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Bug Month Continues - New Channeler Path - Tsi Tsi Master

In celebration of Bug month, I'd like to present a class designed for controlling such creepy crawlies.

For a .pdf file,  click on the link below:

TSI TSI Master

Channeler/Tsi Tsi Mater Path

“I can see you squirm.  You should, it’s only natural.  But I will not harm you, unless you do harm unto me first.  I am sure you’ve learned not knock a wasp’s nest unless you want to get stung, It’s a good simple philosophy to live by.   I may seem strange and little gross to you, but in nature there is no gross only function.  And in this function and order I find solace and beauty where others do not.” 

Tsi Tsi Masters are the embodiment of pestilence and have been able to bend its normally vile nature to their whims. They are highly specialized channelers that have a hard time finding their niche and allies willing to accept their alien nature.  They embrace orderly utilitarianism tempered with natural equilibrium.  Their affinity for vermin means that many Tsi Tsi Masters are lawful by nature, respecting the needs of the “colony” over the needs of an individual.  Tsi Tsi Masters believe in strength in numbers and respect those of royal blood or lineage.

Tsi Tsi Masters are usually found in Africa in the lands of the Bee and Termite People, there they live alongside Witches and Rainmakers as the ruling elite.  In North America many Tsi Tsi Masters are refugees from the scatter armies of the Fallen Lord exploring their new freedom.  Some Tsi Tsi Masters come from the Hallowed World, mutated by this dark dimension. 

Half-Orcs are well suited to becoming Tsi Tsi Masters; their strong wild nature makes them perfect candidates for channeling vermin.  A few Elves have adopted a more naturalistic approach to managing vermin, discovering its secrets deep within dank forests.  Medusas or Stumpies (see Book of Arrogance) Tsi Tsi masters focus on enhancing their natural venom or poison abilities.  With their colonial nature and pure toughness, Verkhail make extremely dangerous Tsi Tsi Masters, often hosting outrageous vermin-like mutations.

Class:  This new Path is for the Channeler Class (DRev Book of Magic), and follows all the normal rules of that class.

Ritual Key Attribute:   Wisdom for casting spells, spell points, channeling points and talents. 

Spell Points and Channeling Points:  Tsi Tsi Masters gain spell points and channeling points in the same manner as the Channeler class.

Additional Skill Bonus:  You gain a +1 bonus to Perception, Survival and Treat Injury skill checks.

Poisonous Nature:  You may add one (1) point of poison damage to any melee or touch attack you make.  This will multiply on critical strikes.  Poison damage bypasses hardness and damage reduction, but only effects targets with a constitution score.  Increase this damage by +1 at level 6, 12, and 18.

Special Defenses:  You gain a +2 class bonus to your saving throws, AC, and CMD against any attack, effect or power used by a vermin type creature, or creatures with the swarm template.  You also gain a +2 to save against poisons and diseases (this is cumulative with the bonus against vermin and swarms).

Special Identification: You can identify if a monster has the vermin monster type or swarm special monster feature/template by simply looking at them.  You may “take 10” on all knowledge checks related to these types of monsters.   If you are afflicted by a disease or poison, you will automatically detect its presence and all vital stats about the affliction.

Path Spells:  Tsi Tsi Masters gain the normal spells per class level like any Channeler. See below for the list of Tsi Tsi Master spells. 

All Tsi Tsi Master spells have some sort of reskinning to give them a vermin-like feel to them.  Each spell has a short description of the reskin, but any other details are up to the player.  Regardless of what the spell looks like, it does not change the actual effect of the spell.  For example, you cannot swat away the swarm of gnats that appear from obscuring mist, they just keep reforming. On the flip side these gnats cannot do damage and is easily blown away by winds.  

Tsi Tsi Master Spell List (reskin in brackets)

Level 0 Spells
Acid Splash (projects from your mouth)
Arcane Mark (in the form of an invisible bug on the target)
Bind (tiny bugs hold items in place)
Touch of Fatigue (bugs swarm from hand as you touch target)
Flare (aggressive fireflies seem to “pop” around the target)
Dancing Lights (firefly swarms obey your command)
Detect Affliction  (grow temporary antenna from head)
Detect Magic (grow temporary antenna from head)
Ghost Sound (buzzing or other insect noises)
Mage Hand (flies carry small items back to you)
Message (delivered by an ethereal butterfly only the target sees)

Level 1 Spells
Cause Fear (victim feels insects crawling over their body)
Delay Affliction  (leeches appear on target)
Faerie Light (more and larger fireflies appear)
Feather Fall (flying insects quickly cushion your fall)
Fox Hole (termite or ant swarms quickly dig the hole)
Magic Weapon (small insects cover targeted weapon)
Obscuring Mist (gnat swarm appears)
See through Smoke (your eyes become compound)
Sod Hill (forms a pile of insects you can stand on)
Web (spiders appear and spin the web where you want it)

Level 2 Spells
Acid Slash-Improved (projects from your mouth)
Dancing Blade (looks like an insect instead of a weapon)
Earth Shell (insect-like carapace appears on your body)
Fog Cloud (a thicker swarm of tiny flies appear)
Ghoulish Touch (your hand turns into an insect claw)
Mage Hand-Greater  (even more insects bring items to you)
See Invisible (eyes become compound)
Spider Climb (target grow extra spider legs)

Level 3 Spells
Arcane Sight (eyes become compound)
Gaseous Form (target turns into a fly swarm)
Hold Creature (insects swarm over target and bind them)
Depravation of Senses (insects swarm into eye, ears or mouth)
Neutralize Affliction (leeches appear on target and help treat them)
Quagmire (an ant swarm bogs targets down as they move)
Stinking Cloud (an ethereal stink bug appears and projects cloud)

Level 4 Spells
Bear’s Stamina (polymorph into humanoid-insect hybrid)
Bull’s Might (polymorph into humanoid-insect hybrid)
Omni-Travel (polymorph into humanoid-insect hybrid)
Rays of Sulfur (projects from an ethereal insect on your wrist)
Solid Fog (horrible semi-solid cloud of flies appear)
Telepathic Bond (Strange insect/colonial communications)
Vampiric Drain  (grow mosquito mouthparts for the touch attack)

Level 5 Spells
Creeping Doom  (no change)
Cure Light Wounds-Mass (white moths appear in area)
Hold Monster (ethereal swarm binds target in place)
Inflict Light Wounds-Mass (black moths appear in area)
Prying Eyes (these look like insects instead of eyes)
Stone Tell (grow temporary insect feet parts)
Weapons Failure (Insects appear in/on vital weapon parts)

Level 6 Spells
Bat Shield (weapons turn into giant flies)
Blade Barrier (aggressive swarm of locusts that slash targets)
Cure Moderate Wounds-Mass (white moths appear in area)
Earth Bunker (quickly built by termites)
Inflict Moderate Wounds-Mass (black moths appear in area)
Order for Ally Retreat (allies assisted by carpet of insects)
Safe Zone (area swarms with helpful insects that protect the party)

Level 7 Spells
Cure Serious Wounds-Mass (white moths appear in area)
Eyebite (projects from your compound eyes)
Find the Way (you grow temporary antenna)
Hold Creature-Mass (ethereal insects bind targets)
Horrid Wilting (mosquitos appear on target and drain it of fluids)
Inflict Serious Wounds-Mass (black moths appear in area)

Level 8 Spells
Spell Turning (grow reflective insect wings to deflect spells)
Cure Critical Wounds-Mass (white moths appear in area)
Inflict Critical Wounds-Mass (black moths appear in area)
Bat Shield-Mass (weapons turn into flies)
Resurgent Recovery (body parts take on consistency of an insect)
Wall of Stone (quickly built by termites)

Level 9 Spells
Body of the Golem (polymorph into a goliath beetle-humanoid hybrid)
Hold Monster-Mass (ethereal insects bind targets)
Holistic Aura (helpful butterflies aid allies in the aura)
Prying Eyes-Greater (numerous insects appear to spy for you)
Reverse Gravity (ethereal flies appear to carry targets into air)
Tower of Stone (appears as giant termite mound, ant hill or bee hive)

Tsi Tsi Master Path Talents

Ambassador of Pestilence I

You develop glands that produce a variety of poisons and venoms common among many vermin.  You also grow a scorpion-like stinger from a part of your body that you can use to deliver your deadly toxins.
Benefit:  You gain one Venom racial talent.  See DRev Player’s Guide for Venom racial talents.  You do gain the Stinger special feature for free when you first take this talent.
Upgrade:  This talent can be taken multiple times, each time gaining one new Venom talent.  You may also use feat slots to take upgrades of this talent once initially taken as a talent.   

Ambassador of Pestilence II (Su)

You can now channeling some of the energies of the hallowed world to empower your natural venoms.
Prerequisites:  Ambassador of Pestilence I
Benefit 1:  The Stinger you gained from the Venom racial talent tree is now treated as its own separate limb.  This means you may attack with it even if all your other limbs are occupied or tied up.  This does not grant you additional attacks, but will let you attack with it when you are grappled, entangled or pinned without penalty.
Benefit 2:  When you have used up all the daily uses of a Venom racial talent, you may use Channeling points to renew all the daily uses of that power.  This is a free action.

  • Venom-Weak costs 1 channeling point to renew. 
  • Venom-Mild costs 2 channeling points to renew. 
  •  Venom-Average costs 3 channeling points to renew.
  •  Venom-Strong costs 4 channeling points to renew. 
  • Venom-Extreme costs 5 channeling points to renew.

Ambassador of Pestilence III (Ex)

You can produce a poisonous fluid with the consistency of sap that you can smear on weapons.  You can also produce a flour-like powder of venom that can be sprinkled onto food or into liquids. 
Prerequisites:  Ambassador of Pestilence II
Benefit 1:  Attacks with your venom stinger racial feature are now considered touch attacks
Benefit 2:  By taking a swift or move action, you may place one of the daily uses of your Venom on a single traditional weapon.  This may be placed on single arrow, crossbow bolt, or sling bullet as well.  It cannot be placed on modern firearm ammo.  The weapon will now deliver the selected Venom as a contact poison upon hitting a target, even if the weapon does not do damage to the target.  The Venom remains on the weapon for the remainder of day or until it successful hits a target.  A weapon can only have one daily use/dose of your venom on it at time.
Benefit 3:  Outside of combat, by taking 1 full round of work you may place one of your selected Venoms into food or water.  This can only affect a single serving of food or drink for a normal medium sized creature (1 food point).  The poison remains active in the food or drink for 48 hours or until eaten. 
Benefit 4:  You are immune to your own Venom in all of the above instances, thus you cannot be poisoned by a weapon or food/drink you envenomed.

Ambassador of Pestilence IV (Ex)

Prerequisites:  Ambassador of Pestilence III, Wisdom 13
Benefit 1:  You gain bonus to save against all disease and poisons equal to your wisdom modifier.
Benefit 2:  Increase the save DC of your venom racial talents equal to your wisdom modifier.
Benefit 3:  You may declare damage rolls with your venom stinger to be poison damage in place of its normal damage type.  Poison damage bypasses hardness and damage reduction, but only effects targets with a constitution score.
Benefit 4:  When you use one of your venoms, you may declare it to be a disease instead a poison for the purposes of saving throws.  If you use this benefit, you may delay the initial onset of the venom by one day, plus additional days equal to your wisdom modifier (controllable in 1 day increments).  A target can only be affected by one venom at a time using this effect.  You gain a +4 bonus to track (Survival) any creature inflicted with your venoms in this way.  

Craft Vermin Swarm (Sp)

Benefit 1:  This uses the rules covered in the DRev Book of Magic, Basic Spell Casting-Section 5: Swarm Summoning (pg. 113).  When you take this talent you may craft one spell that summons a vermin type swarm using the stated rules.  You may only create a spell from a spell level you have access to, and it is added to your personal spell list (in addition to any other spells you have).  You may cast that spell in the normal fashion.  All Summon Swarm spells you craft in this manner have a casting time of a full round action.   
Benefit 2:  When you cast a spell to summon a swarm crafted by this talent, you may cast a smaller swarm than listed using the normal size increments.  This will not change any stats of the spell, only the area it covers.  For example, you are casting a spell that would create a large swarm you may instead summon it as a medium or small swarm if you wish.  This will last for the duration of the current summoning.  
Upgrade:  Any time you may pick a new spell, you may use this talent to craft a new swarm spell at no additional talent cost.
Retraining:   Each time you gain a new level, you may retrain the spells crafted with this talent by changing their movement, special features, and even change it to a different spell level and the rest of its stats. (see DRev Book of Magic for details). 
Note: All spells crafted using this talent must be approved by the GM.

Channel Swarms (Su)

Prerequisites:  Craft Vermin Swarm
Channeling Cost:  1 to 9
Benefit:  When you cast a spell created with Craft Vermin Swarm or the Creeping Doom spell you may spend channeling points equal to its spell level.  The spell is cast without needing a Ritual skill check or spending spell points.  It has no chance of critically failing or succeeding in the normal spell fashion.  The spell is also considered a supernatural power for this one casting and cannot be distracted during the casting period.

Martyr of the Plague (Sp)

A number of insects pull flesh from your body as a sacrifice to gain access to greater powers.
Prerequisites:  Craft Vermin Swarm, Channel Swarms
Action/Cost:  To activate this talent’s benefit spend 1 channeling point per spell level when declaring you want to use it, level-0 spells cost none.  You must also take 2 hit points of damage per spell level you are casting, level-0 spells cost 1 hit point.  This damage will bypass all defenses you have and cannot take you to zero or less hit points.
Benefit:  Select any Tsi Tsi Master spell, even if it is not on your spell list and cast it.  For this single casting, this talent eliminates the normal level restriction of casting a higher level spell.  It is otherwise cast normally.

(I.e. you are level 5 with 6 channeling points and normally restricted to level 3 or less spells.  You may use this talent to cast Vampiric Drain (level 4), which would cost 4 channeling points and 8 hit points to do so.  You still must make the DC 18 Ritual skill roll and spend 12 spell points to cast it, which might be a bit tough at your level).

Tsi Tsi Tremorsense (Su)

Benefit:  You gain Tremorsense 20 feet as a supernatural feature.  Tremorsense provides the following:

  • You may “take 20” on all perception checks within the range of your tremorsense.
  • This negates invisibility and any concealment a target may have against you as long they are touching the ground. This applies even if the target climbs on top of an object that is on the ground, including trees, tables, chairs, and even walls or houses; if the target can climb out of range of this feature you can no longer sense them.  It will not negate cover. This feature cannot detect flying creatures or levitating creatures unless they touch the ground.
  • Blindness and Deafness does not affect your tremorsense unless otherwise specified, and you may move and act while suffering these conditions within the range and context of tremorsense (i.e. will not trip over an object on the ground next to you, but will have no idea about an incoming ranged attack). These conditions will still penalize your other senses.
  • A target may make stealth checks against you and if successful they remain undetectable to tremorsense as long they take no other actions.
Upgrade, Special:  If you have a Wisdom of 13 or more, you may add 5 feet to your Tremorsense for each point you have in your Wisdom Modifier (a wisdom 14(+2) grants +10 feet).
Special:  If you have Tremorsense from another source, use only the one with the best range.  The Tsi Tsi Tremorsense is a supernatural power, so certain powers may negate its use.

Vermin Hunter (Ex)

Prerequisites:  Wisdom 13.
Benefit:  You may add your wisdom modifier to your melee or ranged weapon attack and damage rolls against a creature that is of vermin type or has the swarm template.  Your melee or ranged weapon attacks will also do critical damage to vermin type creatures or swarms, even if it is normally immune to critical hits or damage.  

Vermin Mastery (Su)

Prerequisites:  Vermin Hunter
Channeling Cost:  2
Action:  Move equivalent action
Target:  1 Vermin Type Creature or creature with the swarm template that has a CR that is no more than 3 points higher than your level.
Range:  Medium (100 feet, +10 feet/level); line of sight
Duration: 2 rounds, +1 round per point in Wisdom modifier (Wis 14 (+2) grants 2 extra rounds).
Benefit:  The creature makes a fortitude save DC 10+1/2 your level + your wisdom modifier.  Creatures that fail this save are under your control with the equivalent of the Dominate Monster spell as if was a supernatural power.  This will ignore any immunity to mind-influencing effects the target has, including non-intelligence.
Special:  for swarms, a “target” is the entire listed swarm.  You may activate this talent multiple times, each time targeting a new creature.  This power is considered a curse effect. 

Vermin Polymorph (Su)

Prerequisites:  Vermin Hunter
Channeling Cost:  2
Action:  Move equivalent action
Target:  1 Creature that has a CR that is no more than 3 points higher than your level.
Range:  Medium (100 feet, +10 feet/level); line of sight
Duration: 1 minute, +1 minute per point in Wisdom modifier (Wis 14 (+2) grants +2 minutes).
Benefit 1:  Targeted enemies make a fortitude save DC 10 +1/2 your level + your wisdom modifier.  If the target fails the save they are temporarily considered Vermin for the duration in addition to their normal creature type for the purposes of being targeted or effected by any special power, feature or spell. 
Special:  This power is considered a curse effect. 

Vermin Polymorph-Baneful (Su)

Prerequisites:  Vermin Polymorph
Benefit:   The target of Vermin Polymorph suffers a -2 penalty to all skills and saving throws while inflicted with it.  They also will bleed for 1d6 damage per round.  This bleeding damage cannot be healed or treated for the first 1d6 rounds. This power is considered a curse effect and its penalties will not stack with similar penalties from other curses.  You may choose to apply or negate this effect on activation of Vermin Polymorph.

Vermin Polymorph-Beneficial (Su)

Prerequisites:  Vermin Polymorph
Benefit 1:  If you use the Vermin Polymorph feature on yourself or allies they gain a +2 bonus to their AC, CMD, Perception skill, Reflex and Fortitude saves for the duration.
Benefit 2:  As long as you or affected allies do not take any aggressive actions while polymorphed, any other creature with the vermin creature-type is treated as being friendly (see diplomacy) when interacting with you.  They will not act hostilely towards you, but otherwise can act normally.  As soon as you or allies take aggressive actions this effect ends and cannot be applied again for the remainder of the duration of the day with the same opponents.

If the GM is unsure how to apply this, treat vermin type creatures as being affected by the Charm Person spell against those polymorphed in this beneficial way.

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