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Exotic Build #3 – Hell Rider - Joe Edition

Quote: “It’s always been about you and me, baby.  LET’S RIDE!”
Why Build it?
Because you want to play a mysterious stranger who swoops into town in her hell-powered death machine.  Who rights the wrongs no earthly justice can handle with her fires of righteousness and damnation.  Who then, perhaps after a tryst or two in the spacious back seat, drives off into the desert/wilderness/ruins only to appear again where she is needed.  Maybe tomorrow, she’ll want to settle down.  But, until tomorrow, the whole world is her home.
Besides the cool factor, a Driver is a great way to combine the Transrider Car-Fu with the mad scientist madness of the Faustian Mechanic.  A car is a great place to stack spell after spell, which you and your allies can both use.  Your vehicle combat skills, plus a tricked out board, mean you can hold your own in a fight even before you bust out the spells.  And it’s a build where you can focus on two attributes only (INT and DEX) and still get a really affective character.

The obvious downside is the lack of skills and skill points for the FM, including Tinkering.  You may need another character for the actual “mechanic” part of this Faustian Mechanic.

Class/Path: Channeller/Faustian Mechanic

Race: Human.  Kamidavers are also an obvious choice for this build, but will require changes in the level one feats and traits.

Party Role: Heavy artillery, mobile cover.

Focus on: INT and DEX.  Best Skills: Use Vehicle, Ritual, Tinkering.

Who are you?
The Hell Driver.  Aka The Night Rider, The Street Hawk, Bullitt.
A dozen names for a mysterious figure who eschews the safety of walls and society for the freedom of the open road.  You may be good, bad, or somewhere in between: Drivers ultimately answer only to themselves.  And to anyone who is fast enough to catch them.

Equipment: Most of your money is going to go toward your vehicles: a board for battle and a car for travel.  A set of light armor and a backup ranged weapon are a good idea.  Feel free to get your teammates to pay for the emergency kits you can keep in your trunk, since you’re bringing the wheels.

Level 1
Feats: Sunday Driver.  Dodgy Driving.
Talents: Battery Charger.  Better Faust Charging.

0: Animated Tools.  Arcane Mark
1: Burning Hands

Level 5
Feats: Driving Mobility.  Toughness
Talents: Draw on Others.  Multi-spelling

0: Create Water.  DeFrag
1: Alarm Trap.  Repairs- Light

Level 10
Feats: Drive By Attack.  Combat Driving.  Survive a Crash
Talents: Malfunction Reduction.  Damage Amp
1: Fox Hole
2: Web.  Continuous Flame
3: Flame Ammo.  Repairs- Serious.  Greasy Slick- Flame
4: Fire Flight.  Fire Trap.  Repairs- Critical
5: Cloudkill.  Passwall

Level 15
Feats: Combat Driving.  Out the Window
Talents: Faustian Sniper Scope.  Friend or Foe Field Generator.  Infernal Machine

3: Quench
4: Stone Tell
5: Transmutate- elements.  Wall of Stone
6: Earth Bunker.  Ray of Disintegration. Stoning
7: Magma Blast.  Transmutate- erode
8: Faustian Mega Cannon

Level 20
Feats: Toughness: Robust.  Lightening Reflexes.  Improved Lightening Reflexes.
Talents: Enhanced Potency.  Range Booster.  Faustian Protection

6: Wall of Iron.
7: Instant Wheels.  Legend Seeking
8: Incinerary cloud.  Repairs-Ultimate.  Uncanny Box.
9: Ray of Disintegration- multi.  Temporary Stasis- imprison.  Freedom

The Devil’s Duce

Faustian car

Base: Interceptor 4X4  16,000
Tech upgrades:
Higher AC (+5 AC, +5 VCMD) - 4000 

Higher Level Cap (to level 10, +1 SL cost, +1 malfunction)
Shocking Grasp (Attack Activated) SL : 1(3), CL: 5
Safe Crash SL: 1, CL: 5
Flammable slick (rear mounted) SL: 3, CL: 5
Burning Hands (rear mounted) SL: 1, CL: 5
Ray of Frost- Greater (front mounted) SL: 2, CL: 5
Create Water in trunk SL: 0, CL: 5
Comprehend Languages- CB Radio SL: 1, CL: 5
Malfunction Reduction (-1 Mal, +.5 SL)

SL: 9.5 (13)
CL: 5
Malfunction: 8
Cost: 13 X 5 X 150 = 9750 GB

DD Total Cost = 16,000 + 4000 + 9750 = 29750 GB


Faustian Vectorboard

Base: Sparrowhawk Vectorboard  16,000

Shocking Grasp (Attack Activated).  SL : 1(3), CL: 3
Shield.  SL: 1, CL: 3
Expedious Retreat.  SL: 1, CL: 3
Malfunction Reducation (-1 Mal, +0.5 SL)

SL: 3(5.5)
CL: 3
Malfunction: 3
Cost: 5.5 X 3 X 150 = 2475

Total BB cost = 18475 GB

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