Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Current state of Drevrpg 2017

With the request of last years poll, I've been investigating 5e dungeons and dragons and seeing how we can convert it over.

I realise it's a much larger project then anticipated.  It's also why the posting over 2016 has been somewhat scarce.  I think the d20 system has gone as far as it will with what I envision.

I've been doing smaller projects with my good buddy jay to 1. learn how 5e works and 2. to get my name out in other fields.

As a result, I have written a book, "The Saurials of the Lost Vale", that is available on the DM's Guild.

Additionally, my latest dm'sguild project, the Minotaurs of the Stonelands, will be available on Janurary 31st, 2017, on the DM's Guild.

This blog will be, in the future, updated with my other projects as well as DRevrpg related material.  If you miss the posts, check out the other works page on the side of the blog.

I am currently investigating several 5e games, and one in particular, ultramodern 5, which seems to be a near perfect base for my plans.

I will be running a game where I test out the rules with the recent adventure storm giants fury, tentatively titled, storm giants stargate, on twitch channel rpgglory

We are also developing a fluff book for drevrpg, as we believe the world is amazing, and if we decouple it from the d20 system, it allows for us to easily adapt the game to different systems.  Once completed, we will release it as our first product on drivethrurpg, as we believe it will give the best first impression.

If there is anything you want us to work on, or any suggestions on how to continue, you can contact us at drevrpg@gmail.com or on our twitter channel at @drevrpg.

We will keep you posted and would like to thank you for your support. :)

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