Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Monster Spotlight - The Corpsemen

By C. N. Constantin

Without a doubt the big bad of North America is the Fallen Lords. I made them such because of three words: necromancy industrial complex.

This is why the backdrop of the Necromancer Wars is the overall theme of North America.  It allows for the seeding of its aftereffects to generate plot hooks and adventures.   While the majority of the war occurred in what was known as the Midwest United States, the nature of the enemy means they could "recruit" anywhere on the continent.

Worse, most are either mindless or fanatical.

They can't be reasoned with...or at least they couldn't until recently. Ever since the end of the necromancer wars, the undead legions have gained more free will over time.  Sadly this usually means they have been seduced by their darker nature.

The Corpseman are these undead forces have retained most of their discipline and they're usually a merger of undead and machine.

Death and Industry:

Most of the Corpseman are created, not raised.  While necromancy is most certainly involved.  They are created in dark factories and often bolted together on an assembly line.  This is often accompanied with dark choking smoke that blocks out the sun.

Since the Necromantic wars ended, most of the factories are now dormant, but smaller factories are now hidden in plain sight and are often difficult to track down.


The following are a frame of reference when compared to its military equivalent:

Airforce: Bloat Corpses, Parameat
Armor: Groundpounder
Black ops:  Ash Ghosts, Spooks
Cavalry: Skuttler
Dog Pack: Skelepack
Infantry:  Flesh Eaters, None Comissioned Dead (NCDs), Recruits, Suction Ghouls
Medic: Sawbones
Obstacles: Bone Mines
Officers: Brigadier, Lieutenant, Skull of Arms
Scouts: Crawling Claws, Skuttler

Additional Reading:

The following are exerts from the Dark Revelations – the Role Playing Game:

The Aftermath of the Necromantic Wars, Dark Revelations - The Role Playing Game – Player’s guide – page 3
Corpseman Monster Entry - Dark Revelations - The Role Playing Game - Book of Danger and Monster Manual - pages 38-65
New Beckford (a town built in the aftermath of the necromantic wars) – Dark Revelations - The Role Playing Game - Book of Adventure  – page 214-232
Revisiting the Key Regions – The Moundlands – Dark Revelations - The Role Playing Game - Book of Adventure – page 203

Inspirations to Draw on:

Note: Feel free to recommend other ones in the comments.  This list will grow over time. .
Army of Darkness (movie)
Skeleton Warriors (cartoon)

One last thought:

When in doubt, watch a war movie you like, now replace the enemy with necromancer undead.  The Campaign writes itself. :)

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