Friday, January 15, 2016

Dark Revelations - Poll Results and additional querries.

Thanks all for all those that voted. :)

what I'm getting from the feedback is the following priorities for future material

1. Dark Revelations - The Role Playing Game - starter set
2. Dark Revelations Africa
3. Playground Follies (a new project)
4. Any new Blog postings (at most 1-2 month)

When I do a blog entry, it should be split amongst the following categories.

  • Random Tables of Plot Hooks
  • Relic Roadshows
  • Rules Spotlights

Of course, with the 5e srd dropping, it pretty much changed my info.

So I need to ask the following two part poll

Namely whether to do the starter set for ogl or for 5e.

The pros of ogl
1. The material already done - just needs to be truncated for ease of use.
2. I am way more familiar with the material.

The pros of 5e.
1. It is just released.
2. It has a more active fan base

Realize that the 5e version, if selected, will be more of an exploratory paper and will take more time.

Thank you all. :)

What Type of Starter Set?


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  1. Illness?! It's sad to know that. My brother was really anticipating the game's release. He will be so disappointed to know this! Hope it comes out soon.


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