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Hodgepocalypse Africa - Part 5 - Duat - Part 1 Overview


    One of the oldest places civilizations on the planet has reinvented itself once again.  The Hodgepocalypse has reformed the lands of Egypt where techno-wizardry and mysticism coexist with advanced technology.  It's loosely united under Faustian Mechanical AI overlords, with factions squabbling for power and control over resources.  As long as it stays defused, it will be helpless against the onslaught of the Void Covenant.

    Historical events of note.

    The Reawakening of Ancient Magic:

    A rediscovery of ancient Egyptian mysticism and rituals have occurred, leading to a resurgence of magical practices among the inhabitants of Duat. This reawakening  have been catalyzed by the Hodgepocalypse itself, as people sought to reconnect with their heritage for survival.

    The Emergence of AI Collectives:

    AI collectives  have formed as survivors tried to preserve their digital consciousness after the Hodgepocalypse. These collectives  now hold immense power and influence over the people of Duat.

    Technological Advancements in Alexandria:

    Alexandria, as a hub of technological innovation, have played a key role in advancing Ankh-Tech, harnessing the power of the Ankh Energy, and contributing to the development of AI-driven systems.

    Environmental Reconfiguration of the Nile:

    Due to the impact of the Hodgepocalypse, the Nile River  have undergone extensive environmental reconfiguration to ensure its continued flow. This have introduced new challenges and opportunities for the people of Duat.

    Discovery of Lost Ankh-Tech:

    Archaeological expeditions and exploration of ancient tombs  have led to the discovery of powerful Ankh-Tech artifacts, fueling the technological and mystical advancements in Duat.

    The Formation of Technomantic Orders:

    Orders and secret societies specializing in technomancy have been established, with a focus on manipulating Ankh Energy, hieroglyphic codes, and Ankh-Tech for various purposes.

    The Threat of the Void Covenant:

    The Void Covenant's first incursion have taken place shortly after the Hodgepocalypse, prompting the people of Duat to develop defenses and countermeasures against this formidable adversary.

    Government and Power Dynamics:

    The governing power in Duat is decentralized, with factions controlling various regions. Abydos Arcology, the largest, is at the center of power. Neo-Pharaohs who are the mouthpiece of the AI Gods rule over regions, harnessing techno-magic and AI. Political intrigue, alliances, and rivalries shape the political landscape.  They promise eternal life, by being digitized in the afterlife to be added into the consciousness of the AI and become part of something greater: 

    1.       Abydos Arcology: The largest and most technologically advanced faction, controlling the central region around Abydos. Their territory includes the sprawling arcology and key access points to the digital afterlife.  The AI complex of pyramids and Faustian Mechanics has declared itself Ra  It is a place that is associated with the sun, power, and creation aligns with Abydos Arcology's central authority and technological prowess.

    2.       The Nile Consortium: A faction dominating the Nile River and its resources, with territory stretching along the riverbanks. They control the river's trade routes and environmental systems.  The Faustian Mechanical AI associated with this lifeline is that of Sobek, the Crocodile God, whom insists in such branding to show it’s loyalty.

    3.       Luxor Enclave: Located in the Luxor region, this faction governs the ancient temples and artifacts, guarding valuable archaeological sites and mystical knowledge. The Faustian AI of Thoth, the God of Wisdom resides over this area.

    Conflict between the Three.

                  These three Faustian AI Complexes are feuding constantly.  They treat the rest of the country as a massive MOBA where they via for control of territory.  As a result, most villages are built with obelisk transmitters that, when taken over, allow the AI to assert direct control of the fundamentals of life.  As a result, adventurers are often hired to take over such locations and turn the local “house god” AI into a loyal minion of one of the three.

    Other Factions

                  While the three wield the most power in Duat, they are not the only players within this troubled land.

    1.       Alexandrian Technocrats: Based in Alexandria, they focus on technological advancements and digital libraries. Their territory includes the city and its surrounding areas.  They are on the forefront of Faustian Mechanical Technology and innovation.  While it is associated with the god Ptah, it is considered a distant god that does not interfere.  This also includes diving into the depths on the ruins underneath which often require adventurers to reclaim lost technology.

    2.       Siwa Oracle Order: The Siwa Oasis is the stronghold of this mystical faction, emphasizing ancient rituals and prophetic insights. They control the oasis and its secrets.  The order is associated with Amun, a relatively minor Faustian AI who acts as protectors of the Siwa Oasis and oracles.  They use their skills in prophecy for leverage in various conflicts.

    3.       Ankh-Energy Nomads: Nomadic groups roam the desert areas between factions, harnessing Ankh Energy and exploring the ancient tombs and forgotten secrets of Duat.  They use Hathor as their guide throughout the Red Earth region, but also pay respect to Set to avoid it’s wrath. 

    4.       Void Seekers: The impending threat of the Void Covenant has not gone unnoticed.  The secret society known as the Void Seekers is an underground faction dedicated to combating the Void Covenant, operating covertly across the entire Duat region, gathering intelligence and seeking allies.  

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