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Hodgepocalypse Africa - Part 9 - Central Africa - Congo's Metal Odyssey


In the wake of an apocalyptic upheaval, the Congo metamorphosed into a mystical realm where ancient energies and remnants of the past entwined with the forces of nature. The once teeming jungle now serves as a battleground for various factions, each vying for control to harness ancient powers for survival, dominance, or restoring balance. Amidst this chaos, a beckoning Metal rush draws adventurers and opportunists into the heart of the mystical Congo. This narrative explores the diverse species, locations, mining zones, creatures, mystical elements, and the gold rush shaping this post-apocalyptic Congo.

The Region's History

The Hodgepocalypse hit this area particularly hard, rendering it depopulated for generations. Repopulation, a recent development, traces back to the discovery of ruins from the pre-apocalyptic city, Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. A group of adventurers stumbled upon these remnants during a plundering expedition, sparking tales of future fame and fortune upon their return to Dakagurre in the west.

The Rise of the Mining Lord

From the remnants of a pre-apocalyptic mining corporation emerged a charismatic and resourceful leader. Recognizing the economic potential, this leader established a powerful mercenary mining corporation, recruiting skilled miners, engineers, and security forces. However, unintended consequences arose as the corporation attracted other potential prospectors seeking wealth and prosperity.

The Awakening of Nexus Points

The influx of people revealed Mystical Nexus Points in the jungle, enhancing metal extraction and granting mystical powers. This revelation transformed the Metal Frenzy into a quest for both material wealth and supernatural dominance, sparking a spiritual awakening among factions.

A Prospector's Daily Odyssey

In the post-apocalyptic Congo, a prospector's average day is a challenging mix of hope and uncertainty. Early morning preparations, equipment checks, jungle treks, mineral detection, mining operations, environmental challenges, and competition with rival factions mark their relentless pursuit of wealth in the mystical jungle.

The Diverse Species of the Region

 Besides humans, both native and invasive, there are several species that have flocked to the region and now call the place home, even if it is for a while.


These goblin like species their resourcefulness have allowed them to establish communities in the challenging environments of the Congo.  They often end up making their own mining cooperatives to ensure they can setup generational wealth.  They also often end up becoming shopkeepers as it is smarter to provide services for greater stability and potential profit.


Cats, being agile and adaptable, might have thrived in the post-apocalyptic landscape. Their psychic abilities have helped them navigate and survive in the changed world.  Both the smaller and larger species have been there so long that they have been effectively native to the area.  They do little mining but are often referred to as unionized ninjas willing to contract out their unique skills.


This is the largest population of Desecrators on the African continent.  Both Harlowe and Verkhail have been brought here using dimensional portals from north America to strip mine the region and bring home the rewards.  They have had relatively limited success, but believe they have the time to eventually control the area.


The Congo's rich ecosystem would be ideal for Froggies, who value individual freedoms and have established decentralized communities in the diverse landscapes of the region.  They have a mining/survivalist existence.  However, as die-hard capitalists, they often are the financiers for adventurers for a cut of the take.


Enigmatic and primal, Creepy and Forest Gnomes, often referred to as Eloko, inhabit the depths of the Congo. These mischievous beings, not particularly fond of miners, revel in playing eerie tricks on unsuspecting intruders. Whispers persist that the Gnomes have lingered in the shadows since times immemorial, their enigmatic presence predating even the cataclysmic events of the Hodgepocalypse.


With their giant stature and fey attributes, Trolletariat have adapted to the Congo's challenges, using their strength for communal projects and resource management in a cooperative, fey-inspired society.  They are a powerful faction as they seem to work for the sake of working and are very frugal, making them killjoys in the region.  They also really don’t like the Mining Lord or the Mining Witch Guild often at odds with both.


Ungo in this region seem to have been the inspiration for the tales of the Agogwe as they most often end up in various shades of red hair.  They are considered native and generally are an obstacle to the miners in the area.  They rely on their knowledge and their spellcasters to even the playing field.

Key Mines and Locations

Abundant minerals like Bauxite, Copper, Diamonds, Cobalt, and more attract diverse species to major mines such as Mbalam Iron Ore Project, Kamoto Copper Mine, Kimberley Diamond Mines, Kibali Gold Mine, Tenke Fungurume Mine, and Katanga Mining Region.  These are interconnected into a massive underground morass that is known as the Equatorial Abyss.

Interaction Points and Conflict Zones

Trading Hub, Mystical Clearing, River Confluence, and Treetop Diplomacy serve as locations for trade, rituals, and conflict resolutions are common in the area. Potential choke points include Communication Stones, Magical Nexus Points, Mountain Passes, Resource Rich Clearings, River Crossings, Swampy Marshlands, and Waterfalls in the surface of the Congo.


Sacred Places


Bwindi Impenetrable Forest (Uganda):

Home to the endangered mountain gorillas, Bwindi Forest is considered a sacred place in local folklore. The ancient trees and diverse wildlife contribute to its mystical aura.

Garamba National Park (Democratic Republic of the Congo):

Garamba National Park, known for its diverse wildlife, is also home to the Garamba Hills, considered sacred by some local communities. The park was a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Now it is a spawning ground for Megafauna.

Irebu (Burundi):

Irebu is a sacred hill in Burundi, believed to be a dwelling place for spirits. It is a site for rituals and ceremonies.

Kahuzi-Biega National Park (Democratic Republic of the Congo):

This former park is renowned for its eastern lowland gorillas. The lush landscapes and biodiversity contribute to the park's significance in the eyes of local communities.  The Gorillas have interbred with Kongs, genetically engineered Kaiju-like super gorillas, and have declared it their own personal domain.

Mosi-oa-Tunya (Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe):

Victoria Falls, known as Mosi-oa-Tunya ("The Smoke that Thunders"), is considered a sacred site by local indigenous groups. The breathtaking waterfall has cultural and spiritual significance.

Mount Elgon (Uganda, Kenya):

Mount Elgon is known for its caves and waterfalls, and it holds cultural importance for local communities. Some believe the mountain is inhabited by spirits, and its slopes are home to diverse flora and fauna.

Mount Cameroon (Cameroon):

Mount Cameroon, an active volcano, is considered sacred in local folklore. It is also a site for cultural ceremonies and rituals.

Ngwo Cave (Cameroon):

Ngwo Cave is a limestone cave with a pool of water inside. Local beliefs consider it a sacred place, and the cave is associated with various myths and rituals.

Virunga Mountains (Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Uganda):

The Virunga Mountains, a chain of volcanoes, are considered a place of spiritual significance. They are associated with various myths and legends, and the endangered mountain gorillas inhabit the dense forests on their slopes.


Potential Dangers

Disease, environmental hazards, jungle plants and toxins, mystical entities, predatory wildlife, and mythological creatures like Abada, Anansi, Djun, Elepharian, Glowing Crest Cobra, Kishi, Kongamato, Mbwiri, Ninki Nanka, Obambo, Ngoubou, Primals, Razor Bats and Simbi add layers of peril.

In this post-apocalyptic Congo, the quest for wealth intertwines with dangers, alliances, and supernatural forces, creating a captivating narrative of survival and exploration.

Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo

Pointe-Noire, nestled along the coastal fringes, has transformed into a bustling mining and trading hub reminiscent of the Klondike Gold Rush era. Here, prospectors, merchants, and adventurers converge, drawn by the promise of untold riches unearthed from the Hodgepocalypse-ravaged lands.

Wealth at the Crossroads

The city stands at the crossroads of numerous trade routes, each carrying the spoils of mining expeditions. Merchants barter precious ores, magical gems, and enchanted artifacts in the bustling market squares, creating an atmosphere charged with the anticipation of striking it rich.

Neutral Ground for Claimants

Pointe-Noire prides itself on being neutral territory amidst the frenzied race for mining claims. The city's council, comprised of representatives from competing factions and species, diligently maintains order, ensuring fair claim disputes and preventing mining-related conflicts.

Cultural Exchange Amidst Gold Rush Fever

The Klondike fever extends beyond gold and other metals to a cultural exchange fueled by shared dreams of prosperity. Saloons resonate with stories of legendary strikes, and miners from diverse backgrounds mingle, their tales weaving a rich tapestry of cultural diversity amid the clangor of pickaxes.

Areas of Note:

Miner's Quarters and Watering Holes

The waterfront district, once bustling with ships, now caters to miners seeking respite from the arduous work. Inns and watering holes along the shoreline echo with tales of extraordinary finds and close encounters with magical phenomena, creating a camaraderie forged in the crucible of shared challenges.

Plot Hook: In the Miner's Quarters, "Lucky" Lorraine entices miners with tales of a luminous crystal mine, rumored to hold the key to understanding the Hodgepocalypse's mysteries, but spectral guardians and forgotten enchantments guard its secrets.

Mining Consortium Headquarters

At the heart of Pointe-Noire lies the Mining Consortium Headquarters, where mining guilds and prospecting companies operate. Miners gather here for contracts, equipment, and to form temporary alliances, transforming the district into a hub of strategic planning and shared resource management.  This is where the Mining Lords Shows his presence and acts as a castle for the region.          

Plot Hook: The Mining Lords grapple with magical disturbances, prompting a hired group of miners to uncover the truth behind the increase in supernatural activity,

Mining Witches Guild

Pointe-Noire is home to the Mining Witches guild, where spellcasters craft magical pickaxes, lanterns that reveal hidden veins, and charms that protect against mystical dangers. Miners frequent this district, seeking both practical enchantments and charms rumored to bring luck.  They also hire out their members for a cut of the profits.

Plot Hook: Jua Mchimbaji, a crazy old Mining Witch with a twinkle in her eye hires the adventures to join her to discover the secrets of the "Golden Aurora," a forgotten mine that holds the promise of both precious ore and the echoes of a bygone era's enchantments, but keeps warning about the bauxite creeper.  Wonder what that means.

Prospector's Guild Hall


The Prospector's Guild Hall serves as a focal point for independent miners and freelancers. Here, maps are shared, rumors exchanged, and partnerships forged. The guild hall buzzes with activity as prospectors plan their next foray into the unpredictable territories of the Hodgepocalypse-ravaged lands.

Plot Hook: Heated disputes arise over the ownership of a particularly lucrative mining claim, threatening to fracture the guild, but the true challenge lies in uncovering the mysterious source of a powerful enchantment influencing the miners' territorial disputes.

Legacy Mines and Tunnels

Scattered throughout Pointe-Noire are entrances to legacy mines and tunnels from the pre-Hodgepocalypse era. These sites, now deemed dangerous or abandoned, attract daring adventurers seeking forgotten treasures or investigating the mystical anomalies that linger in the depths of the earth.

Next Time:  The Equatorial Abyss.  The African Underdark!

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