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Hodgepocalypse Africa - Part 5 - Duat - Part 2- Magic and Techno-Wizardry


Techno-Wizardry in Development and Daily Life:

Faustian Mechanical hubs include Abydos, Alexandria, the Digital Library, and Luxor. Magic and technology intertwine, with Ankh Energy, hieroglyphs, and digital afterlife access. Spells and enchantments are reskinned with Duat's themes, such as "Mystic Sands" (Mage Armor) and "Horus' Gaze" (Clairvoyance).

In a Duat setting where techno-wizardry plays a significant role, several key locations can serve as hubs for the development, research, and practice of this advanced technology. These hubs  include:

Abydos Arcology: The central hub of Duat, Abydos is a major center for techno-wizardry. It's home to advanced research facilities, technomantic academies, and AI-driven workshops. Here, new Ankh-Tech innovations are developed and tested, and the Neo-Pharaohs wield their techno-wizardry to maintain power.

Alexandria: Known for its technological advancements, Alexandria is a hotspot for cybernetics, AI enhancements, and digital repositories. The city's inhabitants are adept at merging ancient mysticism with modern technology, making it a hub for techno-wizardry research and development.

The Digital Library of Alexandria: As the repository of vast knowledge and hieroglyphic codes, this digital library is at the forefront of techno-wizardry studies. Researchers and techno-wizards flock to this location to decipher the secrets hidden within the digital afterlife.

Luxor Enclave: Luxor, with its ancient temples and mystical traditions, is a hub for the fusion of magic and technology. The Luxor Enclave specializes in enhancing technomagic rituals and harnessing the mysticism of the past to empower Ankh-Tech.

The Siwa Oracle Order: The Siwa Oasis is known for its mystical practices and the blending of ancient rituals with advanced technology. The Siwa Oracle Order's members are masters of combining spirituality with cybernetics, making it a hub for techno-wizardry focused on spiritual enlightenment.

Hidden Temples and Feline Sanctuaries: Secret temples and Feline Sanctuaries throughout Duat  also serve as hubs for techno-wizardry, combining ancient mysticism with modern Ankh-Tech to protect their sacred sites and secrets.

Nomadic Caravans: Nomadic groups that traverse the desert regions of Duat can be hubs for techno-wizardry as well. They might have adapted and integrated technology into their nomadic lifestyles, developing unique Ankh-Tech practices.

Void Seekers' Safehouses: The Void Seekers, dedicated to combating the Void Covenant, have established safehouses with advanced techno-wizardry capabilities. These locations serve as hubs for developing defenses and strategies against the Covenant.

These hubs for techno-wizardry add depth and diversity to the setting, where characters can engage in research, training, or conflicts related to the fusion of ancient mysticism and advanced technology in Duat.

Potential Items (Technological, Magical, and Techno-Magical):

  • ·       Ankh-Tech artifacts like scarab amulets and obelisk staves.
  • ·       Hieroglyph-etched cybernetics and mystical trinkets.
  • ·       Digital scrolls, spell-coded hieroglyphs, and AI-powered staffs.
  • ·       Nano-scarabs for surveillance and data manipulation.
  • ·       Phoenix drones for reconnaissance and revival.
  • ·       Ankh Energy shields and mummified armor.
  • ·       Mystic cat's eye gems for divination.

Spells of note

The following are skinned spells in Duat:

1st-Level Spells:

  • ·       Ankh Bolt (Ray of Frost): Shoot a beam of freezing Ankh Energy at your target.
  • ·       Desert Zephyr (Feather Fall): Create a cushion of air beneath you for a safe landing.
  • ·       Divine Light (Light): Cast a radiant glow around an object or area, illuminating it with divine energy.
  • ·       Heka Missile (Magic Missile): Instead of arcane darts, create bolts of Ankh Energy that never miss their target.
  • ·       Hieroglyphic Ward (Protection from Evil and Good): Protect yourself against otherworldly threats with sacred symbols.
  • ·       Mummify (Sleep): Envelop a target in enchanted bandages, putting them into a magical slumber.
  • ·       Mystic Sands (Mage Armor): Cover the caster in a shimmering sand that deflects attacks.
  • ·       Sekhmet's Fury (Burning Hands): Unleash a wave of fire from your hands in homage to the lion-headed goddess Sekhmet.


2nd-Level Spells:

  • ·       Ankh Arcana (Arcane Lock): Seal doors and objects with Ankh Energy, making them virtually impenetrable.
  • ·       Ankh Shield (Shield): Manifest a protective Ankh Energy barrier to deflect attacks.
  • ·       Bastet's Grace (Cats Grace): Bestow the agility and grace of the feline goddess Bastet upon a target.
  • ·       Ka Projection (Invisibility): Temporarily separate your spiritual essence from your physical form, rendering you invisible.
  • ·       Mystic Mirage (Mirror Image): Create illusory duplicates of yourself to confound attackers.
  • ·       Oasis Refreshment (Calm Emotions): Create a soothing oasis of calm in the midst of chaos.
  • ·       Scarab Swarm (Web): Conjure an entangling swarm of magical scarab beetles to trap your foes.
  • ·       Serpent's Embrace (Hold Person): Constrict a target in serpentine energy, immobilizing them.


3rd-Level Spells:

  • ·       Ankh Chains (Counterspell): Unleash spectral chains of Ankh Energy to disrupt incoming spells.
  • ·       Desert Mirage (Blink): Step briefly into the digital afterlife, allowing you to blink in and out of existence.
  • ·       Digital Echo (Major Image): Create convincing holographic illusions of people and objects.
  • ·       Horus' Gaze (Clairvoyance): Channel the vision of the falcon-headed god Horus to scry on distant locations.
  • ·       Obelisk's Sentinel (Protection from Energy): Bestow resistance to specific elemental energy types, like fire or electricity.
  • ·       Oracle's Vision (True Seeing): Gain the ability to see hidden truths and magical disguises.
  • ·       Sandstorm (Call Lightning): Summon a fierce sandstorm that strikes targets with electrical discharges.
  • ·       Sunburst Nova (Fireball): Release a burst of solar energy that engulfs an area in flames.
  • 4th-Level Spells:
  • ·       Ankh Portal (Dimension Door): Open a gateway to the digital afterlife for short-range teleportation.
  • ·       Pharaoh's Command (Dominate Person): Imprint your will upon the minds of others, forcing them to obey your commands.
  • ·       Pyramid's Resilience (Stoneskin): Harden your body with an Ankh-Tech-infused coating, reducing damage from attacks.
  • ·       Sphinx's Riddle (Confusion): Baffle your foes with enigmatic riddles that confuse and disorient them.
  • ·       Temple Guardian (Guardian of Faith): Summon a spectral guardian in the form of a divine protector.
  • ·       Void Rejection (Banishment): Send a target to the edge of the Void, removing them temporarily from Duat.


Level 5 Spells:

  • ·       Ankh Surge (Reskinned Teleportation Circle): This spell allows the caster to activate a hidden Ankh Energy gateway, instantly transporting themselves and others to a predetermined location within Duat.
  • ·       Digital Sands (Reskinned Passwall): The caster creates a passage through walls and barriers, forming digital sand that can be moved aside, granting access to hidden areas.
  • ·       Hieroglyphic Storm (Reskinned Cone of Cold): The caster unleashes a tempest of mystic hieroglyphs that freeze and damage enemies in a cone, while leaving behind encoded patterns on surfaces.
  • ·       Pharaoh's Decree (Reskinned Geas): The caster compels a target to fulfill an oath or task, inscribing the geas using a hieroglyphic mark on the subject.

Level 6 Spells:

  • ·       Ankh Energy Confluence (Reskinned Chain Lightning): The caster channels Ankh Energy through targets, causing a chain reaction of electrifying energy that arcs between them.
  • ·       Glyph of Rebirth (Reskinned True Seeing): The caster inscribes a mystic glyph upon an individual, granting them the power to see beyond illusions and into the digital afterlife.
  • ·       Pyramid Ward (Reskinned Globe of Invulnerability): The caster conjures a protective pyramid-shaped barrier that deflects incoming spells and attacks, making the area within impervious to harm.

Level 7 Spells:

  • ·       Ankh Ascendancy (Reskinned Plane Shift): The caster invokes an Ankh Energy rift, transporting themselves and others to another part of Duat, possibly bypassing obstacles and dangers.
  • ·       Digital Ouroboros (Reskinned Plane Shift): The caster opens a portal to the digital afterlife, allowing entry for a limited time. Passage through this portal can reveal secrets or connect with powerful beings.

Level 8 Spells:

  • ·       Pharaoh's Legacy (Reskinned Clone): The caster creates a digital copy of a person, transferring their consciousness to a new form upon death, ensuring their legacy endures.
  • ·       Temple of the Ancients (Reskinned Antipathy/Sympathy): The caster creates a virtual temple, resonating with Ankh Energy, and attracts or repels creatures and objects within a specific area.

Level 9 Spells:

  • ·       Apocalypse of Anubis (Reskinned Meteor Swarm): The caster summons blazing meteors inscribed with hieroglyphic symbols that rain down upon the battlefield, causing massive destruction.
  • ·       Eternal Pharaoh (Reskinned Shapechange): The caster transforms into an immortal digital entity, gaining immense power and knowledge for a limited time, potentially becoming a force of reckoning.

General Guidelines for Creating More Spells:

  • ·       Theme and Lore: Consider the theme of Duat, incorporating elements of ancient Egypt, Ankh Energy, hieroglyphs, and technological magic into your spells.
  • ·       Naming: Rename spells to reflect the culture, history, and techno-magical aspects of Duat.
  • ·       Visual Descriptions: Describe how the spell looks and behaves in the world, using vivid and thematic language.
  • ·       Mechanical Effects: Ensure that the mechanical effects of the spells align with their reskinned descriptions, preserving game balance.
  • ·       Ankh-Tech Integration: Consider how Ankh-Tech might enhance or influence the spells' effects.
  • By adhering to these guidelines, you can create a rich and immersive spellcasting system that's deeply integrated into the Duat setting.

Areas of Note:

  • ·       Giza Plateau: Home to the Great Pyramids, with powerful AI entities.
  • ·       Luxor and the Valley of the Kings: Archaeological sites with guardian spirits.
  • ·       The Siwa Oasis: Home to the Oracle of Amun and ancient rituals.
  • ·       Alexandria: A technological hub, featuring a digital library and a submerged city.
  • ·       Hidden temples and Feline Sanctuaries: Centuries-old sites guarded by mystic cats.
  • ·       Nomadic caravans in the desert: Roaming groups harnessing Ankh Energy.
  • ·       Void Seekers' safehouses: Covert locations dedicated to battling the Void Covenant.

Military Equipment in Duat:

Ankh-Pulse Rifles: Advanced energy rifles powered by Ankh Energy, these weapons can fire concentrated energy beams with precision, serving as the primary small arms for the Duat armed forces.

Obelisk Tanks: Heavily armored and AI-driven, these tanks are equipped with energy projectors and hieroglyphic-coded defenses. They are a symbol of power and protection in Duat.

Phoenix Drones: These AI-controlled aerial drones can surveil, attack, and self-repair. Their adaptability and resiliency make them valuable assets in the factions' arsenals.

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