Tuesday, February 3, 2015

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The books have been updated with feedback from our game testers.  See the changelog for a list of updates.

Additionally, my Co-writer, Jason Cable Hall, wanted to give his two cents on frequently asked questions, so here they are:

Jay says, whom is DRev for?

DRev is for player’s who like the modern post apocalypse setting, but whom really want everything from it.  Want the option to have a serious or zany campaign?  Want to explore a strange new Earth?  Do you have a deep and tactical play style?  Want a new spin on classic fantasy character races, plus numerous new ones? Do you like having character customization with thousands of combinations of powers and abilities?    Want d20 that you know, yet different?  We have it all for you.

Jay says, why d20?

Why d20?
When DRev first started development, d20 was really the only game around.  Most of the indie games you see nowadays had yet to get their wings.  We were familiar with d20, the OGL was inviting, and it seemed like trend that wasn’t stopping anytime soon, so went with it.  What happened is that we found numerous breaks in the d20 SRD we wanted to try to fix and really wanted to shape the system into something of our own.   Unfortunately what happened was real life circumstance out of our control slowed production to a crawl.  And as times changed and the d20 era began to wane and we knew we’d miss the boat.  But after so much work, we soldier on. 

Jay says, why so much stuff!

Why does DRev seen to have no consistent theme, why is there so much stuff in it!

Certainly DRev is not a simulation of the real world in any way.  But we like the idea of echoing it.   We are surrounded by serious and often horrific things all the time.  Yet, we are also surrounded by comedic and sometimes strange occurrences that tickle our funny bone or make us think.  There is no one theme to life, there are many. That is the one part of the real world we really wanted to bring into DRev.  If players want to go gritty realism or zany hijinks we have no objection. Our world is big enough for both.  We highly encourage GM’s and players to work together to explore the world, pick what they like, adding as much as you want of your own ideas.  We would love to see new content that we could integrate into our world.

The hodgepocalypse is a melting pot of ideas and we freely admit to throwing everything in the blender.  Part of the fun is picking what you want from the mix and using it based on your taste, or going nuts and drink the whole thing up like we did.  That’s part of roleplaying in our system.    From a gaming world perspective, of course everything is crazy and mixed up. That’s what happens when multiple dimensions collapse on each other and when what we thought was myth comes to life.  As a character in our world it’s ok to be terrified and amused when facing a giant sunflower trying to eat you, or philosophizing  just how often reality gets close to tearing itself into utter destruction. 

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