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April Fool's Special - Little Bears

Little Bears

One of the most common races of the Northern Regions of North America is Little Bears.  This small, but burly folk have been the salvation for many travelers whom have “lost their way.”

Little Bears congregate in small, but close communities.   Their habitation varies, but usually takes advantage of local resources.  Most Common material used are sod, and evergreen trees, but will attempt to repurpose pre-revelation housing to take advantage of electricity and running water where they can.  While they do not strictly hibernate, they do go for long periods asleep during harsh weather.  They just happened to use alarm clocks to wake up on time.

There is a “Head Bear” within a community, but there are weekly town meetings to discuss the issues of the day.

Little Bears are omnivorous, and as a result, they grow crops and hunt.  They love sweets and often trade for sweet foods and candy’s that they cannot grow locally.

The largest known community is built on the ruins of Churchill, Manitoba and has become a mecca within Little Bear Culture.  All Little Bears are expected to make this pilgrimage once in their lifetime.

Psychic are slightly more common than with humans.  They play a prominent role within the community.


Little Bears get along with just about anybody.  They understand the primal nature of the wild races, but also appreciate good manners of the more civilized races.  They do not generally enjoy the Desecrators or the Undead, but will give most races the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.  Feylin are the sole exception as Feylin consider Little Bears “boring.”

The only exception is the Bee People.  The Little Bears just cannot resist raiding their hives for honey.


Little Bears adventure for the most noble of reasons, but also for the experiences.  After all a Little Bear that brings home a truck full of sweets will be considered a hero to his or her people.  They usually keep a log or journal to keep track of their various experiences.

Recommended Class/Path:   Combatant/Brute is the most common.  Psychic/Psycho warrior is also common amongst those psychically inclined.  They also seem to gravitate towards Channeler/Sentinel and Ritualist/Rainmaker.


Polite but primal is the best way to describe Little Bears.  While they often have proper manners, there is a wild disconnect when they fight or eat where they seem to revert to a primal state that is absolutely terrifying.

While Bear speak is usually difficult to pronounce for non-bear races, they usually take a “human name” This can be a based on a geographic locations or on a quality of the Little Bear.


They are small bears with all the normal features: stocky legs, long snouts, shaggy hair and short tails

They come in all colors associated with bears.  These are usually shades of brown, but can also include greys and pure white on occasion (the Little Bear equivalent of an albino).

Quite a few of them like to try to do tattoos and strange etchings.  These are done on top of the fur not unlike highlights rather than actual shaving.  Some dye their entire body a bright color.

While they do not need clothing, they usually grab a piece of clothing to put on, such as a hat or scarf.  They also are not averse to wearing armor, as the world is “a very dangerous place indeed.”

Height: 3’0” Height mod: +3d4 inches
Weight: 60 lbs. + Height mod x 5 in lbs.
Age: Starting 5 +1d4 years (+1d4 years for spellcasters).
Middle Age: 20 years; Old: 40 years; Venerable: 60 years; Max Age: 60 years +3d10 years

Little Bears
Creature Type:  Monstrous Humanoid
Template: None to start - can take templates as a monstrous humanoid creature.
Racial talent tree access:   Natural Weapons, Savvy, Stout, Savage

Ability Score Adjustments:   +2 Str; Little Bears are really strong for their size.

Size:  Small: +1 to attack and AC, -1 to CMB/CMD, +4 to Stealth skill, carry capacity is ¾ (x 0.75) that of normal medium creature. Weapons must be sized for a small creature (treat tiny weapons as light, small weapons as one-handed, medium weapons as two handed, cannot use large weapons).

Base land speed: 20 feet

Basic Features
·         Alignment:  Any, but usually ‘Good Alignments
·         Vision:   Normal
·         Languages:  Bear Speak.
·         Talents:  The race gets the talents Iron Stomach, Scent and Thick Hair talents
·         Diplomatic:  Little Bears get +2 to Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks
·         Natural Claws: 1d4 Slashing (20/x2)

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