Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How to Sell a World

By C.N. Constantin

Ultimately Dark Revelations – the Role Playing Game is a world that is based on our own.

The Planet Earth is filled to the brim with awesome ideas and that’s even before we get to our fiction.  I want to show our readers how awesome this crazy world is.  A blending of the familiar and the fantastic was one of my wishes for Dark Revelations – The Role Playing Game.

One of my goals for Dark Revelations – the Role Playing Game when it comes to region material is as follows:
1.       It should be playable to anybody whom lives in a particular region.
2.       It should be playable to those that aren't native to a particular region.  In fact, it should highlight some of the best features that the region has to offer.
3.       The region should have things that make it unique to the rest of the world.
4.       It should follow the rule system of what has already been created.

While the current books are currently built around North America, I really want to cover the globe and give each continent its own feel as well as a draw to bring gamers to a particular location to enjoy its unique feel.

I won’t claim to know everything about this beloved planet of mine, but if you wish to suggest stuff for a particular region, I would love it.  Just realize that I really want to play more with “local themes” and less with stereotypes.

For example, I probably won’t get to Australia right away, but I want it to be something more than Mad Max and Australian Dreamtime once it begins.

When I finally do write it up as an effective part of Dark Revelations RPG, I will play on the following themes:

1.             Australia is a harsh land filled with danger, especially if you’re unaware of it.
2.             Australia is different and sometimes stuff that would be common sense elsewhere might not work properly because of this different nature.
3.             Australia should be a fun rpg environment with both a draw and what’s scary about it.

While we slowly work our way around the globe, we intend to give it the due diligence that a good gaming product provides.

One last thought.

While the rough flight plan is to head to Latin America first and then head across the Pacific, it is not written in stone.

Any feedback of where to head first will determine what we end up creating for your enjoyment.

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