Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Short Bus to Denver

A Dark Revelations - The Role Playing Game Adventure (CR 5)

Hook: You are a member of team Short Legs with Big Hearts, a courier team that are Halflings.  You drive across the continent trying to get your cargo there on time.

They are hired to move a mysterious suitcase from the Kingdom of Caladornia to the city state of Denver.  

Skill Montage -Moving The Cargo
Trigger Points:
•  Beginning
DC: 15 (CR 5).
Complexity: Impossible (5 successes, 4 failures)
Base skill: Survival (to navigate the terrain), Use Vehicle (to drive madly).
Secondary Skills (+5 to DC): Diplomacy (to ask for directions), Tinkering (when the vehicle breaks down)
Success: You get the CR 5 equivalent of medium treasure (1,550 GB) from the experience.   
Failure: see twist
Retry: No

Roll 1d4 on a failure
1. Thunderslither Stampede - will need to stop it from crushing the convoy using a Stampede skill montage (See Drev Main Book for more details)
2. Bandit attack:  The Brotherhood of the Road is trailing them hard and has managed to get the drop on the team.  Use a Rookie Raiding Squad of Mooks.
3. Dimensional tear appears on the road. It will change the failure into an automatic success, but you need to race in a Rocket Race.
4. You run into a group of knights who need to commandeer a vehicle.  Knights are part of the kingdom and therefore good guys...or are they?

Twist: Suitcase is the entry point for an extradimensional demon.  Failing the wrong challenge means it escapes.  The G.M. can Decide if  the demon is mean/friendly, what it wants, what it eats and how hungry it is.  

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  1. I must say this looks something unqiue to me and I would love to experience it once. Going to share this blog with my circle of friends and hope that they will love it


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