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Hodgepocalypse - Latin America - Part 8 - The Ranch


The following is tentatively located in the “Mesopotamia” region of what was once Argentina,

this dinosaur ranch is a location to give an idea of what the day in the life would be and to set up potential plot hooks and a bit of drama for entertainment.  Feel free to move it locations as needed.




The family of Brachiondez, has owned this location and has become wealthy and prosperous because of it.  They are essentially a cross between an old school hacienda and a robber baron ranch.   While the family has its hands in many investments, their claim to fame is that of dinosaur ranching.  They tamed the land by building a diamond in the rough and polishing it.  Their preferred dinosaurs are sauropods, but they have experimented with other species.


The land they claim control of is simply immense for this era.  They claim about 500 acres of land in this heartland, but a lot of it is grazing and barely controlled land.  A large barb wire fence covers the main habitual area for day to day affairs and is separated into two sections.  One is the Brachiondez main compound where the family lives like royalty.  The other is the “workshop” where most people are hired to do the daily day to day work.

However, in recent years it has gone through a severe transformation.  There was a raider gang, known as the Pteroduerros that harassed the family by stealing their cattle and otherwise complicating their lives.  However, all that came to end when the patriarch of the Brachionedez family married the leader of said raider clan, thus making them related and having the local in-laws move into the main Cortijo.  They have then entered a sort of uneasy alliance that causes strife between the two families that could very easily end up very bloody for both sides.


The Brachiondez Family


This family has managed to tame the land through their influence, power and swift retribution to their enemies.  They have softened somewhat since the marriage, but there is still a drive to ensure that those that survey bend to their will.  The family has a coat of arms that has a sauropod on it to represent an enduring presence forevermore. 

Obed Paulos Brachiondez

Relationship: The original patriarch of the clan, he died in a mysterious hunting accident. 

Description: The paintings that remind the family of them are of a moderately tall, well-built human in his mid-fifties, with black curly hair, a goatee and blue eyes.  He is usually shown in a business suit and smiling in the paintings despite never been seen to be smiling when alive.

Disposition: Despite the whitewashing due to being dead, he was a beast of a man known for his greed for money and power. 

Plot Hook: They never found the body so there are continuous rumors ranging from he’s not dead and may return, to he’s a ghost whom will destroy everything when the time is right.

Giselle Priscilla Ligia Pteroduerro-Brachiondez 

Relationship: Originally a Pteroduerro she has charmed her way to her deceased husband’s heart to become the matriarch of the family.

Description: While not physically imposing, the Good Lady Brachiondez leaves an impression that she’s always ready to fight even if it is often verbally.  She is of medium height, lean build, and her well-kept black hair is starting to turn silver.

Disposition: The matriarch of the Brachiondez Family, she wields her power with a sarcastic wit.  She demands good manners from any within her presence and is willing to stave off any affronts to her power.  If contested in her relationship, her sarcasm turns into punishment and nobody is safe.

Plot Hook: She is always hiring for “special missions” that often include checking on rumors of her dead husband.  She very obviously wants him not to return but will never say it blatantly.

Ángel Heliodoro Brachiondez

Relationship: As the oldest son of Obed and Giselle, he is the enforcer of the current status quo.

Description: A tall muscular human with fierce blue eyes and blonde hair.  He commonly dresses in a business suit to honor his dead father.

Disposition: Despite his misgivings about the current situations as he cares deeply for his mother ad will usually defer to her judgment.  He is very giving to those under his charge, but skeptical of outsiders.  He is also well known for not remembering things as others do, but woah be the person whom calls him a Liar.

Plot Hook: He made this deal with a local tv station to create this reality tv show called Los días inquietos que guían.  This was to ensure honesty and to add another revenue stream to the family.  However, cameraman seem to always go through “accidents” and they are always hiring.

Lola Táhirih Nereida


Relationship: The wife of Ángel, she was originally from the Gazebo, but travelled south.   She saved his life during a cattle drive and it was love at first sight.  With her awesome arcane skills, she makes it rain. 

Description: A short, athletic woman, whose gets a real kick out of wearing colorful ponchos. She also likes to have electricity crackle between her fingers while she quotes obscure weather-based puns and references.

Disposition: She comes off friendly, but it’s more just being nice then actual helpfulness.  She has a bit of an ego that often makes her come off as foolish.  Still this veil of foolishness often gives her wiggle room to cheat people that wouldn’t see it coming.

Plot Hook:  She found an egg on her last time in the fields and brought it home.  She can’t recognize it and may ask the party to find out what it is.  Is it quite literally a golden egg, a new unknown species or a hibernating terrorsaur egg of doom?

Celeste Rosita Esperanza Brachiondex

Relationship: The daughter and the middle child of the family, she became a devout follower of the Cybercult after an accident which had a good chunk of her body replace by mechanical parts.

Description: Tall with a wiry frame that now includes actual wires, she is energetic, and active.  She has had her left arm and right leg replaced with a bionic replacement and often wears chrome colored attire to make it seem more extensive.

Disposition: She was a selfish child, often cruel and flippant.  After her accident, these traits remain, but they are more subtle as she is like a cobra:  always waiting for the right time.  She hates the Pteroduerros with a passion, but would prefer it be an accident, not unlike the one that befell her.  She demands people to be punctual.

Plot Hook: She has handed you an usb stick after smiling sweetly and told to take care of it.  Is it a reward, a trap or something in-between?

Esperanza Luisita Roberta Brachiondez

Relationship:  She is the youngest daughter, but slightly older than Ptolemy.

Description: She is a platinum blonde that most likely comes from a bottle, and a pair of contacts that turn her brown eyes into sparkling blue eyes.

Disposition:  Energetic and an incurable Romantic, she also has a Grim fascination with death that oft included in her chronic writing of poetry.

Plot Hook:  When she was a young child, she claims to have gotten lost in another dimension and came back from the dreamtime and claims to have powers of the fey.  Did she make this up, or is it based on fact?  Why does she always seem to disappear when chores are to be done?

Nicolas José Manuel Ptolemy Brachiondez

Relationship: He is the youngest child and therefore the baby of the family.

Description: He is skinny and somewhat lanky with a slight beard to make himself older. He prefers checkered shirts and blue jeans to seem more manly.  Somehow, he manages to make a “real man” look to be somewhat foppish.  It’s probably the excessive use of cologne.

Disposition:  He is somewhat unenthusiastic about day to day life, but he can swing from suspicious and violent if something surprises him.   He is psychic empath that often digs for people’s feelings.

Plot Hook:  The witch Octavia says he knows his secret, and he has been paying her regular payments, but he is nervous about this truth and wants to use the party to resolve the issue.  What is the secret and why is he getting aggressive now?  

The Pteroduerro Family


These were essentially a clan of dinosaur rustlers, bandits and never do wells until the marriage.  They claim to have been reformed since they moved into the ranch, but their degree of reform varies.  They even presented themselves as old money by creating a coat of arms with a Pterodactyl on it, that was doodled up by Berto in Crayon on the spot.

Berto Sofronio Pteroduerro

Relationship:  The Brother of Giselle Brachiondez, he has made himself the leader of this family at least until his beloved sister puts him in his place.  Still he knows a good thing and is “mostly” reformed.

Description:  A Man in his mid 50’s with dark eyes and a black mustache and goatee.  He used to have dashing long hair, but he started to develop a widow’s beak and had to cut off his wonderful locks.  He’s still a tad bitter about the experience.

Disposition:  Affably Evil is the best description.  He is argumentative and a liar, but also a romantic.  He is almost always trying to do a quick rich scheme, to varying results.  He is also a master cook and appreciates those that enjoy his meals.

Plot Hook:   About a week ago, he led a group of cowboys to scout out new grazing lands for the Sauropods.  Half of them just disappeared along with 5 of the Sauropods.  He wants some independent trouble-shooters to find out what happened as the Sauropods were most likely acquired from a nearby ranch.  What really happened and what is Berto isn’t telling them.

Susanita María Pteroduerro

Relationship:  This is the wife of Berto.  She is his partner in crime but often has her own agendas and schemes.

Description:  A slightly heavyset woman, but with her fair share of muscle from living on the range.  She enjoys the colors of black and purple and often incorporate it into her attire.

Disposition: She often appears as the cool aunt to the younger members of the Brachiondez, but she is very meticulous and exact.  She does this because it allows her to be manipulative and cruel.

Plot Hook:  She is positive that there is a meeting ground outside the ranch where her husband Berto is having an affair but is unsure if it’s somebody on the ranch or somebody outside.  She wants to find out whom it is and arrange an accident for the would-be adulterer.  Is she referring to the husband or the woman and if it is not an affair, is it something far better or far worse?

Nazario Juan Bautista Pteroduerro

Relationship:  The older son of Berto and Susanita,

Description:  Slightly slovenly in his work clothes, but with a slight noble statue.  He is trying to grow a mustache, but it’s not going very well.  You can see a lot of his father in him.

Disposition: Saturnine and somewhat depressed, he has this tendency to suck the energy of out of the room.  He prefers to be on the range then in the home.

Plot Hook: He is fed up with the ghost tales of the dead Obed and wants a more permanent solution.  Is the Ghost real?  Is it something more dangerous such as an entity anchored into position that dealing with may make things far worse?  

Francisco Javier Pteroduerro

Relationship:  The middle brother of Berto and Susanita

Description:  You see a young man in paramilitary clothing, often topped by a Beret.

Disposition:  He is a thuggish bully.  He is prone to violent outbursts and generally crass.  This is absolutely contrasted by his doting of the animals in his charge.   His pet raptor Pepe, who’s about the size of a chicken, rarely leaves his side. 

Plot Hook:  Pepe has started developing the ability to end up in strange locations, stealing food and attacking people, but always getting away.  Is Pepe becoming a fey, a terrorsaur or something else and can it be dealt with without Francisco not going on a rampage?


Rut Yessica Pteroduerro

Relationship: The youngest and only daughter of Berto and Susanita

Description:  She seems like a dangerous, abet attractive woman who has a violet spiderweb tattoo on her right arm.  She dyes her hair red and often wears them in bangs. 

Disposition: She is a loner that loves to hunt from the shadows.  She is very antisocial and often only her brother Francisco badgers her into dealing with family situations.  Still the moment she has done she disappears without a trace.  She is suspicious and slightly immature when she does speak.

Plot Hook:   Ever since she went on that run where the people disappeared with her father Berto, she has been acting differently.  Is she possessed by something demonic or disillusioned in her dear old dad and if so, is she willing to kill family for this change in personality? 


Other People of Note



Relationship:  This is the chambermaid of the main villa. She is a Trollitariot that showed up and after demanding a job.  Giselle was so impressed by her attitude that she hired her on the spot. 

Description:  She is rugged and often wears a simple grey dress with a splash of color.

Disposition:  She is a bit distracted and often responds to be calling out with it with a sharp tongue and even violence if she can get away with it.  Still she seems to have an infatuation with Óscar and often puts up with things from him that she does no one else, not even her employers.

Plot Hook:   When cleaning she found a Moody Ooze that she has decided to make her pet.  Unfortunately, the thing is ravenous and is growing over time.  Can the PCs either kill it before it’s a threat or find it a happy home?


Relationship: She has lived on the ranch all her life.  She is not related to anybody but has not been removed out of respect as well as fear.  She is rumored to be a witch, but also acts as the local wise woman on the ranch.

Description:  She is an elf that pretends to be human and wears makeup to appear far older than the locals realize.

Disposition: She is cynical, but if approached with respect, she can be quite friendly.  She loves to setup puzzles to test and tease people she likes.

Plot Hook:   A new type of Brush started growing around her house this season.  As of this night, it started glowing and creating a hedge maze around the home.  Is it a dimensional gauntlet and why did all the alcohol disappear at the same time?


Relationship:  He is the Butler of the Families

Description: A dusky man whom is usually dressed in a dark suit with a splash of red.

Disposition:  While most of the time he is monosyllable and keeps his words short, if he is asked a question, he is not likely to stop.  He has an opinion on just about everything and is not afraid to give his advice, much to the chagrin of those within his charge.  His eyesight is starting to fail which is only making things more difficult.

Plot Hook:  Óscar has discovered Ligia’s moody ooze of unusual size and has started extorting the troll on her pet, using it as an excuse for low supplies he has been selling under the table for profit.  Is he just a greedy fool or is it for more noble reasons?


Relationship: He is the simple, but strapping stable hand

Description:  He is an Ungo that is slender with large smoldering eyes that seem to make people question their attraction to other species.  Usually dressed in simple work clothes but really likes large hats.

Disposition: He is a quintessential tough guy whom enjoys physical challenges of all sorts and is often picked when an outsider needs to be tested. 

Plot Hook:  Lately he has been hearing words in his head, talking to him about joining the cybercult.  He is wondering if he is getting a calling, or going mad?  He has yet to confide this with anyone but may blurt it out in the PCs presence.


Names of other people on Staff:  Humberto, Marcela, Regina


The Ranch Map

1. Bunkhouse 

This is the location where the wranglers live for day to day.  It is an elongated rectangular building that is one main room that is lined with bunkbeds. 

Possible NPC Interaction: Nicolas likes to watch the new hires and see what impression he gets off them and is telling Pedro to take care of “the thing” before Pedro leaves.

2. Storage and Tool Shed

This adjoining shed to the bunkhouse contain any tools needed for day to day jobs.

Possible NPC Interaction: Lola just dropped off a letter for somebody and didn’t want to be discovered.  Berto was just grabbing a lasso for some reason at about the same time.

3. Paddock

This enlarged paddock is made of concrete blocks and metal posts, as well as chain link fences mainly because it must be strong enough to contain Sauropods.

Possible NPC Interaction:  Ptolemy and Pedro were in a heated argument that immediately soften when the PCs showed up.

4. Dairy Farm

This metal building is the main milking station. The milk, after being pasteurized, are contained in giant tanks that are then transported to market.

Possible NPC Interaction: Octavia and Susanita seem to be having a conversation in the dairy farm about milking that seems to have multiple connotations.

5. Nursing Station

This adjacent building is where young sauropods are birthed and taken care of.  It is lit by a heat lamp and are checked regularly.

Possible NPC Interaction:Esperanza

and Nazario are seen sneaking off together covered in blood.

6. Maintenance Yard

One of the main means that Sauropods are herded by Gaucho, power armor that is designed to guide dinosaurs without being trampled.  This is the warehouse where the main armor is maintained.

Possible NPC Interaction: Francisco seems to be whispering softly to one of the Gaucho Mecha a single word: Soon.

7. Well

This deep well is connected to a windmill to pump water for the herd animals and for personal use.

Possible NPC Interaction: Every couple of hours Rut Yessica keeps heading to the well, pulling up a bucket of water getting a drink of water and putting the bucket back down the well.  She looks like she doesn’t want to be seen doing such an act.

8. Raptor House

This enlarged warehouse is lined with small raptors that are primarily there to lay eggs.  It is a stinking mess, but mostly profitable venture.

Possible NPC Interaction:  This is one of the places where Obed has been seen haunting the area according to the ranch hands.

9. Atlascopcosaurus Stables

These Euornithopods act as horses on the ranch.  They are a cheap way to travel and are often used instead of the Gaucho power armor, but they can be somewhat jittery.

Possible NPC Interaction:  Berto confronts one of the pcs and claims that they stole one of the Euornithopods.  However instead of accusing them in front of a crowd, he instead says they “owe him” and leaves.


10. Barn

This massive red barn is a place to move the herd when dangers apply, whether they are raider or weather related.

Possible NPC Interaction:  Gisielle, the matriarch, who rarely leaves the house, is drawing a pentagram in the dirt with a stick before leaving.  She obviously doesn’t want to be detected.

11. Company Store

This building is where the company sells the workers directly to give them less reason to go to town.

Possible NPC Interaction:  Óscar is doing inventory of the company stocks and is saying that they are short 3 cans of lamp oil and is harassing the staff to find it.


The Brachiondez Main Compound


The main compound is a world of its own.  This location is located on the top of a hill and is well defended.


1. Solar Farm

East of the Compound is a massive solar farm that provides most of the power concerns of the Ranch

Possible NPC Interaction:  Nazario has attached his laptop and the solar panels are flashing.  Is it some sort of message and to whom?

2. Guest House

When the Brachiondez has a special guest, they stay at the guest house.  While this is a very comfortable place to be, part of the reason they stay here so they can be guarded “for their own protection.”

Possible NPC Interaction:  Berto and Giselle are seen in the guest house where they are in the middle of deciding whose to be heads or tales on a coin flip.

3. The Winery

This small land of grapes was a successful way to make wine which has become a hallmark of the Brachiondez ranch.  Rumor has it that the grapes are crushed by a small Sauropod giving it a distinctive flavor.

Possible NPC Interaction: Francisco and Octavia are discussing something in the wine seller.  Francisco has tears in his eyes.

4. Beehives

Separated but kept on the main compound grounds, bees are raised for both honey and to pollinate many of the various vegetation so that the sauropods can feed.

Possible NPC Interaction: Ángel is meditating in the middle of the beehive field wearing no protection against the bees.  He then gets up abruptly and drops a single coin where he was sitting.


The Cortijo


This main building will remind you of a Roman Villa but built with proper amenities and fortifications.


Main Floor

1. The Gates

The gates of the Cortijo are an old-fashioned portcullis that is usually automated by motor, but also has a hand crank should the place be out of power.

2. The Front Garage

The front bay is a pair of 4 car garages that any vehicles will have to go through the courtyard before leaving the compound.


3. Storeroom

This local storeroom is where the food stores and other key provisions are located behind a locked door.

4. Maid’s Bedroom

This is the servant room for Ligia, the live-in maid of the household.  It is very spartan and has a hammock instead of a bed.

5. Butler’s Bedroom

This well-kept, but simple room has a large chest at the foot of the bed.  On the headboard is a small picture of Ligia.

6. The Security room

This room is filled with screens connected to the various cameras throughout the villa and the ranch.  It usually has a security chief that also doubles in processing footage for the radio show.

7. Bunker Checkpointw

This concrete bunker is where the line of site is blocked if you enter.  Inside are several hired guns in case the gates are rushed.

8. Washrooms

A series of guest washrooms, complete with showers.

9. The Dining Room

This room is dominated by a large wooden red table.  When in use, it usually has a tablecloth and fine silverware when in use.

10. Cybercult Shrine

This section of the room is dominated by the holy symbol of the cybercult: A human skull made of metal and painted as if split in white and blue. This is further enhanced by a series of led lights for prayer and reflection.

11. The Kitchen

This is a modern-day granite countertop kitchen is designed with all the modern amenities and a large walk-in freezer. 

12. The Library

This room is covered in bookshelves and is a small maze.  There are a pair of ornate chairs with a coffee table between them in the middle of the room.

13. Conservatory

This room has an old-style grand piano and a series of chairs as if ready for a concert.

14. Atrium and Pool

In the back yard is a swimming pool with sparkling blue water.

15. The Garden

This is an ornate set of flowers that have been painstakingly cultivated for maximum aesthetics.  There is a fountain in the middle of the pattern that is a sauropod spitting water.

16. Berto’s and Susanita Quarters

The lavish room is dominated by a bright red four poster bed.   It usually is contrasted with work gear.

17. Nazario’s Quarters

This bedroom has a single small bed and headboard but looks as if recently emptied 

18. Francisco’s Quarters

This room is covered in flags instead of wallpaper and has a gun cabinet behind the bed.  The bed is made out of black metal as if wielded together.

19. Rut Yessica’s Quarters

This bedroom is colorful with a wooden bed with green bedsheets.  On the far side of the room is a menagerie of small crystalline statues.

20. Garden Storage

This door is locked.  If opened, contains a green barrel with a series of long handled tools. 

21. Pool Supply Storage

The first thing that happens when you open this door is a rather large yellow plastic duck falls on you.  It is pretty much wedge into the closet with the other Pool cleaning supplies.


Second Floor


22. Guard Tower

The tower rooms all require you to up a small staircase to a opened room. All of these rooms are where sentries are posted to check over the horizon.  They are further augmented by a camera that can turn 360 degrees. 

23. Angel’s and Lola’s Quarters:

This lavash room has its own built in bathroom and is filled with a cabinet with a series of binders in it.

24. The Master Bedroom

This room is opulent as fitting of the Matriarch of the Ranch but is dominated by a portrait of Obed that smiles at you when you come into the room.

25. Celeste’s Bedroom

This room has been completely redecorated in chrome and has 1’s and 0’s wallpaper in green lettering.  All furniture is made from gun metal grey and contrasted with a glowing blue for soft material.

26. Esperanza’s Bedroom

This room is filled with girly things and is done in a pink motif, where even the rood has a pink shine.  Not a single piece of metal is to be found.

27. Ptolemy’s Bedroom

This is a room defined by brown fabric furniture.  There is a collection of “action figures” on the headboard.

28. Gallery

This room is filled with oil Paintings that cover the entire room.  Of note is the picture of Obed that Smiles and whose eyes follow you in the room.  Other portraits in this room include a farm picture showing ranch hands taming a sauropod, a series of color changing eggs done in a Andy Warhole type style, and a reprint of Edward Munch’s the Scream.

29. The Billiard Rooms

This room is dominated by a pool table, but it can be easily flipped to allow for table tennis.  It also has a corner that has a gaming console with various attachments.

30. Guest Bedroom

This grey uniform room has a chest of drawers for any guests.   You might find a trinket left behind by a previous guest.


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