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Blood Worm

You may never be able to go into the garden again after seeing a worm this big. The fact it is dripping with blood only makes it worse

Gargantuan Vermin

10 (3,200 Xp)
Low Light Vision, Blindsense 10 foot, Tremorsense  130 feet, Perception +9
Vermin Communications
24 (-4 size, +18 Natural); Flat-footed 24,
Touch 6)
157 (15d4+45)
+14 Fort, +9 Ref, +6 Will
Hindering Terrain (Pinning)
Defensive Abilities
Carapace, Hardness 2, Fast Healing 5
20 feet/15 feet
70 feet, 35 feet burrowing
+13 Bite (2d8+6)
Full Attack
+13/+8 Bite (2d8+6)
Special Attacks
Blood Pool, Blood Slime, Consumption Healing, Ferocity, Swallow Whole, Toughness, Trample
Abilities and Other
Abilities Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Carrying Capacity (light/med/hv)
1840/3680/7360 lbs
Burrowing-Improved, Fling, Grab-Improved, Improved cmb (Bullsrush/overrun, Grapple), Massive Hit, Natural Attack-Enhanced, Powerful Charge, Speed-Improved
Athletics +19, Perception +9
Any, but congregates along the St. Lawrence River.
Solitary when it gets to this size.



Combat Options

  • This creature can bullsrush/overrun or grapple without provoking an attack of opportunity. 
  •  When just under the ground (less than 5 feet, has cover), the creature can make bull rush, overrun, and trample attacks while remaining under the ground.
  •  This creature adds +5 to damage on a charge.
  •  As a single standard action the creature may use your CMB to make a melee attack
  •  Whenever you make a successful critical melee attack against a target that is the same size as you or smaller, that target is knocked 5 feet back, and falls prone.
  • The creature may throw any item it can normally lift, and is at least one size category less than the creature.   The item has a throw range increment of 50 feet

Feature Details

Swallow Whole/Blood Pool Format: swallow whole (2d8+9 acid damage, AC 19, 15 hp); • 
When the creature makes a successful primary natural attack, it may make a free combat maneuver check against the target (creature’s CMB vs. target’s CMD) as an improved grapple.  Furthermore While swallowed whole a target is considered staggered and must hold their breath while in the creature’s stomach.  They are also treated as underwater for the purposes of other effects.

Blood Slime (Ex) (150 feet, Ref 17; recharge 1d4 rounds)
The Blood Worm can spray an extreme alkaloid poison.  If those within the area affect fail their reflex save, they need to make a fortitude save at DC 22. Failure means the target is blinded for 1d4 rounds.  It has a secondary effect of causing the target to get the cowering condition for 1d4 minutes afterwards.

Consumption Healing (Ex); Consumption Healing 3d6+2:  The creature can heal each time another creature within its reach is
killed or destroyed.

Ferocity (Ex): A creature with ferocity remains conscious and can continue fighting even if its hit point total is below 0.

Hindering Aura (Ex): The Blood worm drips a mess of blood mixed with other chemicals that creates extreme difficult terrain 10 feet around the worm.

Trample (Ex) (2d8+9, Ref DC 18):
The creature makes a full round action to use this feature.  For full details see Dark Revelations – Book of Danger


While generally docile, A Full Adult Blood Worm is a terror to behold when agitated.  It will try to eat whatever irritates it and will spray toxic blood compound if it cannot reach its target.


Appearance: This looks like an oversized earthworm with a gaping maw at one end.  It’s crisscrossed with blood vessels
Common:  They are a big worm that was most likely catapulted to our earth during the times of revelations.
Unusual: The various vampire cities (dubbed the eternal cities) along the St. Lawrence raise these as a food staple (their blood is similar to human). They build concrete enclosures filled with dirt to raise them by the thousands.  Despite its necessity, it is an insult to call a vampire a “worm eater” as it denotes low social standing.

Reveal with Knowledge check: Knowledge (Nature), Handle
Animal at +5 DC. DC 20: common knowledge, tactics, speed,
normal attacks, and senses. DC 25: unusual knowledge, special
attacks and feats.


3,650 GB; The mixture of blood and meat is considered a staple for vampires and 8 exotic food points can be obtained from the carcass.

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