Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Bro-Force

I've been asked to do an explanation of the Bro force, so here it goes:

 The Bro-Force is a natural (or unnatural force depending on your point of view) that influences the world. It is not an intelligent force, but it reflects the will in the wielder's destiny.

While it is often varied in belief, there are a number of parts of the code:

The Code

1. Be Excellent to Each Other:  

Being friendly and polite is a good 1st start, but it also means if you have a choice, you usually will.

2. Life is a Party:

While there are times when life is rough, if you treat your life as one big party, it will make life more fun and hardship easier.

3. Let your Mind go Long:

While strictly speaking drugs aren't part of the Bro-Force, altering your state of mind often helps in tapping the mystical energies around them.  Go nuts and see what happens.

4. Don't take life too Seriously:

The world is already ludicrous so a dumb joke or a quick pun can break the ice, win friends and influence others.

Wielders of the Bro-Force

Chad XIV:  

This legendary Sentinel claims to have been descended from an ancient line of Chads from before the Time of Revelations.  Best known for his backward cap and his chiseled features he guarantees  "chadisfaction."

Dude Bro:

This legendary witch that may or may not be based on an actor in the past, this kindly older man with the winning smile considers himself to be on a mission to mellow out the universe.

Mia Spastic

This Bogey Faustian Mechanic, while still somewhat jittery, has become a recent devotee to the Bro-Force (although she insists it's called the femme force because she prefers the alliteration).

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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Welcome to Boxco - Part 2 - Failing Spree
and now our exciting transdimensional sequel

It involves a ton of bad rolls and a shopping spree.

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