Tuesday, August 4, 2015

You and Your Band

Axel Thunderpipes here.

I was asked by Walt Kooper to let all the Fans out there know the ins and outs on the road.

If there is one single universal rule, it’s “don’t be a dick”.  It’s bad promo no matter who you are.

Band Etiquette

-          Do keep an eye out for each other; after all, the band is family.
-          Tune your instrument before the concert.  Nobody likes a flat guitar.
-          Do bring a lighter.  It’s always useful and it’s a way to show the band your props.
-          Don’t yammer.  Less is more.
-          Be nice to your soundman:   They are the hardest working people in showbiz and they have your fate in their hands.
-          Dress awesomely: it’s a bummer to see a band wear sweats.  Pick a look and stick with it.
-          Don’t drink another band’s beer unless offered.  Wars have been started for less.
-          It’s okay to air guitar.  In fact it’s expected.
-          Get off the stage.  When your done your set, let the next band strut their stuff.
-          If you have to leave, be discrete.  Only Elvis ever got away with announcing they left the building. 
-          Don’t be a hater.  The fans paid good money to be there and haters are not wanted.

Fan Etiquette

-        Drink responsibly.  Nobody likes the only guy crowd surfing, especially when they bring their own wave.
-          Don’t be Creepy
-          Don’t fight during the concert: at least until it’s declared.
-          Don’t throw stuff.

Bands and Roses

Alberta is Wild Rose Company.  As a result, there is an entire series of messages that are sent with Roses.

Despite the risks, if the rose comes from a Hunter Rose (See Book of Danger), it means more, especially if you can prove it.

Black Rose:  The Rose of Death.  It is sent to somebody to let know somebody died.

Blue Rose:  The Dueling Rose.  When a blue rose has been sent it is a challenge to a battle of the bands.  It is also used as the sign of a start of a duel.  The dueling moderator drops a single blue rose.  When it hits the ground, the Battle of the Bands may begin.

Coral Rose:  The Rose of Desire.  This is sent to start a relationship.

Orange Rose: The Rose of Desire:  This is sent to start a deal.

Peach Rose:  The Rose of Gratitude: This is given to band members that have been scattered at the club house.

Red Rose: The Rose of Love and Adulation.  You give these to your lovers and get these from your fans.

White Rose:  The Rose of Purity and Innocence.  Can be sent as an insult to a band to say they are newbies, but usually is sent to a young one when they do their first show.

Yellow Rose: The Rose of Joy.  This rose is broken out at major festivals.

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