Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Feylin News Network - Part 3

So can we go into the ruins yet???

No Walt, not yet. There is still some stuff to see out here. The mystery is perplexing and part of the fun.

Yes, indeed, mysterious ooze, fun. I see…not very shiny though.  On a more personal note how do you feel being…well…you know…a stranger on this planet?

Stranger is a relative term.  I’d be lying if I said it has not been difficult dealing with some these self-entitled apes at some points in my life. But some of my best friends are a bit ape-ish! <suppressed giggle> Forgive my jovial nature, I jest of course.

Yes…ha ha… wait, Apes?

Homo Sapiens, the DPP is in particular a hassle.  Being from the Rock I have fewer issues there, they are much more open.  The trick is to not overstay your welcome when abroad.   However, it is always good to have some rudimentary self defense. <taps on rather large pistol hanging from her belt>

<whispering under breath:  I like humans> Well it’s getting late Ms. Stonesworth, but we’ll stick around for a while more, but time for another commercial… actually time to change our batteries….

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