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Hodgepocalypse Africa - Part 2 - Africa in the New Era

ASC Leiden - Rietveld Collection - East Africa 1975 - 05 - 033 - A wall of the ruins of Great Zimbabwe - Masvingo, Zimbabwe.tif., Aart Rietveld collection.,  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

While it’s a huge continent, there are a few things that are deemed universal:

·       Bugs are a fact of life.  Much of the native flora and fauna has been transformed by the experience and are often replaced by an insect equivalent.  It is possible to tame some of the larger more natural bugs as mounts and train them for their own purposes.  Most local inhabitants go on regular bug hunts.

·       Technology is somewhat common.  There were a lot of weapons dumped onto the continent before the Time of Revelations and many of them were reversed engineered over the centuries. 

·       A common transport is a pickup with a heavy machinegun on the back.

Car with machine gun.JPG., Dickelbers.,  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unportedlicense.

·       Magic is also common.  It often is used to fit a niche that cannot be covered by common technology.

·       Psychic powers are uncommon, but usually have a connection to the Void Covenant.  This makes most people wary of psychics.

·       Roads are common.  Not only was a ton of money invested into them just before the Times of Revelations, road bugs are common on the continent and are obsessed with keeping them maintained.

A note about Cultures.

When I originally did this project, I pulled on a ton of culturally specific info.

This time around, I will be minimizing cultural info for the following reasons:

1.                           The Hodgepocalypse– we had a cataclysmic level event that decimated entire tribes and peoples.

2.                           History Transformation – things change over time and people may mix into new social units.

However, what I will add is ways of writing your people into the narrative:

1.                           I’m not specifying which culture King Mbulazi of the Dumisile Empire represents.  It could very well be your people that are his ancestors.

2.                           Likewise with the Brothers of the Blood Sun Kingdom. You could be coming from one of the tribes that sought favor and now hold a relatively prominent position.

3.                           If you’re in an area that is controlled by the Void Covenant, it’s up to you to decide if your people are converted into sect sapiens or are still human.  Additionally, you get to decide if you have joined the void covenant or have become plucky rebels.

4.                           The kingdom of Yala’s Sector head aren’t listed by tribe, but on personality.  Perhaps they are your descendants?

5.                           Your people could be unaligned by any of the kingdoms and have migrated into a new location where you have setup a settlement/migrate with your herd animals of choice (either conventional or something from the Times of Revelations).

6.                           Since this is the future, you could have either yourself or a close personal relative act as a “spirit guide” for your character based on your own experiences.             

Mkuze Ghost Mountain (vicinity) 03.jpg.,  Ad Meskens. full acrediations to him, this is not public domain Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

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