced by the Sector head that their intelligence covers legal codes as well.  This white building with pillars has a statue of a skeleton holding a scale in its front.  While most districts handle their own justice, if they get a letter from a magistrate, it is considered to override local law.

Law is processed by the legal magistrate, legal experts that are often little more than a skull on a pillow.  However, most take their legal actions fairly, unless given orders specifically by a superior.

Adventure Ideas  When a legal magistrate mysteriously disappears, the adventurers are summoned to unravel a complex web of corruption within the Courts of Justice. As they navigate the skeletal halls and face the enigmatic legal experts, they discover a plot to subvert the legal system, challenging the balance between justice and political influence.


The Graveyard

This graveyard is a place where “the interrogated dead” are sent.  Looking like a white mortuary, magic and modern forensic is used to determine as much as they can before a report is sent to the Central Intelligence Building

Adventure Ideas  The city's ominous graveyard, reserved for the "interrogated dead," becomes the focal point of a series of spectral disturbances. Tasked with investigating the unnatural occurrences, the adventurers must navigate the eerie halls of the graveyard, where the spirits of the deceased hold valuable information and secrets that could shake the foundations of the Central Intelligence Building.


Tomb Alley

This is habitat for the living dead population.  Looking suspiciously like a cluster of vertical coffins next to personal lockers and rents cheap to those that need to rest.

Adventure Ideas In the heart of Tomb Alley, a living dead settlement, the adventurers find themselves entangled in a conspiracy as unusual mutations plague the community. Unraveling the mystery behind the unexplained transformations, they navigate the labyrinthine passages of vertical coffins and personal lockers, facing both the living and the undead in their quest for answers.



District 6 – Market Sector


It can be argued that this Sector is the heart of the city.  People trade just about everything here.  While there has been worked to make things more systematic, it is a mess of a place as people are willing to setup shop just about anywhere and get out before the tax collector shows up.

The Acquisition Club

This is the elite club of the Sector.  With the backdrop that can best be described as an old school hunting club, these prominent movers and shakers of the community make deals that move huge amounts of wealth.  While owned by the Sector head, the current club president is Baobab Joe, a stumpy that, while still grumpy, has a serious head for business.

Adventure Ideas As tensions rise within the exclusive Acquisition Club, the adventurers are hired to negotiate a delicate deal gone awry, uncovering the intricate power struggles among the city's elite. Navigating the opulent backdrop of the club, they must decipher the cryptic dealings of Baobab Joe and prevent a potentially catastrophic fallout that could disrupt the delicate balance of wealth.


The Marketplace

This opened air bazaar is where you go if you want the more common items.  It is also where it can be very dangerous not because of crime or clients, but from the vendors themselves.  There is a simmering cold war happening in the market place that is known as the Fruit Wars.  Rival families try to undercut each other to sell the best products, which usually includes fresh fruit from the outskirts.  The quality is amazing, but fights break out in a regular basis.

Adventure Ideas  Amidst the chaotic Fruit Wars in the bustling Marketplace, the adventurers are tasked with mediating a violent dispute between rival families vying for dominance. Faced with the challenge of maintaining peace among the feuding vendors, they must navigate the lively marketplace where fresh fruit and bitter rivalries collide.


Mysterious Public Steam bath

Created by a family refugees from the northern edge of the continent, it has become a popular place.  Separated by gender, it has become a place of social interaction and in some cases intrigue.

Adventure Ideas  The serene Mysterious Public Steam Bath becomes a hub of intrigue as the adventurers are drawn into a web of political machinations and clandestine dealings. Navigating the gender-segregated waters, they uncover a secret society within the steamy confines, blurring the lines between relaxation and covert operations.


Red Bus Fleet

This is the main bus terminal for the entire city and a bit of pride for the sector.  These brightly colored buses are kept in good repair and the bus drivers are exhaustingly trained to navigate the city to the point that it’s a matter of pride to get their passengers on time.

Adventure Ideas When a series of mysterious disruptions plague the Red Bus Fleet, the adventurers are hired to ensure the punctuality and safety of the city's vibrant transportation network. Racing against time, they navigate the colorful buses and face unexpected challenges, discovering a plot that could derail the pride of the Market Sector.


District 7 – Science Sector


This is the most southern sector in the city and is where most of the tributaries that flow into the river to take place.  When it was first assigned into the Sector’s head, he immediately started rebuilding the area into his own image.   It even stretches over onto the ocean, where the technology involved has created an artificial lagoon.  Its overall feel is not unlike Silicon Valley, where huge amounts of nerds live in relative luxury.  It also uses massive solar panels for power generation purposes

Digital Scribes

This small building is known for trying to figure out a technological means for building customized items.  They use Digital printing, holograms and other high-tech options to duplicate and customize.  They are expensive, but the work is top notch.

Adventure Ideas The Digital Scribes face a technological crisis as their cutting-edge printing techniques malfunction, threatening to disrupt the city's industry. Tasked with troubleshooting the high-tech dilemma, the adventurers delve into the realm of digital craftsmanship, uncovering a conspiracy that challenges the very foundations of customized manufacturing.


Ruined Observatory

While its official name is the Royal Observatory, everybody knows it by its nickname: the ruined observatory.  It is a repurposed business building that has been hallowed out and setup with top of the line equipment available.  Besides the big dish, it uses a series of radio telescopes to try to chart the info.  While they have a free hand on what they observe and record, the king’s censors must sign off on any info that is revealed to the public.

Adventure Ideas Amidst the enigmatic Ruined Observatory, the adventurers are drawn into a cosmic mystery as the celestial charts reveal a pattern that defies explanation. Navigating the repurposed business building and facing cosmic forces, they uncover the hidden truths about the celestial observations that the king's censors seek to keep in the shadows.


District 8 – Magic Sector


Compared to other Sectors, this district looks laughingly primitive.  Raised Straw huts dot the area and it’s easily has the lowest population density of the city.  However, looks are deceiving. The paths branch out following mystical conduits and stable ley line that can be observed by the gifted (or failing that, the proper detection equipment).  It also uses ironwood bushes to keep district 9 and 7 out, but they seem to keep growing in unusual shapes which causes contention.


Hut of Purity

This small thatched hut has managed to create a conduit to a dimensional gauntlet composed entirely of fresh water.  It dishes out this water that it claims has magical properties after being enchanted.

Adventure Ideas The tranquil Hut of Purity becomes a center of mystical intrigue as the adventurers investigate the sudden disappearance of enchanted water with magical properties. Facing the challenges of spiritual purification, they navigate the mystical conduits and ironwood bushes, uncovering a plot that threatens the delicate balance between magical districts.


The Monolith

This large black Monolith has been imported from Duat and is easily the tallest object in the square.  While it is often used as a ritual focus, often, it is used to sell tourist related items and is a huge money maker.

Adventure Ideas The imposing black Monolith in the Magic Sector becomes a focal point of adventure as the adventurers discover its potential as a conduit to otherworldly realms. Navigating the arcane rituals and tourist trinkets, they uncover a hidden market of magical artifacts, facing both mystical wonders and the allure of forbidden knowledge.


The Wall of Gates

This wall is composed completely of Doors of all sorts salvaged from the time before Revelations.  Besides an exciting example of modern art, it is used as a conduit to access Dimensional Gauntlets across the globe.  It is relatively reliable, but it’s a one-way trip.

Adventure Ideas  The Wall of Gates, composed of salvaged doors from the time before Revelations, becomes a gateway to dimensional mysteries. Tasked with investigating anomalies within the wall, the adventurers navigate the surreal landscape of doors, uncovering a conspiracy that challenges the boundaries between dimensions and the secrets hidden within.


District 9 – the Low Life Sector


The slums of District 9 are easily the worst place to live in the city.  It is flooded with refugees and is more contained then inhabited.  It is often used as cheap labor for the rest of the city.  Its mud brick streets are riddled with crime and squalor.  Gangs roam the street.  It is also rumored that there are Void Covenant Sympathizers that instigate riots that are used to soften the defenses of the city.


              The King has often considered this a thorn in his side and has started “rehabilitation efforts” to try to turn it into a more productive part of the community.  He also recently started restructuring the area to hopefully improve the lives of those in the district. 


              It has also managed to take over most of the coastline of the city and has become prominent in the role of bringing goods from afar.  It is also the most likely place to be hired for a job: no questions asked.

The Angry Ostrich Boarding House

              This flop house is almost always cramped as it is one of the safer boarding houses in the District.  Owned by Madam Viper, the cutest little Medusa elderly woman you ever set eyes on.  She is supported by her family and several hired Ungo mercenaries as muscle.  She has a statue garden that she claims is just a passion, but rumor persists that people that are too “rowdy” join her collection.

Adventure Ideas  Madam Viper's Angry Ostrich Boarding House becomes a haven in the chaotic slums of District 9, drawing the adventurers into a world of cramped quarters and secretive collections. Tasked with protecting the residents from both internal strife and external threats, they navigate the treacherous mud brick streets, uncovering the secrets that Madam Viper guards with a watchful eye.


The Ebony Mug

This Underground tavern is known for two things. Awesome cheese bread and pit fights.  Its proprietor, a Red Ungo named Slim, likes it’s busy and loud and is always looking for new talent to throw into the pit.

Adventure Ideas The Underground tavern known for its cheese bread and pit fights, The Ebony Mug, becomes the battleground for a brewing gang war. As the adventurers navigate the rowdy establishment, they must mediate the conflict, facing both culinary delights and the violent allure of the pit fights.


Guns 4U

This hole in the wall of a shop is one of the few places where firearms can be sold in the city.  Managed by Mike Magoro, a recent convert to the Cybercult, he often hands out pamphlets while he sells his wares.

Adventure Ideas  In the clandestine shop of Guns 4U, the adventurers are drawn into a world of illegal firearms and ideological fervor. Tasked with navigating the narrow confines of the shop, they uncover a conspiracy that involves the Cybercult, balancing the allure of forbidden weaponry with the dangers of radical ideology.


The Naval Yard

Just off the coast of District 9, the largest of the Junk Islands has been repurposed into the main naval base. While the fleet is small, it is well trained and more often used for river support.

Adventure Ideas  The Naval Yard, situated on the largest Junk Island off the coast of District 9, becomes a strategic point of interest as the adventurers delve into naval intrigue. Navigating the warehouses and abandoned lairs, they uncover a plot that could disrupt the city's maritime defenses, facing the challenges of the turbulent waters that surround the Junk Islands.


The Watchtower

Found along the apex of the river is a large lighthouse.  Made from black marble and believe created with a fusion of both technological and magical techniques, its sheer surface is slippery as all heck.  Owned by Madame Fury, a rare middle aged Harlowe that swears like a sailor, but often takes a fancy to people.  What that means varies to what she wants.

Adventure Ideas  Perched atop the river apex, the Black Marble Lighthouse known as The Watchtower becomes a beacon of mystery. Tasked with exploring the slippery surface and facing the salty language of Madame Fury, the adventurers uncover the secrets of the lighthouse, balancing the risks of maritime navigation with the enigmatic allure of the rare Harlowe proprietor.


The Wharf

              One of the few areas kept in descent condition is the wharf.  What little ocean traffic that occurs on the western African continent.  It is surrounded by warehouses (some abandoned and not so abandoned warehouses), that often are used as lairs by just about anybody: good and bad.

Adventure Ideas  As tensions rise among the diverse inhabitants of The Wharf, a mysterious artifact washes ashore, drawing the attention of pirates, smugglers, and ambitious adventurers alike. Tasked with navigating the labyrinthine warehouses and uncovering the artifact's origin, the adventurers become entangled in a race against time, facing both maritime dangers and the cutthroat competition for the mysterious object.



The Zephonara Dominion


There are a few key features within a kingdom as a whole:

Bronze Statues

There are several gargantuan bronze statues that are placed at choke points throughout the kingdom.  They are magical statues that will animate by their commander when they are needed.


Defensive Forts

The outside perimeter has a series of defensive forts.  Usually made of metal and concrete, they are barracks that include radar as well as radios for quick detection in case of an invasion.


Faces of Anger

In the North West corner, there is a set of unusual rock formations that resemble a face.  It is rumored to be an area of great magical power.


Junk Island

This island chain that’s off the coast are made of pre-revelation’s clutter and other junk.  It is a place of pirates, refugees and strange creatures.  The Navy is prepping to do a raid on the islands and soon to reduce its negative effects on district 9.  They will most likely hire adventurers to deal with the riff-raff.



The northern perimeter has a huge mine field to act as a deterrent to invasion.  While it is theoretically a closely guarded secret, there are “local guides” that will guide “refugees” for a fee.


Refugee Camps 

While setup as a temporary measure while everybody gets processed, these refugee camps have been around for as long as the king has been active.  There are three Camps: A, B, and C. All of them are patrolled by regular patrols to stem down violence.  Unfortunately, many have gotten fed up with sitting put, and have fled to the city to seek their fortune.  It usually doesn’t end well, but there are enough success stories to keep people tempted.


Oil Wells

Oil Wells are found throughout the kingdom and even a little outside the official borders.  This oil is either transported back by pipeline or by oil truck back to the refinery in the city. 


Trading Outpost

This tall three-story blue building is found on the western border of the kingdom, it is owned by the Ngige family, a human family that’s owned it for generations.  They consider themselves in the hospitality industry and act as a hotel where they try to sell you whatever they can.



Adventure Ideas: The Zephonara Dominion, with its Bronze Statues, becomes the focus of a magical awakening as the statues unexpectedly animate, disrupting the kingdom's harmony. The adventurers are hired to investigate the mystical anomaly, navigating defensive forts, uncovering the secrets of Faces of Anger, and eventually braving the perilous Junk Islands, where the fate of the kingdom hangs in the balance.