Monday, November 11, 2019

Regional Sourcebooks for the Hodgpocalypse

These are ideas I've had for a while and testing out 4 elevator speeches with the following poll.


A comprehensive break down of the African Continent in the Post-Post Apocalyptic world
- The Void Covenant, an insect sentient hive species threatens the entire continent.
- Dakaguére - a massive city ruled by a mutant king.
- New Monsters and new tweaks on more traditional ones.

The Beaver Hills

The Beaver Hills is a location in what was once central Alberta is now a relic of the past and hopes for the future.
- The Great Mall at the edge of the city: an automated dystopia.
- The Eltrich park where it's the remains of a national park contains what should be kept sleeping.
- former military bases possessed by art aberrations, a transdimensional big box store and set pieces for your own post-apocalyptic adventure

The Rock

The Rock, which was once Newfoundland is now a place of magic where spellcasting fraternities vie for dominance.
- The Fraternities, their secrets, and their spells.
- magical islands where experiments have gone awry.
- an adventure that delves into the dimensional gauntlets that they call home.

South America

During the Hodgepocalypse, dinosaurs invaded South America and it changed the feel of the continent forever.
- Dinosaurs being herded by power armored cowboys
- The Terrorsaurs - demonic dinosaurs from the depths of the hallowed world.
- the Gazebo - the sandbox city at the mouth of the Amazon.

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