Monday, July 25, 2022

Pumping Auto - Part 6 - Mortal Car-nage

Our Opponent.

With such epic catch phrases as backs are for stabbing! and Bjorn Take the wheel.

We finish our epic battle against construction equipment and test out the rules by fighting an undead charioteer.

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Sunday, July 17, 2022

Pumping Auto - Part 5 - The Fast and the Shuffled

Our heroes finally put together their car  (1 Shuffalo engine) and end up in an arena where they are fighting an Automated Front Loader named Mr. Crunch.

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Saturday, July 16, 2022

Pumping Auto - Part 4 - Little Tank Bastards!

A shortened game causes our heroes ended up in a room celebrating old military equipment and tiny tanks.

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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Pumping Auto - Part 3 - Even Dead Cowboys get the Blues

Ghost Cowboys and Mini-Tanks!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Pumping Auto - Part 2 - LEROY FICUS!

Ever wonder what happens when a party fights a Ficus?  Now with many mawed drive thrus and ghost cowboy.

Sponsored by Snark.

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Sunday, June 19, 2022

Pumping Auto - Part 1 - Every Rose has it's Bjorn

Our heroes start a new adventure that enters a car museum death zone.

This is where we start the new show...nature talks with Knives

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Now with Bouncy Blast

Saturday, February 19, 2022

O.R.C.A. – The Terror of the Seas - Part 2 - Atlas Reach - an Overview


An Achievement of Pre-Revelations Engineering, Atlas reach is a gargantuan nuclear cruise ship, which travels in pursuit of obtaining resources for its ever-demanding population. For untold generations, the inhabitants of this ship have been enculturated with a divine given right to everything they can amass for the greater good of the community. It plumbs the ocean and salvage from underground and coast ruins, which are not always uninhabited.

Its history was a successful O.R.C.A. After many failed attempts, the development of a Cruise ship was the latest attempt to be mobile. They funded this through a combination of crowdsourcing, venture capitalism and crypto currency. They “convinced” several top technicians to build the ship and draw up schematics. However, it was sheer serendipity that brought it into being.  During an economic downturn, ships left, right and center were considered not cost effective and converted into scrap metal. O.R.C.A. used its corporate arm to purchase it on route and to divert it to a small base somewhere in the south pacific. It was completely retrofitted, armed to the teeth, and armed to the eyeballs and built with effective technology. Then it was taken on its first voyage, where things changed forever.


Despite its Ostentatiousness, it has more in common with the Q-ships, heavily armed merchant ships with concealed weaponry, then the party ships of the 21st century. Atlas’ Reach takes advantage of the wrecks found throughout the seas as a first layer of protection. Afterall, with many drifting dead boats, or refugee boats on the seas, it’s likely that it will be a surprise when this ship appears to come out of nowhere.

It also is a miracle of material engineering. It was created on the forefront of AI-assisted material and O.R.C.A. certainly took advantage of the new science. The hull overall is made of an artificially generated Titanium alloy with ceramic reinforcements that provides immense durability and protection from the elements. Then to give it an ablative feature, the entire hull was coated what is artificial enamel that instead of organic, uses a carbon base making it durable as diamond, but with the added feature of being able to regenerate given time and electrical stimulation. This makes it possible to stay buoyant even in the harshest weather and conditions. Furthermore, it has refined a means to collect plastic and other garbage and transform them into polymers for either supplementary fuel or new material from the ocean.

Its main power source is a fission nuclear reactor that allows it to go for decades without requiring refueling. It also has a backup polymer engine that allows it to burn plastics to save fuel or announce its presence with a pyrotechnic fuel stack.

General Features

Safety Systems

Authorization Cards.

Doors and Elevators require a passkey to get past it, which are based on occupation and rank.




O.R.C.A. Command






Security Professional




Crew and maintenance


Cuttlefish Ninja


Hammerhead Weapon Developer


Sea Horse Mages


Crab Marines

Jet Black

Guest Cards


Internal Fire Suppression System

Hooked up to the security cameras, these are tanks of fire retardant foam that are used to take out a fire before it can spread. This heavy-duty foam can also be used as a “target retainment system” if a better option is not available.

They are usually supplemented by having a nearby ‘fire flaps”:  a set of ventilation ductwork that is used to prevent the spread the fire, smoke and gas throughout the ship.  Note that these ventilation ducts can often be one-way traps as elevators are shut down in event of fire.

Safety Boats

On every floor, there is a small emergency lifeboat that can be launched to allow the 4-6 users to flee the ship if things go south. This is a wonderful way for your villain to get away.

Security cameras

These ceiling mounted rotating devices that are used to identify and track human sized subjects.  At a default, it is set to green light when it is at rest. When it detects a potential target in a 90-degree angle, it’s light will change from green to yellow and increase its range. If the target stays within range for one round, the camera will change to red, let loose a security alarm and unleash any automated weapons connected to the camera. 

While most of these are located along straight aways, they are also located in inconspicuous areas where security is key.

Watertight Doors.

These do not have any sensors and are withstand the pressures of the deep.  As a result, anything caught is going to be crushed. They can be triggered remotely and used to create obstacles and detours as needed. They are often used by O.R.C.A. senior staff as “training enhancers” so their lockdown does not bring an immediate alert. The exception is when they respond to smoke which where they detect smoke as a solid body, stopping any traffic between them.

Sensor Systems

Air Search Radar

Able to track and identification of up to fifty targets.  30-mile range (48 km)

Echo Sounder (Sonar)

One at the bow and one along the accommodations that is used to project sonar at about 28 to 210 KHz.  This sonar has a projection of about twenty miles (32 km)

Radio Communication

Long range radio communication has an effective range of about five hundred miles (800 km) as well as a directional, short-range radio. This signal can be encrypted to avoid cross communication.  This range is tripled by using a Drone Relay.

Speed Log Sensors

Built along the main propeller and its ship bridge, this sensor calculates the speed and overall performance. If its numbers do not match, it may need Calibration.

Wind Anemometer

Installed at the bow of the Bridge, it is used to get wind speed and direction.

Weapon Systems

Ion Pulse Canon

Located at the Bow of the ship on a turret, this gun is the main weapon of the ship.  It is designed to be used underwater and pops out of the deck as needed.

Laser CIWS Turrets

These rapid pulse lasers are designed for anti-missile capabilities or against low flying aircraft.  These are completely automated but can be supervised by the Atlas’ Reach targeting team.

Point Defense Machineguns

Sometimes you need a simple machinegun to spray a target or to put down a local target.   These are placed under concealment at each corner of the vessel. Note that these are primarily used for anti-personal purposes rather than engaging in anti-ship combat.


Even with the vast size, a lot of wishes in the original design just were not feasible. Atlas’ Reach compensates for not being a proper navy ship with the use of drones used in mass. It has air drones and torpedo drones that it can fire and be guided by the Atlas’ Reach targeting team (which looks suspiciously like a LAN Party). They are produced quickly and are incredibly disposable. However, if they survive long enough to return to base, they end up landing in the waterways beside the ship where they are retrieved.


For raids and other situations where the Drones just are not suitable, small, but sturdy PT like Tinder boats with crew are deployed to swarm enemy location and ships.


Despite its effectiveness, Atlas Reach does have some design flaws:

1.       The lowest decks are completely underwater due to the sheer weight of the ship.

2.        It is top heavy. While it can compensate under most situations, it is possible to flip the ship upside down. While it technically can be up righted using internal jets, it does make it a danger to those inside the ship.


Saturday, February 5, 2022

O.R.C.A. – The Terror of the Seas - Part 1 - the Organization.




“Your reality, your way.”

Crimson Code – Rule 5.

              O.R.C.A. was the creation of one woman: Olivia Rosalee Caroline Applegarth.  A former conspiracy theorist from the town of Franklin, she decided that “the world was corrupt” and that the world needed a “new world order.”  By using her charismatic ways, the founding of the internet and seeder money from her sales, she created O.R.C.A. (Obey the Ruling Council Association) where the world would be remade as a paradise.  They managed to keep just enough legitimacy to have themselves declared as a religion for tax purposes. Despite the ideology, it was a terrorist organization dedicated to world domination.  However, despite this setup and even popular support, they got defeated time and time again in their efforts.

Eventually it realized that sooner or later they would be driven after dealing with the armed forces of multiple countries. 

Then the Hodgepocalypse happened.

Fortune favored the Atlas’ Reach, the main ship of O.R.C.A. was in the middle of the ocean and an area of minimal magic and monster spillage.  The group indoctrination kept their nightmares systematic and relatively easy to control.  While they lost radio contact with the outside world, Olivia saw it was a sign to develop the new world order. 

To retake the land and make it in their own image.

After several failed attempts, it was decided it was best to play the long game.  To amass an army that would allow O.R.C.A. the domineering presence across the globe.  Olivia and her inner circle canonized their beliefs so that it would survive long into the future.


Originally there was a single leader, Olivia, who ruled with an iron fist.  Despite her presence still feeling felt centuries later, O.R.C.A. has been transformed into the O.R.C.A. high Command where each head of the arm meets to develop policy and expansion.  However, they can agree to have a “head tyrant” in times of crisis.  This hasn’t been used in over a century.

Since the ship was designed as a very versatile cult compound, its dogma determines its results.


Factions/People of note


This used to be tighter ship but factionalized after the death of the leader centuries ago.  Each faction has had centuries to develop their own interpretations which they vehemently disagree with their associates.

Crabs - Marines

Amphibious warfare is one of the more difficult occupations and these are the trained killers that have dedicated this to the task.  Trained from birth to be dropped into areas, blow, or kill a target in a loud and obnoxious manner and hold the area until the rest of the forces can arrive.  They walk with a swagger and get into tons of trouble but are melded as a brotherhood that really live the buddy system.  They double as raiders and salvage experts when they aren’t being gathered for an amphibious assault. Their leader is “She Wolf” McCain, a big hero as far as O.R.C.A. is concerned.

Common Class/Path:  Combatant/Brute

Cuttlefish - Ninjas

The stealth arm of O.R.C.A., they took Olivia’s obsession with ninjas and gave it its own twist.  They are essentially the combination arm for saboteurs, assassins and are often involved in recon as well.  They are known for the bright yellow jumpsuits and ninja masks when not on a job.  It was an agreement that all ninjas need to dress loudly and carry a chipped wrist band while on base to ensure the rest of O.R.C.A. knows where they are always.  This system has had limited success.  Nobody is really sure who’s in charge because they all dress alike and try to be as androgenous as possible while on base.

Common Class/Path: Adventurer/Prowler

Hammerheads - Weapon Developers

This small organization has a fair amount of influence over policy as they are always sending out teams and are the commercial arm of O.R.C.A.  They develop experimental weapons and run them in the field for testing purposes.  They are also the vehicle developers and often come up with stranger and stranger designs that just seem to work.  Their department head is Remington Colt, a man who plays cowboy on the high seas.

Common Class/Path: Adventurer/Troubleshooter

Jellyfish - Genetics

This is the genetic experiment division of O.R.C.A.  They are responsible for the development of disposable and quickly vat grown minions, so they never are short of manpower.  They also do experiments and create monsters to soften the targets and have had success in developing psychic powers in many of their people.  Led by Doctor Frank, he is obsessed with the long dead Olivia with all the lessons learned since she’s been gone to lead them to glory. 

And she will live…soon.

Common Class/Path:  Psychic/Mentalist

O.R.C.A. Command - Navy

Somebody needs to operate the vehicles and are the defector leaders of Atlas’ Reach itself.  They end up driving the Atlas’ Reach wherever they decide.  Their crimson Sailor suits are a badge of honor.  They are led by Captain Ragnar, who based his personality and style on a popular fictional character.  He is charismatic and often known for his gifts of “gold and other material” when convincing his fellow crew members and making first contact.  Often these gifts are dangerous (you must get rid of irradiated fuel somehow).  They are also where the lion’s share of the rank-and-file work with, so they have the most numbers of any of the various factions.

Common Class/Path: Combatant/Soldier

Sea Horses - Mages

If normal O.R.C.A. personal are nuts, these people are the full trail mix.  They believe that O.R.C.A. is a far older organization and has been around since the beginning of civilization.  They are a secretive order or spellcasters dedicated to confirming their crazy theory about how O.R.C.A. is the source of all knowledge.  They are obsessed about “the magic of the runes” that seemed to be a stylized version of Morse Code.  The Sea Horses Leader, Archmagi Brunhilda Wolff (German names are really common in this order despite being mostly descended from American stock).

Common Class/Path: Ritualist/Magister

Daily Life

“Everybody is responsible, but you need to get your piece of the pie.”

Crimson Codex, Rule 33.

Families are based on the O.R.C.A. credit rating.  It determines who can get married, who can have kids and so forth.  While most of the time it’s a formality, O.R.C.A. command reserves the right to withhold all privileges.  Additionally, 25% of kids are vat grown and then given to a family to raise as their very own.

Enculturation starts early on Atlas Reach.  Schooling begins with teaching their history on how Olivia was a visionary that led her people to the sea to survive the apocalypse.  They are taught from the Crimson Codex: her proverbs, her sayings, and the right way to live.  However, this is tempered with life lessons.  While most children aren’t actively soldiers, they are taught the basics of self-defense.

Once they get to 14, they are tested by a <insert name of test here> to see where their skills are best used.  This includes mental conditioning; this is basically the methodical stripping of individuality to best serve O.R.C.A.  Techniques such as starvation, isolation, drug use and even cheer songs to get them on board.  This is further enhanced by media night where stories of O.R.C.A. are told in the main theatre (in 3-D!) with the use of pyrotechnics on special days to tell the stories needed to show why they are doing these things and the dangers of the outside world.

Recruits are surrounded by radio and images that propagate the need to be self-righteousness to full fill the needs of O.R.C.A.

They are a ship’s crew, so they are assigned a job to learn to their best of their ability and have it, baring enlightened change from the council, for the rest of their life.


Before Revelations, they were dedicated to a one world government where they would achieve dominance over the entire world.  They used military force, subversion, terrorism, and even economic pressures to achieve their goals.

The Hodgepocalypse changed nothing.  As far as their concerned, they will adapt to the new situation and thrive.  Over the last few centuries, they have made slow and steady success.  They set up “Prosperity Spheres” where the locals will give them tribute and recruits that will be used to continue their plan for world domination.  This usually means such tried-and-true techniques as setting up local warlords, dividing and conquering forces, and, if less subtle methods fail, a full showing of force and conquering said territory.

If they find a new area that seems suitable for cultivation, they drop off “the cargo.”  This is a crate that is a puzzle box filled with goodies inside.  This has caused many people along the coastline to worship O.R.C.A. in a manner not unlike the Cargo Cults of World War 2.

They often are bitterly disappointed when they meet their gods, but it’s often too late to do anything about it.

People of O.R.C.A.


The overwhelming members of O.R.C.A. are human and most can trace their families back to the Hodgepocalypse.  However, they aren’t generally racist and will draft “castaways”, refugees and the spoils of war that are integrated into O.R.C.A. that have indoctrinated over the generations. 

In short, they are united against the world.

While their fleet is most common in the South Pacific, they can be found anywhere and, have a particular gargantuan ship that acts as the flagship for O.R.C.A.

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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Little Mound on the Prairie - Part 14 - We're Not Lifest, we have Dead Friends - the Epic Conclusion!

The Epic conclusion in the depths of the Little Mound of the Prairie.

They fight off the undead and win a ping pong tournament.

 #5e #dungeonsanddragons #apocalypse #drevrpg #pingpong

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Little Mound on the Prairie - Part 13 - Bjorned in the Hole.

Our heroes end up at the mound and it goes well....until it didn't.

 #5e #dungeonsanddragons #apocalypse #drevrpg #shopping #dead

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Little Mound on the Prairie - Part 12 - The Dead can Dance.

The further adventures of Bjorn and his sidekicks.

It started with Shopping and ended with Necromancy.

#5e #dungeonsanddragons #apocalypse #drevrpg #shopping #dead

Monday, January 10, 2022

Little Mound on the Prairie - Part 11 - The Barely Bearded Bastard Branded Beardy.

This guy ruins everything.

Also slightly salty swarming shawarma soothes souls.

#5e #dungeonsanddragons #apocalypse #drevrpg #bearded

Monday, January 3, 2022

Miquelon Commune - Lair of Garter Folk

Surrounded by Mixed Forest, this isolated Commune is built on what was once Miquelon Provincial Park. Filled with murky lakes left behind by ancient glaciers, it almost looks completely uninhabited, if you don’t’ know where to look. It is when you look, deep into the earth that you finally realize how populated this site is.

Miquelon Lake Provincial Park Entrance Sign.jpg  ClearFi Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Snakes, Snakes and More Snakes

This is the Commune of the Garter Folk. Believed to be a mutation of the humble garter folk given humanoid form, they have setup a life for themselves despite their reptilian nature.

For the playable species in the Hodgepocalypse, here is the following link.

What is particularly perplexing is they have picked an area that really is not particularly habitable to the species. They are cold blooded but live in area that as cold as minus 30 degrees Celsius.

So how do they survive?

Winter Countermeasures

1.    Hibernation.

The Garter Folk yearly cycle is planned on the assumption that winter is coming. They spend a sizable chunk of the year preparing to sleep during the worst of the weather. Afterall, why would go out in weather that is punitive to your species, baring being an aberrant adventurer. However, the world is a dangerous place.  There is a contingent of about 15% of the colony that takes shifts staying awake at all times.

2.    Underground Dwellings.

While there are no volcanic features, an effortless way to reduce the harsh environment is to dig deep into the earth. The wind is blunted, the cold is insulated, and it can be done with a minimal of tools and knowledge of technology. The oldest parts of the community were built with this simple rule in mine.  The top is usually not unlike a sod house as the dwelling is reinforced by grown grass.

3.    The Greenhouse Effect.

As soon as they discovered how it is possible to use glass and plastic to magnify the heat, there has been a redesign on how they live. In fact, the communal locations of slumber are often these artificial hot zones so they can enjoy the winter.

4.    Automated Defenses.

Because the Garter Folk are sluggish at best during this period, they compensate using technology. The Garter Folk have placed Cameras at choke points within the community and are often reinforced with computer targeted turrets. They also have the equivalent of baby monitors in the communal chambers connected to alarms if things go awry.

5.    Alternative Protein.

While Garter Folk are friendly and a giving people, the simple fact that in the winter being awoken from their slumber makes them agitated. Simply put, they are hungry as every calorie is expended. While they are not actively cannibalistic, an invader that is there to threaten their family will not be missed and their carcasses will be considered “suitable compensation.”

6.    Outside Apparel.

Thanks to the power of technology, Garter Folk do have proper attire for the great outdoors when it is harsh. Cold wear is a full body stocking that is electrically heated to provide proper heating. Covering their heads are an electrified toque and googles so not a single inch is exposed. This winter wear can be worn under armor to provide a layer of protection.

7.    Shamanism

Despite their fondness for modern technology, Garter Folk feel a connection to the earth and world. Witches are quite common within the culture and as a result, often spellcasting is used when technology fails. Continual flame is good when the generator stops. Create Food and water is a wonderful way to make food from nothing in emergencies and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Rainmakers are also incredibly common as when you need to blunt the weather, it is good to call in the experts.

Spring Breaks

With the winter being so harsh, spring is a breath of fresh air. Once it’s been sprung, Garter Folk are in the equivalent of spring break.  It is essentially party time for about a month and expect to see plenty of “snake balls.”  Shortly afterwards, the hatchery fills to capacity.

Locations of Note


Ground Level


Miquelon Lake picture 4.jpg ClearFi  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

1.     Boat Launch

Miquelon is a shrinking lake, but it it has been mitigated by regular rainstorms created by Rainmakers. This is the dock where the Garter Folk go fishing during the summer months.

2.     Beach

Along the edge of the lake is a sandy beach used for entertainment. This is further enhanced by mirrors to give that toasty feel that a cold-blooded creature can enjoy.

3.     Storage Domes and Loading Dock

These dome structures are used for transporting supplies from the surface to the depths of the commune.  Has a receiving elevator for large objects.

The Main Compound

1.     Sheltered Entranceway.

This is the main entrance into the Garter Folk Underground Compound. It has security cameras and a radio for communicating with the outside world.

2.     Spiral ramp.

To get deep into the earth, you need to descend via the ramp. This is a tight fit with a heavy sloping ceiling.

3.     Main Entrance Foyer

This high traffic area where equipment is doffed acting as a real mudroom. It is also separated from the outside tunnels by a set of double doors.

4.     Security Checkpoint

To defend from interlopers, this area is separated by a small hallway where a fence guides the intruder to a place where the door slithered checks their credentials and disarms before they go further.  Usually, a couple of garter folk guards are there with submachine guns in case things go south.

5.     Furnace Room

While they prefer to use natural sources, they keep a wood burning furnace going during the coldest months. It blows balmy air throughout the complex during the winter.

6.     Backup Generator

If anything, really goes wrong, this is an electrical generator ready to be turned on in a moment’s notice. It is used for light and to guide Garter Folk to safety but can be used for survival for about a day.

7.     Earthworm Farm

This composed area contains the preferred meat of the Garter Folk: earthworms. They are grown in a dirt chamber where they are mixed with the waste of the community. It is isolated because it stinks.

8.     Community Hall

This is where most of the population stays during the winter months and is where the Garter Folk go to have their communal meals.

9.     Kitchen

This kitchen is damp and filled with dirt. It contains a wide variety of cooking equipment and is noteworthy for its large pots for cooking in bulk.

10. Nursery

Garter Folk are ovoviviparous and thus carry their eggs to term. This is the medical room where they insure a healthy parent and child. 


This has the feel of a one room school in the depths of the earth. A dozen garter folk and their younglings slither, learn and play here. Straw mattresses cover the floor as well as earthenware bowls and supplies on simple wooden tables are here as well. 


This large communal closet is filled with hooks hanging gear to the ceiling.

13.Meditation Room

This room is filled with incense and cushions. The floors are covered with a rubber raised floor layered with wood as it feels super comfortable.

14.Witches’ Quarters

While Witches mingle with the regular population, they do need some space to perform rituals in private.  This has several bookshelves with assorted variety of creatures in jars and other artifacts.

15.Rainmaker’s Quarters

This location is raised to the surface and has a greenhouse roof. It is so that it can be exposed to the elements in a controlled manner. There are a series of wooden chairs setup in a circle with one big chair in the middle.

16.Bathing Room

This bare flagged room is a sauna filled with hot rocks and indoor plumbing.  This is where about 15 Garter Folk at a time can steam themselves for heat retention.

17.Laundry Room

The alcove has an industrial level washer and dryer as well as several lines for hanging up clothing for pressing.

18.Workshop/Rec Room

This Room has a series of wooden benches and hanging tools for construction purposes.  It also has a gaming console at one end for entertainment during the dark months.

19.Security Room

This room is deep inside the compound and is a series of monitors to check on entrances and to relay information to the observation tower.

20. Sunshine room

This room is a green house built close to the surface and designed as a place for warming up between hibernation periods or when an emergency requires a Garter Folks’ full attention.

21.South Entrance Foyer.

This is the backup emergency exit. The doors are setup with a rudimentary alarm if opened and are only openable from the inside.  

22.Augustana Miquelon Lake Research Station (AMLRS).

This was originally an astronomy post created by the University of Alberta. It is now an observation station maintained by the Garter Folk to spy on their neighbors. It also has been redesigned to be connected to the underground lair. Finally, a turret has been added to allow for defense should observed targets become hostile.



Little Mound on the Prairie - Part 10 - Train to Bruce, son.

Our heroes end up at the Boreal Buccanneers base where they negotiate a ride on a train.  

Then undead show up.

alternative title: Out with the old Bjorn, In with the new Bjorn.

#5e #dungeonsanddragons #apocalypse #drevrpg #pirate #train #undead