Tuesday, December 17, 2019

What is the Hodgepocalypse?

Somebody recently asked me for more data so I wrote this up as what I see is fundamentally is the Hodgepocalypse experience.

I've always seen the base style of adventures as a hodgepodge of species, classes, and skillsets, going into their group vehicle and going adventuring.

They end up in weird and wacky situations that include, but are not limited to, fighting industrial undead armies, techno-demon capitalists,  jumping through dimensional gauntlets where the laws of physics are dramatically altered and delving into ruins of the world before, some of which has been enchanted from the Times of Revelations.

  • Sometimes the situation requires a sniper rifle.
  • Sometimes the situation requires a fireball.
  • Sometimes it requires a team working together with a crazy plan and pulling it off.

That's why you have your team of misfits because whom else can you trust?

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