Monday, August 5, 2019

Feylin News Network - Part 10

“Hello fine viewers.  It seems there is a new twist in the story. Our Heroes just might have started this whole situation.  We’re now here with a Miss Laura.  If you would just turn around and face the camera young lady; we can shoot without the lights if you want.”

“…It’s Laurain,  L..a..u..r..a..i..n.  Not Laura.  Not Miss.  Not young lady.  And I have no comment.”

“How about for our fashion news? I love your dress Laurain, black is always in style.  Are you scared you it’ll get torn up when you fly around…without wings?  And your makeup is to DIE for, perfect even after battle!  Also you were pretty cool out there, with the wind and lightening, and styling it all.”

“…thank you…the dress is quite old, older than I am in fact.  And no I am not afraid of ripping it while I fly. The winds are my servants.  And yes, I freely admit I am a vampire, it’s not a big deal, ok. So just stop digging.”

“Digging is our Motto at FNN, but fair enough.  What a rare treat, clearly we got a rainmaker here folks…”


“…Windmaker, right, a vampire rainmaker..err..windmaker, who knew?!  So did YOU start this rumble in the jungle, Laurain?  Clearly this place is out of your element.”

#drevrpg #apocalypse #news

“Sigh. Fine.  But it wasn’t it my fault.  It’s never my fault.  It all started when Baldrix and I…”

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