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Jay's Builds for DRev, ST. Paddy’s Special

So you want to build a leprechaun for the big day!  In DRev you certainly can do this with a bit of character reskinning and imagination.  First I need to point, there’s no race here, only a build, because Gnomes easily fill the role as these small somewhat tricky fey.  So we need to ask what kinds of powers do leprechauns’ possess.  Well they are clearly hard to catch, most likely are able to teleport, and of course protecting their gold.  So a spell casting class is clearly in order.  I like the idea that many of their powers are farcical in nature (inspired by a certain commercial icon), thus illusions should be a big part of their power set.  Some tales have them as cobblers, so perhaps some tinkering or sabotage is in order.  One could justify a leprechaun as a Faustian Mechanic, but I’ll make them Magisters to maximize their spell casting ability.

All features are from the DRev Book of Magic, unless designated with * (DRev Player’s Guide) or ** (DRev Book of Adventure)

Your cool title/quote:  Leprechaun “Go away! I’m not giving you my gold!”
Race: Gnome  (Intelligence selected as ability)
Class/Path:  Ritualist/Magister
Your Role: You are a master of low level illusions and a variety of utility spells.  You are tiny sized which allows to you get in and out of trouble quickly, and quite tough to catch.

Ability Array (including  Gnome starting adjustment): Str 10, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 17, Wis 12, Cha 13
Ability Increases over time:  At level 4 increase Int by +1 (18) and Cha +1 (14); level 8, Dex +2 (16); level 12, Dex +2 (18); level 16, Int+2 (20); level 20, Int+2 (22)

Skills:  Spread out ranks among Knowledge skills.  Take a few ranks in Sabotage and Tinkering to round out the trope that leprechauns are cobblers or trouble makers.

Level 1 (including racial and class/path):  Talents: Fey Flesh (Fey racial talent), Dream Cantrips-Gnomish (Dream Cantrip racial talent), Fey Flesh-Lucky (Fey racial talent).  Feats:  Scribe Scroll, Dabbler (spell: Guidance, Prestidigitation, Minor Resistance).  Spells:  level-0: Change Aura, Cure Minor Wounds, Cyan Trinkets, Message; level-1: Disguise Self, Force Bind.

Level 2:  Feat:  Dabbling-More (spell: Image-Silent).  Spells:  level-0: Daze;  level-1: Magic Missile.
Level 3:  Talent:  Twinkle Toes (Fey Racial Talent).  Spells:  level-0: Create Water;  level-1: Shield;  level-2: Cyan Line Blast, Invisibility.
Level 4:  Feat:  Dabbling-More (spell: Image-Minor).  Spells:  level-0: Detect Magic;  level-1: Identify, Dispel Magic-Counterspelling;  level-2: See Invisibility.
Level 5:  Talent:  Twinkle Toes-Improved (Fey Racial Talent).  Spells: level-3: Hold Creature, Mage Hand-Greater.
Level 6:  Feat:  Dabbling-More (spell: Image-Major).  Spells: level-1: Faerie Light; level-2: Cure Moderate Wounds, Spider Climb; level-3: Cyan Shards of Force
Level 7:  Talent:  Fey Port (Fey Racial Talent).  Spells: level-4: See Invisibility-Mass,  Invisibility-Greater. 
Level 8:  Feat:  Dabbling-More (spell: Imbue with Arcane Power); Spells: level-2: Detect Thoughts; Spells: level-3: Gaseous Form, Arcane Sight; level-4:  Resilient Sphere
Level 9:  Talent:  Slighter Build (Shrinking racial talent).  Spells: level-5:  Dispel Magic-Greater, Dominate Person
Level 10:  Feat: Dabbling-More (spell: Phantasmal Slayer).  Spells: level-3: Cure Serious Wounds;  level-4: Dimension Port, Holo Warrior;  level-5: Mislead
Level 11:  Talent:  Tiny Build (Shrinking racial talent).  Spells: level-6: Goad, Illusionary Awesomeness

Recommended Equipment:
>>You will need to minimize the weight you are carrying. 
>> A sling of infinite shots (TIER item) is great to supplement your ranged attack capabilities.
>>A Darkwood club could easily represent your shillelagh, though maybe a bit too large for you.   You’ll have to focus on tiny or small weapons due to your size.
>>Take a small bag of holding or the new equipment below to represent where you keep your money.
>>Green cloth armor for your leprechaun suit, with a head slot item fetish for you head
>>Take the Rings of Illusion mystic charm (TIER item) to help modify the number of illusions you have.

Power Reskinning:  Spells like Magic Missile, Cyan Line Blast, Cyan Shards of Force can be reskinned to look like rainbow powers.   Illusions seem to form out of multi-colored light that bend into the form you dictate. 

Playing your character (feat and talent break down)
A number of Fey racial talents are gained early on to improved your defenses, and to gain Fey Port as early as possible to supplement your slow ground speed.  At higher levels, you become tiny sized further enhancing your ability to avoid being attacked or attracting attention.  While tiny you can share a square with an ally, thus you may choose fight behind another long range attacker.  You use your numerous illusions to distract enemies to support your allies in combat from afar or out of combat for protecting your encampment or home base.  You have a few key low-level force spells, such as magic missile, that you use frequently to take down enemies at range.  You try to avoid melee combat whenever possible and remain unseen. 

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