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The Void Covenant - An Introduction.

 During the Times of Revelations, the dimensional Portal known as the void tore through the fabric of reality releasing the insectoid horde.  They are common in the Sahara Desert of Africa where they are an oncoming swarm that threatens the entire continent.  However, in other areas, they have had limited success due to other power players and natural environments being not friendly to their standard procedures.  They are found in the northern part of the former province of Alberta where they have adapted the land to their own way of thinking.


A False Silence.  The species of the Void Covenant talk with each other through complex pheromones.  To an outsider, it seems eerily quiet, but those that can pick up the scents, they can hear the commands, yells, and arguments that you would see from just about any species.

As a result, they can leave scent markers as a bonus action by emitting a large quantity of pheremones into a point or object. A scent marker will last for 24 hours or until the point or object is washed or magically cleaned. Scent markers “read” as a single word or emotion.  To understand these communications without being a species of the Void Covenant, they must pass a scent based DC 22 Wisdom (Perception) check.


Caste of Function.  The Void Covenant is based on caste.  The varying insectoid species are born to perform a function within its society.  While there is a certain degree of wiggle room within one’s caste, the biology and training often limit what they view as options.  Note that this cast includes smart humanoids-insects and more monstrous insect mounts.

              However, this has not meant complete harmony.  Many of the castes hate the current pecking order and jockey to change the overall structure to change the natural order of things.  This has only been exasperated since coming to Hodgepocalypse earth where rebellions and revolutions have become all too common.


Invasive Species.  When they invade a new territory, they bend the land to their will.  What was once boreal forest in northern Alberta is now a strange swampland filled with bright colors created from their consumption of local flora.  Their massive geometric towers are made of mud and resin and descend into the depths of the earth, filling the underworld with tunnels and chasms.


Void Covenant Technology.  The Void Covenant uses a technology best described as techno – organic.  They use chitin composites, resin, and organically mixed chemical mixtures to create weapons and equipment.  They create much of their equipment using a molding process.  They also breed massive amount of insectoid life that are used that is dissected for “moving parts” This is then put together using assembly lines of loyal Covenant workers working in shifts.  This allows them to produce material at levels that puts most industrial factories to shame.


Allied Species

Besides the Void Covenant creatures found below, the following are also of particular note:



The Void Covenant find these creatures beautiful and often end up as living ornaments inside their hives.


Gunship Dragonfly 

The Void Covenant often tame these beasts and used them to soften targets.


Sick Slug

These foul creatures are bred by the Void Covenant and released onto the land to start the terraforming process of the land.

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