Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The Hodpocalypse - Future Adventures.

Here's what I got for ideas for short level adventures. Please contact me to see which adventures interest you the most:
  • The Garrison of Gore: This Strathcan military base is sealed off as there is a shapeshifting art aberration that is trying to get out and unleash its horror onto the land. Hopefully gives off a real John Carpenter's the thing vibe.

  • The Park of Peril: A former national park turned eldritch containment park, our heroes need to stop of a bunch of gremlins from waking up "Baub."

  • Pumping Auto: In the ruins of a car museum, your party has gone on a game show where you need to assemble, race and then fight in an arena with your own cobbled together car.

  • Refinery Rampage: Ed-town makes it's petrochemical products by throwing garbage into a massive tar ooze, but the boreal buccaneers have taken over the place and you need to stop them before the ooze goes on a rampage.

and a bonus one that's more or less done.

  • Welcome to Boxco - Have a Nice day: This adventure takes place in a dimensional gauntlet based on a big box store that's teaming with Corpseman: The industrialized undead.

Follow the Twitter post to cash in your vote.

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