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Hodgepocalypse Africa - Part 15 - The Nkàró Syndicate - Keepers of Mystical Shadows



In the post-post apocalyptic realm of Hodgepocalypse, the Nkàró Syndicate stands as a mysterious and influential organization. Born from the ashes of ancient secret societies, the remnants of Poro traditions, and inspired by the operating tactics of organized crime, the Nkàró Syndicate has emerged as a dominant force in Western Africa. This synopsis will delve into the history, structure, society, operations, and influence of the Nkàró Syndicate, providing a comprehensive overview for adventurers seeking to navigate their complex world.


The origins of the Nkàró Syndicate trace back to the chaos following the Hodgepocalypse. As remnants of poro societies sought to preserve mystical traditions, they found themselves facing new challenges and threats. A coalition of shapeshifters and spellcasters, disillusioned with the fractured world, formed the Nkàró Syndicate to safeguard ancient knowledge, maintain order, and navigate the shifting landscape.

Governmental Structure:

The Nkàró Syndicate operates as a clandestine government in regions under its control. The leadership comprises an Inner Circle, consisting of the most skilled and influential members. The Grand Nkàró, the highest authority, oversees the Inner Circle. The Syndicate's governmental structure remains shrouded in secrecy to maintain its mystique.


Members of the Nkàró Syndicate are drawn from diverse backgrounds, including remnants of poro societies, shapeshifters, and spellcasters. The Syndicate places a strong emphasis on loyalty, mysticism, and adaptability. A code of honor binds members, emphasizing the protection of ancient traditions, the well-being of the community, and the preservation of mystical knowledge.

Gold and the Syndicate

Within the Nkàró Syndicate, a clandestine reverence for gold has evolved into a set of principles known as Auric Resonance. The Syndicate recognizes the unique mystical properties of gold, and the cultivation of these principles has become an integral part of their operations.

Forging Gold Connections

Within secret forges scattered across the Syndicate's strongholds, skilled artisans craft enchanted items infused with refined gold. These creations, adorned with intricate gold detailing, serve as symbols of the organization's commitment to the principles of Auric Resonance. Shapeshifters adept in the art of gold forging play a pivotal role, ensuring the mystic potential of gold is maximized.

Symbolism of Authority

Gold takes on a dual role within the Syndicate - it is both a source of mystical power and a symbol of authority. Leaders and influential figures within the organization often wear ornate gold accessories, signifying their connection to the principles of Auric Resonance. This symbolism fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose among Syndicate members.

Strategic Integration:

The Syndicate strategically integrates the principles of Auric Resonance into both covert and overt operations. Gold becomes a subtle yet powerful influence in key decision-making processes, shaping the Syndicate's agenda and reinforcing its mystique. Whether negotiating alliances or conducting covert missions, the resonance of gold guides the Syndicate's actions.

Economic Empowerment:

Beyond its mystic significance, gold plays a crucial role in the economic power of the Nkàró Syndicate. The organization actively engages in gold trade within its territories, establishing alliances with influential figures in gold-rich regions. This economic influence not only fortifies the Syndicate's coffers but also enhances its mystical capabilities through access to diverse and potent gold sources.

Universal Display of Prosperity:

In regions where the Nkàró Syndicate operates overtly, the principles of Auric Resonance manifest in the open display of wealth adorned with gold. This public showcasing not only conveys the Syndicate's prosperity but also serves as a universal symbol of the organization's mastery over both material and mystical realms.

Operating Procedure:

The Nkàró Syndicate employs a dual approach to its operations. Openly, they serve as protectors and leaders, integrating into society with public-facing roles. Covertly, they engage in clandestine activities, including intelligence gathering, smuggling mystical artifacts, and eliminating external threats. Shapeshifting members often act as undercover agents, infiltrating rival organizations or monitoring potential dangers.

Foreign Relations

Void Covenant (Sahara):

Nkàró Syndicate Operations: The Syndicate operates covertly within the Void Covenant-controlled Sahara, employing shapeshifters to infiltrate insectoid hives and gather intelligence on the movements of the bug-controlled regions. They seek to understand the Void energy harnessed by the Covenant, ensuring they can counteract any potential threat. Overt operations involve the covert recruitment of insectoid defectors sympathetic to the Syndicate's cause, aiming to weaken the Covenant's hold from within.

Salted Lands (Undead Territory - Carthage):

Nkàró Syndicate Operations: In the undead-infested Salted Lands, the Nkàró Syndicate maintains covert influence by manipulating the network of undead information brokers. Shapeshifters gather intelligence on the activities of the undead lords, seeking to exploit the power struggles among the undead hierarchy. Overtly, the Syndicate establishes alliances with rogue undead factions, ensuring they have a foothold in the region to counterbalance the looming threat of Carthage's industrial undead.

Duat (Techno-Wizard Egypt):

Nkàró Syndicate Operations: Operating covertly within Duat, the Nkàró Syndicate seeks to understand and counter the techno-wizardry of the ruling pyramid entities. Shapeshifters infiltrate the Techno-Wizard ruling class, collecting information on their technological advancements and potential weaknesses. The Syndicate uses overt means to disrupt Duat's technological infrastructure, keeping the ruling powers in check and preventing the expansion of their influence beyond Egyptian borders.

Eastern Africa (Great Rift Lake Islands):

Nkàró Syndicate Operations: In the fragmented islands of Eastern Africa, the Syndicate maintains a covert presence, using shapeshifters to navigate the politics of the region. They leverage their influence to ensure the islands remain independent and resistant to external dominance. Overtly, the Syndicate supports local leaders sympathetic to their cause, fostering a network of allies to counterbalance larger, aggressive powers.

Central Africa (Mining Lords and Witches):

Nkàró Syndicate Operations: Within the rough and tumultuous environment of Central Africa, the Syndicate operates both covertly and overtly. Shapeshifters infiltrate mining operations, extracting valuable information on resource locations and mining witch practices. Overtly, the Syndicate establishes alliances with influential mining lords, ensuring a steady flow of resources and mystically-charged minerals for their own purposes.

Equatorial Abyss (African Underdark):

Nkàró Syndicate Operations: Operating covertly in the depths of the Equatorial Abyss, the Syndicate uses shapeshifters to navigate the treacherous underdark. They gather intelligence on subterranean threats, ensuring their own territories remain secure. Overt operations involve establishing alliances with factions that can help control the interconnected mines, maintaining a delicate balance within the abyss.

Blood Sun Lands (Shadow Demon Influence):

Nkàró Syndicate Operations: In the shadow-infested Blood Sun Lands, the Syndicate operates covertly to counter the influence of shadow demons. Shapeshifters infiltrate demonic cults, extracting information on their plans and vulnerabilities. Overtly, the Syndicate supports resistance movements against the shadow demons, ensuring that the demonic threat is contained and the balance of power remains in check.

Dumisile Empire (War Machine Empire):

Nkàró Syndicate Operations: Covertly infiltrating the Dumisile Empire, the Syndicate seeks to influence the immortal king by manipulating key advisors. Shapeshifters act as spies within the imperial court, gathering intelligence on military strategies and technological advancements. Overt operations involve supporting rebellious factions within the empire, preventing the expansion of Dumisile's war machine beyond its borders.

Innovation City (Tech City in Rwanda):

Nkàró Syndicate Operations: Operating overtly in Innovation City, the Syndicate seeks to establish alliances with the tech-focused ruling class. Shapeshifters work openly as advisors, offering mystic expertise to enhance technological advancements. The Syndicate's influence ensures that the city's technological progress aligns with their own goals, preventing any potential threats from emerging within Rwanda's surviving tech enclave.

Locations of Note:

Overt Locations

Dakar, Senegal - Mystical Harbor:

Once a bustling port city, Dakar has transformed into a mystical harbor. Shapeshifting and spellcasting leaders control the trade routes, ensuring the flow of magical artifacts and resources. The city's coastline is adorned with protective wards.    

Casablanca, Morocco - Citadel of Shadows:

Casablanca has become the Citadel of Shadows, a fortified city controlled by shapeshifting leaders. Its architecture incorporates mystical symbols and wards, protecting the city from external influences. The society's leadership resides in the heart of the citadel.

Abidjan, Ivory Coast - Garden of Anansi:

Abidjan has evolved into the Garden of Anansi, a city known for its lush mystical gardens and vibrant cultural events. The society celebrates the trickster spider Anansi, and the city serves as a hub for trade, art, and mystical knowledge.

Yaoundé, Cameroon - Shifter's Haven:

Yaoundé has become Shifter's Haven, a city known for its advanced educational institutions focusing on shapeshifting and spellcasting. The society's leaders guide the next generation of mystics, emphasizing the importance of knowledge and skill.

Accra, Ghana - Enchanted Market District:

Accra has transformed into the Enchanted Market District, a lively area where mystical artifacts are bought and sold. The market is a focal point of economic activity, drawing traders and enthusiasts from surrounding regions.

Marrakech, Morocco - Oasis of Serenity:

Marrakech is now the Oasis of Serenity, a city surrounded by mystical gardens and water features. Its architecture incorporates ancient mystical principles, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and spiritual harmony.

Covert Locations

Mountains of Mande:

Nestled in the mountainous regions of Mali and Guinea, the Mountains of Mande serve as a sacred and remote location. The Nkàró Syndicate could have established a hidden enclave here, using the natural barriers for defense and secrecy. The high altitudes may also have mystical properties that enhance the spellcasting abilities of its members.

Nouakchott - Nexus of Shadows (Mauritania):

Nouakchott, once a thriving city, now exists under the control of insectoid invaders. However, beneath the buzzing hives and insect-dominated streets lies the hidden stronghold of the Nkàró Syndicate – the Nexus of Shadows. This covert location serves as a vital hub for the Syndicate's intelligence operations and mystical endeavors.

Oke Iho:

Oke Iho, a dense forest in Nigeria, could be a haven for the shapeshifters of the Nkàró Syndicate. The deep foliage provides ample cover for their activities, and the mystical atmosphere of the forest could amplify their abilities. Ancient shrines within the forest might serve as meeting points for both spellcasters and shapeshifters.

River Niger's Floating Nexus:

A network of floating shantytowns along the Niger River becomes a hub for the Nkàró Syndicate. Shapeshifters can easily navigate the waterways, and the constant movement of these floating settlements adds an extra layer of security. The syndicate might use these locations for trade, recruitment, and coordination.

Sahel Crossroads Oasis:

Positioned at the crossroads of the Sahel region, an oasis becomes a crucial meeting point for the Nkàró Syndicate. The oasis serves as a neutral ground where different factions can come together for negotiations, and the syndicate can exchange information and resources discreetly.

Having a Member in Your Party:

 Adventurers may encounter a Nkàró Syndicate member seeking alliances or pursuing a personal mission. These individuals can offer valuable insights into mystical arts, access to unique resources, and assistance in navigating complex political landscapes. However, their loyalty to the Syndicate might pose challenges if conflicting interests arise.

Integration into the Party:

Trust Building:

Establish a narrative that allows the shapeshifter to build trust with the rest of the party. This can involve shared goals, mutual interests, or a common enemy that requires cooperation.

Shared Objectives:

Give the shapeshifter a personal or group objective that aligns with the party's goals. This creates a sense of unity and shared purpose, fostering stronger bonds among the party members.

Demonstration of Loyalty:

The shapeshifter should actively demonstrate loyalty to the party. This can involve putting themselves at risk for the group, keeping party secrets, and consistently contributing to the success of the team.

Party Dynamics:


Establish clear communication channels within the party. Ensure that the shapeshifter is comfortable sharing information about their abilities, limitations, and intentions with the rest of the group.

Acceptance by Party Members:

Develop interactions and scenarios that allow party members to understand and accept the shapeshifter. Address any initial skepticism or concerns through in-game dialogue and shared experiences.


Emphasize the importance of teamwork. Showcase instances where the shapeshifter's unique abilities complement those of other party members, reinforcing the idea that their presence enhances the overall effectiveness of the group.

Character Background and Motivation:

Backstory Clarity:

Provide a clear backstory for the shapeshifter that explains their motivations, past experiences, and reasons for joining the adventuring party. This helps other party members understand and empathize with them.

Individual Goals:

Align the shapeshifter's individual goals with the overall narrative. This way, their personal journey contributes to the overarching story, and their presence doesn't feel like a separate subplot.

Challenges and Limitations:

Moral Dilemmas:

Introduce moral dilemmas or challenges that are specific to the shapeshifter's abilities. This can lead to interesting role-playing opportunities and discussions within the party.

Control of Shapeshifting:

Establish the shapeshifter's level of control over their abilities. If they struggle with sudden transformations or maintaining a specific form, this can add depth to their character and create potential plot points.

Character Growth:

Personal Development Arc:

Plan a personal development arc for the shapeshifter. Allow them to grow, both in terms of their abilities and as an individual, as the campaign progresses. This adds a sense of progression and investment for both the player and the party.

Shared Vulnerabilities:

Introduce vulnerabilities or challenges that the shapeshifter shares with the rest of the party. This creates a sense of unity, as everyone has strengths and weaknesses that contribute to the overall dynamic.

Player and GM Collaboration:

Open Communication:

Encourage open communication between the player of the shapeshifter and the Game Master (GM). This ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding the character's role, story arc, and potential challenges.


Remain adaptable to the evolving narrative. If unexpected opportunities or challenges arise, be willing to incorporate them into the story, keeping the campaign dynamic and engaging.

Plot Hooks

1.       Artifact Retrieval: The party is tasked with retrieving a powerful mystical artifact coveted by the Syndicate. The Grand Nkàró believes it poses a threat and offers a tempting reward for its safe return.

2.       Internal Power Struggle: A faction within the Nkàró Syndicate seeks to overthrow the current leadership. The party must choose whether to aid the rebels, support the current regime, or navigate a middle path to ensure stability.

3.       Alliance Against a Common Foe: A formidable external threat, such as a powerful warlord or an otherworldly entity, prompts the Syndicate to seek an alliance with the party. Cooperation is essential for the survival of both groups.

4.       Cultural Exchange: The party is invited to participate in a mystical ceremony hosted by the Syndicate. Amidst the festivities, a rival organization launches an attack, and the adventurers must defend the Syndicate's traditions.

5.       Legacy of Poro: The party encounters remnants of poro societies resisting the influence of the Nkàró Syndicate. Uncover the mysteries of ancient traditions and decide whether to aid or hinder these resistance efforts.

The Nkàró Syndicate, with its enigmatic leaders, mystical practices, and complex alliances, offers a rich tapestry for adventurers to explore. The thin line between ally and adversary challenges adventurers to navigate the shadows and uncover the true intentions of this influential organization.


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