Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Points for the Hodgepocalypse - two options.

I feel the need to break it down and want to know which grabs you more.

1. Simplified Rundown:

  • Combines post apocalyptic grit and high fantasy excitement. 
  • Mechanics that support collaborative story telling. 
  • A fantastic world that players can flesh out and make their own.
  • Highly adaptable to your particular play style. 


2. Anecdotal Rundown:

The Hodgepocalypse takes our crazy imagination and the 5e game engine to make a world that dwells in a post-post-apocalyptic world with magic.

1. The Post-Post Apocalypse of our World:  Our world is ultimately making the ruins of the future that reach deep into the uncanny valley of our familiarity.  Since we started running this game, we have had department stores that are pocket dimensions, Oil refineries that are generate fuel from the byproduct of oozes and run post-apocalyptic full contact hockey games with our system.  Mixing the now with the future allows us to come up with totally unique scenarios. 

2. The Monstrous of Everyday Life:  The Hodgepocalypse prides itself of presenting monsters as people.  We have pushed the boundaries as best we can when it comes to character options.  Besides a wide range of species available, we have species talents that allow options that are thematically appropriate and gives additional options for customization.

3. Crazy Plans and Getting Away with it:  We pride our game in being able to resolve issues in unconventional ways that are a balanced experience.  Our Skill Montage system allows agency to use spells, special abilities in a way to give you a memorial experience. We have done cattle drives, cooking challenges, and giving our games a unique experience.

4. Modern Equipment and Magic:  The equipment is mostly our era with a few crazy twists.  We have shot rocket launchers at flying vampires, ran our SUV into a gargantuan fiery ooze, and used a sniper rifle at giant armored, industrial, militarized undead.  Furthermore, we have Faustian Mechanics, devices that merge the magical and technological.  Even our spellcasters often have a fun twist or two thanks to our spell fluctuation system.

5. Making the Local Special:  One of the goals of this game has always been taking your location on the planet and making it a fun experience.  While much has been done as a world view, the joy of the game is making it your own and presenting it to the world, so it is awesome.  As a proud Albertan, I have fun taking landmarks like the gargantuan egg of Vegreville, the metal mushrooms of Vilna and giving it a tone of its own that is gameable for your fun and mine.  If you ever want to add your own color for a particular area, contact us at drevrpg@gmail.com and we will be more than happy to add its influence on the game.

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