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The Saurials of the Lost Vale

From the depths of time, The Saurials have descended upon the Forgotten Realms.  This ancient primal race has been quiet for at least 2 editions.   They are silent no more as their secrets have been unveiled from their Lost Vale at last.  
Saurial Group Photo
  • The History of the Saurials and what has happened to them since the Finder Stone trilogy.
  • The Saurials, now updated for 5e Dungeons and Dragons.
  • The Lost Vale - gateway to Anauroch.
  • The Saurial Homeworld - rediscovered and fleshed out
  • New class options for Saurials.
  • New monsters revealed and old monsters redefined.
  • and much, much more.

From the Depths of the Stonelands, a strange society is revealed at last.  The Stoneland Minotaurs have adapted well to this harsh land and have created a unique culture that is all their own.

  • The history of the Stoneland Minotaurs.
  • Playing a Minotaur, both the race and the culture within.
  • The Old Sod, a new settlement with plot hooks a plenty.
  • Sod this!!!, an adventure where a plucky bunch of minotaurs retake their home.

Wormsmacker - General Rules of Play

The Game of Wormsmacker, the ancestrial game of the Minotaurs is revealed at last.   This small, but engrossing pamphlet reveals how to play this game for the 5e system.  

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