Thursday, June 6, 2019

Feylin News Network - Part 4

Hello, this is Walt, and I’m still on site with Rebecca Stonesworth.  So… Ms. Stonesworth, how did you ended up on this world?  I myself just woke up in an old T.V. studio, hence my career choice!

I was born in Tristam’s Bay so the question is probably best directed at my parents.  They said something about coming through a portal when their homeworld was fracturing during a period of earthquakes and volcanos.  It apparently required a lot of wandering before they were able to settle on the Rock.

Is hard fitting in as a Medusa?  I mean everyone loves me! I’m a Feylin!

Well the trick is to do as much social research as possible before going somewhere.  This is can be quite challenging with the lack of information, but that is part of the job.  When I know I am going to end up somewhere less receptive or somewhere I suspect is dangerous, I’ll wear a Niqāb to avoid having the locals see “the girls.”

Girls….you mean your snake hair right?  There’s something we can talk about!  I think they are sooooo cute!

Thank you Walt, they are easy-care and give me superior vision.

Can I touch them?

That’s not really…

<Swearing off screen>
<quick cut to commercial>

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