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Hodgepocalypse Africa - Part 13 - Innovation City - The Technological Nexus of Post-Hodgepocalypse Africa

Innovation City, once a beacon of hope amidst the Hodgepocalypse, now stands as the technological nexus of post-Hodgepocalypse Africa. Located in what was once Rwanda, this city-state has risen from the ashes, blending advanced technology, diverse species, and a commitment to progress. Founded on principles of global connectivity and innovation, Innovation City has become a thriving metropolis, attracting adventurers, entrepreneurs, and scholars from across the continent.


In the aftermath of the Hodgepocalypse, Rwanda's strategic location and early preparedness allowed it to survive and rebuild. Innovation City emerged as a visionary project, leveraging the remnants of the old world's technology. Over the years, it evolved into a hub for scientific progress, cultural diversity, and economic development.

Kwizera Ngabo – a man of the future!

Kwizera Ngabo, the visionary leader of Innovation City, stands as a symbol of intellect and progress in the post-Hodgepocalypse world. A descendant of Rwanda's pre-apocalyptic leaders, Ngabo combines mathematical genius with entrepreneurial acumen, propelling the city-state into an era of technological advancement. His leadership is marked by a commitment to global connectivity, innovation, and the harmonious integration of diverse species. With a charismatic and forward-thinking approach, Ngabo has fostered an environment where adventurers, scholars, and entrepreneurs converge to contribute to the city's flourishing ecosystem. His influence permeates every corner of Innovation City, from its bustling tech hubs to its tranquil cultural centers, shaping a metropolis that stands as a beacon of hope and ingenuity in a transformed world.

Skills and Expertise:

Technological Acumen: Well-versed in various technological domains, from AI to biotech, contributing actively to the city-state's technological progress.

      Strategic Leadership: Adept at strategic planning and governance, ensuring the city-state's continued success as a global tech hub.

      Multilingual: Fluent in several languages to facilitate international communication and collaboration

      Math Whiz:  Incredibly loves Math and is good at it,  loves springing Math Puzzles as for tests, including the fabled M Prize that is released to solve his math puzzles.

Rumors of Kwizera Ngabo

Eternal Leadership: Whispers circulate that Kwizera Ngabo has discovered a secret to unnaturally prolong his life, leading some to question if his extended reign is fueled by something more than mere intellect and leadership skills. Speculation grows about mysterious experiments or hidden technologies that grant him an unnaturally prolonged existence.

Shadowy Deals: Rumors suggest that Ngabo engages in clandestine deals and alliances with unknown entities. Some believe he brokers agreements with otherworldly forces or even extraterrestrial beings to maintain Innovation City's dominance. The secrecy surrounding these alleged dealings raises questions about the true nature of his leadership.

Mind Control Technology: A particularly insidious rumor claims that Ngabo employs advanced mind control technologies to manipulate the thoughts and opinions of the city's residents. Whispers of brainwashing experiments conducted in Innovation City's hidden laboratories add an element of fear and suspicion to Ngabo's seemingly benevolent rule.

Dissent Suppression: Some claim that Ngabo ruthlessly suppresses dissent within the city, using a network of spies and advanced surveillance systems to monitor and control any opposition. Underground resistance groups talk of individuals mysteriously disappearing after expressing discontent with Ngabo's leadership, fueling conspiracy theories of a totalitarian regime.

Mysterious Projects: There are whispers about secret projects hidden beneath the city, conducted under Ngabo's direct supervision. The nature of these projects is unknown, but they are rumored to involve experimentation on both technological and biological fronts, leaving citizens wary of what might be happening beneath their feet.

Human-Technology Hybrid: The most outlandish rumor suggests that Kwizera Ngabo has undergone a transformation into a human-technology hybrid, merging his consciousness with an advanced AI. Believers in this theory claim that his decisions are no longer driven by human motives, raising concerns about the potential loss of empathy and ethical considerations.

Cultural Erasure: A more subtle rumor suggests that Ngabo is intentionally erasing certain cultural elements from Innovation City, favoring a homogenized, technology-centric society. Concerns arise about the preservation of cultural diversity, leading to speculation about the true motives behind Ngabo's push for an increasingly technologically driven society.

Governmental Structure:

Innovation City operates under a technocratic government, with a council of experts and representatives guiding policy decisions. The head of state, Kwizera Ngabo, descendant of Rwanda's leaders, leads with a vision for progress and global collaboration.


Innovation City boasts a vibrant and inclusive society. A day in the life of the average citizen involves engaging with cutting-edge technology, participating in collaborative projects, and enjoying the cultural richness of the city. The city's innovative spirit permeates every aspect of daily life, from smart homes to holographic entertainment.

Imports and Exports of Innovation City:


·       Rare Earth Minerals: Innovation City may import rare earth minerals necessary for advanced electronics and technological manufacturing.

·       Biotechnological Seeds: The city could import genetically modified seeds for experimental agriculture and sustainability projects.

·       Quantum Computing Components: Key components for quantum computing technologies could be imported from specialized suppliers.

·       Global Talent: The city attracts talent from around the world, importing skilled professionals, researchers, and entrepreneurs.

·       Cutting-edge Equipment: Specialized machinery and equipment required for advanced research and development projects.


·       Technological Solutions: Innovation City exports cutting-edge technological solutions, including software, AI algorithms, and innovative hardware.

·       Sustainable Agriculture Models: The city exports expertise in sustainable agriculture and vertical farming techniques to address global food security challenges.

·       Clean Energy Technologies: Solar and other clean energy technologies developed in Innovation City are exported to other regions seeking sustainable energy solutions.

·       Innovative Medical Solutions: Advanced medical technologies and biotechnological innovations are exported to improve healthcare worldwide.

·       Education and Research Collaborations: Innovation City exports knowledge through collaborations with global universities, research institutions, and tech hubs.


Besides humans of all sort poring into innovation city, there are several species that have made innovation city your home:         


Cats with psychic abilities are attuned to fluctuations in the city's technology. They serve as guardians, alerting residents to potential issues or disturbances in the technological fabric of the city.  In fact, Innovation City have designated areas or cafes where cats are welcomed, and residents and visitors can interact with these psychic buddies


Feylins, as pop culture-obsessed faeries, integrate seamlessly into Innovation City's vibrant and dynamic environment. Their fascination with popular culture contribute to the city's creative and innovative atmosphere.


Gnomes, as nerdy little sneaks, geniuses, and businessmen always tinkering with something, would find a natural fit within Innovation City. Their penchant for technology and innovation aligns well with the city-state's focus on technological progress.


Halflings, described as short, scrappy truckers with a pleasant disposition, find roles in trade, logistics, and community building within Innovation City. Their friendly nature make them excellent diplomats and connectors between different species.


Described as suburbanite aliens by themselves, Malarkoids find Innovation City attractive for its technological advancements and opportunities for collaboration. Their adaptability and potential mutations bring unique perspectives to the city's diverse community.

M.L.F. (Mechanical Life Forms)

M.L.F., being sentient robots, are an integral part of Innovation City's technological workforce. They are employed in various capacities, from maintenance and construction to advanced research and development.  Most of them are considered Kwizera Ngabo’s children even if not created by him directly.

Armed Forces:

Innovation City maintains a relatively small but highly advanced security force.  The city's approach to security blends technology with unconventional elements, creating a unique and effective defense strategy.

Advanced Surveillance and Early Warning Systems:

Innovation City invests heavily in advanced surveillance technologies, including drone patrols, and AI-driven monitoring systems. This enables early detection of potential threats and allows for swift responses.

Strategic Defensive Installations:

The city-state strategically places defensive installations, such as automated turrets, energy shields, and anti-aircraft systems, to deter and repel potential invaders. These installations are integrated with the city's central command, ensuring a coordinated defense.

Guardotron Defense Forces:

Innovation City employs a formidable force of Guardotron-like robots. These robots serve as both a visible deterrent and an active defense force, patrolling borders, and responding to security breaches with precision.

Cybersecurity and Information Warfare:

Recognizing the importance of information warfare, Innovation City establishes robust cybersecurity measures. Advanced encryption, AI-driven threat detection, and counter-hacking initiatives are implemented to safeguard against cyber attacks and misinformation campaigns.

Diplomatic Alliances and Treaties:

Innovation City actively engages in diplomacy to foster alliances with neighboring regions that share a commitment to peace and technological progress. By forming strategic partnerships, the city-state aims to deter potential aggressors and create a united front against external threats.

Strategic Geography and Urban Planning:

The city's urban planning considers strategic geography, utilizing natural barriers and defensive structures. Key installations are strategically located to maximize defensibility, and the city's layout is designed to impede any potential invaders.

Military Innovation and Research:

The city-state invests in continuous military innovation and research. Advanced weapons systems, robotic infantry, and defensive technologies are developed to stay ahead of potential adversaries. The military constantly adapts to emerging threats and challenges.

Citizen Militia and Training:

Innovation City organizes a citizen militia trained in basic defense tactics. While not a primary defense force, the militia serves as a reserve that can be quickly mobilized in case of emergencies, contributing to the overall defense strategy.

Adventurer Integration:

Innovation City actively recruits adventurers for defense-related tasks. Adventurers may be employed as scouts, intelligence operatives, or special forces to handle specific threats. Their unique skills and diverse backgrounds make them valuable assets in unconventional warfare.

Deterrence through Innovation:

By constantly showcasing technological advancements and innovations, Innovation City aims to deter potential aggressors by highlighting the futility of military confrontation. The city-state's commitment to progress and cutting-edge technology serves as a psychological deterrent.


Areas of Note:

Within the City:

Tech Nexus Square:

A bustling central square surrounded by skyscrapers and holographic displays. Tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and researchers gather here to exchange ideas, showcase innovations, and participate in live demonstrations.

Plot Hook: In Tech Nexus Square, Innovation City is thrown into chaos when a group of high-tech thieves steals a quantum cipher, jeopardizing a groundbreaking collaboration with a distant techno-wizard enclave in Duat. Skilled adventurers are urgently called upon to track down the thieves, retrieve the cipher, and unravel a web of corporate espionage and ancient artifacts that threaten the city's technological future.

InnoHub Collaborative Spaces:

State-of-the-art collaborative spaces where tech startups, researchers, and inventors work side by side. Adventurers may find opportunities for quests, contracts, or collaborations within these dynamic environments.

Plot Hook:  Within InnoHub Collaborative Spaces, the beating heart of Innovation City's research and development, a series of unexplained anomalies disrupt groundbreaking projects. As a team of investigators delves into the mysteries, they uncover a hidden dimension bleeding into the collaborative spaces, posing a threat that could reshape the boundaries between science and the supernatural.

Quantum Arcade:

An entertainment complex where advanced virtual reality and augmented reality games are developed and played. Adventurers might engage in high-stakes competitions, quests, or even uncover hidden secrets within the immersive gaming experiences.

Plot Hook: At the Quantum Arcade, a cutting-edge virtual reality complex within Innovation City, players become unwitting participants in a series of mysterious glitches that blur the lines between the virtual and real worlds. As gamers unravel the glitchy narrative, they discover a digital conspiracy with consequences that extend far beyond the confines of the Quantum Arcade.

BioSphere Gardens:

Sustainable bio-domes housing advanced agricultural experiments. Adventurers could explore these gardens, encountering genetically modified flora, experimenting with vertical farming techniques, and uncovering secrets related to food sustainability.

Plot Hook: Within the BioSphere Gardens, Innovation City's sustainable bio-domes, a sudden outbreak of sentient plant life threatens to overrun the meticulously curated ecosystems. As a team of scientists and adventurers races against time to uncover the origin of the botanical anomaly, they stumble upon a secret experiment gone awry, unlocking the potential for a symbiotic relationship between humans and the newfound sentient flora.

Holographic Museum of Innovation:

A cutting-edge museum showcasing the city-state's technological advancements. Interactive holographic exhibits feature the history of Innovation City, key inventors, and breakthrough technologies. Adventurers may seek information, solve puzzles, or uncover hidden messages within the museum.

Plot Hook: In the Holographic Museum of Innovation, the cutting-edge holographic displays unexpectedly begin showcasing glimpses of the future, hinting at impending technological breakthroughs and catastrophic events. A team of investigators, led by a renowned futurologist, must navigate the holographic projections to unravel the mysteries and prevent or harness the inevitable changes foretold within the mesmerizing exhibits.

Quantum Research Laboratories:

Top-secret research facilities where scientists explore quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and other advanced technologies. Adventurers may find quests related to retrieving valuable data, protecting sensitive information, or solving ethical dilemmas within these labs.

Plot Hook: Amidst the humming machinery of Quantum Research Laboratories, an experimental quantum portal malfunctions, creating a rift that connects the lab to alternate dimensions. A group of scientists and adventurers must traverse through the quantum anomalies, confronting strange creatures and acquiring knowledge that could either revolutionize technology or unleash unforeseen dangers upon Innovation City.

The Singularity Plaza:

A central area where advancements in AI and machine learning are celebrated. Adventurers might encounter humanoid robots, AI-driven service providers, and quests involving the ethical considerations of AI in daily life.

Plot Hook: In the heart of Innovation City, The Singularity Plaza becomes a focal point as a mysterious signal emanates from an enigmatic artificial intelligence, beckoning those who can decipher its intricate patterns. As a diverse group of technologists, hackers, and AI enthusiasts converge to investigate, they uncover a digital enigma that holds the key to a profound technological evolution, raising questions about the nature of consciousness and the future of artificial intelligence.

Solar Nexus Energy Station:

A high-tech energy station harnessing solar power from the abundant Rwandan sunlight. Adventurers may be involved in quests to optimize energy production, protect the station from external threats, or uncover the potential of new energy technologies.

Plot Hook: At the Solar Nexus Energy Station, Innovation City's revolutionary solar power facility, an unexpected surge in energy output coincides with a series of unexplained phenomena. Investigating engineers and scientists discover that the solar arrays are tapping into an otherworldly power source, sparking a race to harness this newfound energy while uncovering the mysterious origins and potential consequences of the celestial connection.

External Locations

These are places that Innovation city has influence and even security forces outside the city.

Akagera National Park:

Akagera National Park, known for its diverse wildlife, could be has become a haven for biotechnological advancements. The park houses sustainable bio-domes and research facilities, where scientists work on genetic preservation and advancements in flora and fauna.

Plot Hook: Within the transformed Akagera National Park, now a biodiverse haven melding technology and nature, a sudden surge in animal intelligence raises concerns about an unseen force influencing the wildlife. As a team of researchers and conservationists delves into the mystery, they uncover a convergence of magical energies that may hold the key to harmonizing the natural and technological realms or unleash unforeseen consequences upon the ecosystem.

Lake Kivu Energy Innovation:

Lake Kivu is known for its methane-rich waters. The city-state have developed innovative technologies to harness clean energy from the lake, making it a global leader in sustainable energy production.

Plot Hook: At Lake Kivu Energy Innovation, where cutting-edge technologies harness the lake's resources, a series of energy anomalies triggers both excitement and apprehension among the research teams. As engineers and environmentalists strive to understand the source of these anomalies, they stumble upon a hidden underwater chamber containing ancient technology that could either revolutionize sustainable energy or disrupt the delicate balance of the lake ecosystem.

Rwanda's Hills and Valleys:

The hilly terrain of Rwanda have been repurposed for advanced urban planning. The city-state have developed eco-friendly and innovative methods for building infrastructure on these hills, incorporating sustainable architecture and transportation systems.

Plot Hook: Among Rwanda's Hills and Valleys, a series of mysterious geological disturbances reveal ancient artifacts and dormant magical energies buried beneath the surface. As a team of archaeologists and mystics investigates, they uncover a forgotten civilization's legacy, awakening long-lost powers that threaten to reshape the land and draw the attention of both allies and adversaries to Rwanda's magical heart.

Agricultural Innovation in the Land of a Thousand Hills:

Rwanda's nickname, "Land of a Thousand Hills," inspire agricultural innovations. The city-state have developed vertical farming technologies and advanced agricultural practices to ensure food sustainability in a limited geographical space.

Plot Hook: In the Land of a Thousand Hills, a revolutionary agricultural initiative is underway, combining traditional farming practices with cutting-edge technology to address national food security. As a group of agritech pioneers works to implement sustainable solutions, they uncover a hidden threat that challenges the delicate balance between innovation and the preservation of Rwanda's agricultural heritage, leading them on a quest to safeguard the future of farming in the region.

Rwandan Cultural Heritage Sites:

Extrapolate the preservation of cultural heritage sites, such as the Nyanza Royal Palace or the Butare National Museum, into high-tech cultural hubs. These sites feature holographic displays, interactive exhibits, and advanced storytelling techniques, blending tradition with technology.

Plot Hook: Within Rwandan Cultural Heritage Sites, a surge of mysterious energies causes ancient artifacts and historical landmarks to exhibit unusual phenomena. A team of archaeologists, historians, and magic scholars embarks on a quest to unravel the magical heritage of Rwanda, facing challenges that blend the mystical past with the modern world and threatening to reshape the narrative of the nation's rich cultural history.

Virunga Mountains:

The Virunga Mountains, home to the endangered mountain gorillas, are  a center for advanced conservation efforts. Technologies like drone surveillance, AI monitoring, and genetic preservation might be employed to protect and study the unique biodiversity in the region.  It is believed that the Kong, genetically engineered gorillas, research has continued to maximize future development.

Plot Hook: In the majestic Virunga Mountains, a sudden surge of magical energy awakens dormant spirits and mythical creatures believed to be guardians of the region. As a team of explorers and ethereal experts ventures into the mist-shrouded peaks, they uncover a forgotten prophecy that foretells a looming threat to the delicate balance between the supernatural and the natural world, challenging them to preserve the sanctity of the Virunga Mountains.

Foreign Relations:

Innovation City pursues diplomatic alliances, offering technological expertise and collaborative opportunities. Tensions exist with neighboring territories like the Dumisile Empire, where divergent philosophies clash. The city's global WiFi initiative fosters connectivity and encourages collaborations with distant regions.

Blood Sun Lands:  The relationship with the Blood Sun Lands is tense, given their imperialistic ambitions and reliance on dark magic. Innovation City views the Shadow Demons Empire with suspicion, aware of the potential threat they pose to the region. Diplomacy is maintained to prevent outright conflict, but there are ongoing intelligence efforts to monitor the empire's activities. Innovation City also invests in supernatural defenses to counteract potential magical or demonic incursions.

Central Africa:  Innovation City has capitalized on the economic boom by actively participating in trade and collaboration with the metal boom region. This may involve offering technological expertise, innovative solutions, and resources in exchange for economic benefits. Special economic zones and partnerships might be established to facilitate the exchange of goods and services.

The Dumisile Empire: Innovation City and the Dumisile Empire have divergent philosophies. Innovation City is focused on technological progress, global connectivity, and economic innovation, while the Dumisile Empire may prioritize traditional values, cultural preservation, and territorial expansion.  There is enough distance between them and the dangers of the Blood Sun Lands, but there is worry about their actions in the future.

Duat: Innovation City approaches diplomatic relations with Duat cautiously, given the unpredictable and often conflicting personas of the techno-wizard pyramid computers. While recognizing the potential benefits of collaboration, Innovation City remains vigilant due to the enigmatic and sometimes adversarial nature of the anti-Egyptian gods.

Eastern Africa:  While Innovation city has no direct access to the sea, they do trade with the various kingdoms there for food and other resources.  They have a working relationship with Black Bart.

The Void Covenant:  Innovation City, faced with the rapidly expanding insect humanoid empire in the Sahara, would likely adopt a strategic and multi-faceted approach to respond to the threat.  Using an early warning system, intelligence and reconnaissance, and research on insect biology.

Adventuring Options:

Adventurers find a myriad of opportunities in Innovation City, from solving technological mysteries and exploring hidden laboratories to assisting in diplomatic missions or participating in virtual innovation challenges. The city's diverse ecosystem, coupled with the intrigue of its unique species and advanced technologies, promises endless adventures for those willing to explore.

Tech Innovation Hubs: Innovation City strategically establishes tech innovation hubs in regions with WiFi access. These hubs become satellite centers for technological advancement, entrepreneurship, and collaborative projects, further expanding the city-state's influence.

Digital Marketplace: Innovation City develops a digital marketplace where businesses, startups, and innovators across the continent can showcase and trade their products and services. This creates a virtual ecosystem that Innovation City can curate and benefit from economically.

Virtual Innovation Challenges: To engage adventurers, Innovation City initiates virtual innovation challenges. These challenges leverage the goal of continent-wide WiFi network to connect participants in different locations, fostering a global community of problem solvers. Adventurers may be tasked with solving real-world issues using technology.

Adventurer's Guild for Tech Exploration: Innovation City establishes an Adventurer's Guild, inviting tech enthusiasts and problem-solvers to explore untapped technological potential across the continent. These adventurers can discover hidden tech treasures, collaborate with local communities, and report back to Innovation City for rewards and recognition.

Tech Tourism: The WiFi network enables tech tourism initiatives, attracting adventurers to explore different regions with emerging technological ecosystems. Innovation City facilitates guided tours, events, and quests that showcase the technological advancements and potential collaborations in each location.

Innovation Bounties: Innovation City offers bounties for specific technological challenges across the continent. Adventurers can earn rewards by contributing innovative solutions or uncovering new opportunities for collaboration.

Adventurer-In-Residence Programs: Innovation City establishes programs that invite adventurers to reside in specific regions with promising technological developments. These residents work on collaborative projects, share knowledge, and contribute to the growth of local tech ecosystems.

Continent-wide WiFi:

Innovation City aims to position itself as a global tech leader and foster collaboration on a worldwide scale. By providing WiFi access across the continent, they enhance global connectivity, making it easier for international researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors to interact with Innovation City and each other.  They hire adventurers to put up towers across the continent, braving the dangers for greater communications.  While they generally want to work with the locals, they can often get incredibly harsh with pushback.

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