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Hodgepocalypse Africa - Part 5 - Duat - Part 3 - Military, Species and Classes


Military Equipment in Duat:

Ankh-Pulse Rifles: Advanced energy rifles powered by Ankh Energy, these weapons can fire concentrated energy beams with precision, serving as the primary small arms for the Duat armed forces.

Obelisk Tanks: Heavily armored and AI-driven, these tanks are equipped with energy projectors and hieroglyphic-coded defenses. They are a symbol of power and protection in Duat.

Phoenix Drones: These AI-controlled aerial drones can surveil, attack, and self-repair. Their adaptability and resiliency make them valuable assets in the factions' arsenals.

5-Step Doctrine Based on Modern Egyptian Army Tactics:

·       Step 1: Reconnaissance and Intelligence Gathering: Gather information on enemy positions and intentions using digital afterlife access, AI drones, and mystical divination.

·       Step 2: Flexible Defense and Positioning: Utilize Obelisk Tanks and Ankh Energy shields for defense, creating adaptable, fortified positions to protect key locations.

·       Step 3: Combined Arms Warfare: Integrate infantry with Ankh-Pulse Rifles, Obelisk Tanks, and Phoenix Drones for coordinated offensives and defenses, leveraging both technological and mystical elements.

·       Step 4: Hieroglyphic Coded Communications: Use hieroglyphic-coded messages to communicate securely, avoiding electronic warfare vulnerabilities.

Step 5: Ankh-Energy Suppression: Deploy techno-wizardry and AI-driven systems to disrupt enemy Ankh Energy sources, weakening their capabilities.

common other tactics:

  • Utilization of advanced technology and AI in warfare.
  •  Cybernetically enhanced special forces units.
  • Technological intelligence warfare and cyber-espionage.
  •  Development of digital countermeasures to defend against enemy cyberattacks.

Duat Armed Forces strategies:

Abydos Arcology:

·       Dominance in Ankh Energy technology and hieroglyphic coding.
·       Integration of AI-driven war machines into their military.
·       Abydos-trained elite soldiers with Ankh-Pulse Rifles.
·       Heavy reliance on protective Ankh Energy shields.
·       Aggressive offensives to extend their influence.

Nile Consortium:

·        ·      Focus on amphibious warfare using specialized Obelisk Amphibious Tanks.
·       Naval power projection along the Nile banks.
·       Defensive strategies along river fortifications.
·       Hieroglyphic-coded river communications.

Luxor Enclave:

·       ·      Guardianship of the Valley of the Kings and its guardian spirits.

·       Specialized forces with hieroglyphic-coded spells.
·       Heavy use of digital afterlife access for strategic advantage.
·       Preservation of ancient mystical traditions in their tactics.
·       Adaptation of AI-driven tech to support mystical rituals.

·       Alexandrian Technocrats:

Protection of the digital library, leveraging its knowledge for tactics.

Siwa Oracle Order:

·       Prophecy and divination-based intelligence gathering.
·       Use of Ankh-Tech devices to enhance foresight.
·       Limited military force, relying on guerrilla tactics and mysticism.
·       Hieroglyphic spells for camouflage and deception.
·       Defense of the Siwa Oasis as a sacred stronghold.

Ankh-Energy Nomads:

·       Expertise in harnessing Ankh Energy in nomadic lifestyles.
·       Mobile and adaptable warfare, using hit-and-run tactics.
·       Hieroglyphic communication with other nomadic groups.
·       Protection of Ankh-Tech secrets in remote desert locations.
·       Cooperation with the Siwa Oracle Order for mystic guidance.

Void Seekers:

·       Covert operations against the Void Covenant, utilizing AI intelligence networks.
·       Techno-magical defenses against Void Covenant incursions.
·       Specialized techno-wizardry for Void-containment.
·       Digital traps and counter-infiltration methods.
·       Hieroglyphic-coded defense against void incursions.

Species of Duat


Bogeys, known for their adaptability and resourcefulness, thrive in the modern metropolis of Cairo, using their cunning nature to navigate the complexities of the city.



In Hodgepocalypse Africa, mystical feline guardians, revered for their protective association in ancient Egypt, now serve as protectors of hidden tombs and temples. These psychic cats, imbued with the spirit of Bastet and Sekhmet, establish hidden sanctuaries that act as centers of mysticism. Serving as spiritual guides, they share ancient wisdom with those seeking enlightenment. Moreover, these extraordinary felines, equipped with unique psychic powers, explore the digital afterlife, venturing into the AI collective's realm to retrieve lost knowledge and encounter ancient entities, making them indispensable for these ethereal missions.



The Feylin, with their mystical and magical attributes, inhabit the ancient forests near the Nile River, preserving ancient rituals and mysticism.  With their knowledge of popculture references, they seem to be obsessed with a certain band from the 80's as a framing device.


Gnomes, with their affinity for technology, be in Alexandria, actively involved in the city's technological advancements and digital libraries.


Medusas, with their unique abilities,  be associated with the ancient ruins of Siwa Oasis, using their powers to guard the secrets hidden in the desert.


Minotaurs, with their strength and resilience,  establish themselves as formidable protectors of key locations, such as the Giza Plateau or the Valley of the Kings.


Known for their size and durability, might make their homes in the deep tunnels and caves beneath Luxor, guarding ancient artifacts and precious resources. They also love making pyramids at an alarming rate.

Classes of Duat

Adventurer - Path of Prowler, Scout, and Troubleshooter:

·       Prowler: These adventurers excel at stealth and infiltration within the digital landscapes of Duat, making them ideal spies and information gatherers. They can bypass security systems, unlock hieroglyphic-coded doors, and remain hidden while navigating the secrets of the afterlife.

·       Scout: Scouts in Duat serve as pathfinders, mapping out the complex terrain of the digital realm. They can identify hidden passages, locate ancient relics, and ensure the safety of their parties in uncharted territories.

·       Troubleshooter: Troubleshooters are problem solvers within the Duat factions, resolving disputes, handling diplomatic negotiations, and maintaining order in a world filled with intrigue and power struggles.



Channeler - Path of Faustian Mechanic, Sentinel, and Witch:

·       Faustian Mechanic: These channelers have a deep understanding of Ankh-Tech and Ankh Energy, allowing them to create or modify technological devices for their factions' advantage. They  summon AI-powered constructs and manipulate digital systems.

·       Sentinel: With their mixing of combat and spellcasting, Sentinel channel the power of ancient gods and spirits to protect and serve their factions. They can invoke the abilities of deities, heal allies, and ward off evil entities that threaten Duat.

·       Witch: Witches in Duat master both techno-magic and ancient mystical rituals. They wield hieroglyphic-coded spells, manipulate Ankh Energy, and communicate with digital spirits to shape the fate of their factions to curse, heal and harm.

Combatant - Path of Brute, Commander, and Deadeye:

·       Brute: Brutes are the warriors of Duat, utilizing brute force and combat skills to serve their factions as enforcers and defenders. They can engage in digital duels, protect their allies, and crush their enemies.

·       Commander: Commanders take leadership roles in the factions' armies, strategizing and orchestrating warfare in the digital realm. They rally troops, coordinate offensives, and ensure their factions' military dominance.

·       Deadeye: Deadeyes are sharpshooters with unparalleled accuracy in shooting Ankh-Pulse Rifles, drones, and hieroglyphic-coded projectiles. They provide precision firepower and take down high-priority targets.

Ritualist - Path of Artillery Mage, Magister, and Rainmaker:

·       Artillery Mage: Artillery mages specialize in large-scale techno-magical attacks, launching devastating hieroglyphic-coded assaults on enemy factions. They can summon digital artillery and launch Ankh Energy barrages.

·       Magister: Magisters are scholars and researchers, unraveling the mysteries of the digital afterlife and preserving ancient knowledge. They can decode hieroglyphs, access hidden information, and control the flow of Ankh Energy.

·       Rainmaker: Rainmakers are masters of weather manipulation in the digital realm, controlling sandstorms, rain, and elemental forces. They can shape the environment and unleash Ankh Energy storms on their foes.

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