Thursday, July 4, 2019

Feylin News Network - Part 6

“I was almost killed by that thing, and we broke for commercial?  I love commercials, but come on!  Wait, we’re live?  Welcome back, Walt Kooper here.  We’re headed towards a woman apparently doing something to a large greyish winged demon of some sort.   Hello there, I’m Walt…”

“Go the <explicit> away.”

“Excuse me Miss…”

“Can’t ya’ see I’m busy?  Stupid <censored> Feylin always sticking their noses…”

“Holy!  Is that thing dead? You were attacked by a raging Verkhail with a power hammer?  Did it swoop in and attack you?  It’s kind of big, how did you miss it?  Did YOU kill it?  What are you doing to it?  Did it….”

“No. This is my pal, Baldrix.  He didn’t attack us. He died protecting us, again.   He’s always racing into trouble first; it can be hard to keep up with the lovable oaf.  I’d hate his ugly ass if he wasn’t just so damn brave and loyal, and so good at knocking heads.  <explicit> I should be concentrating <censored> can ya’ come back later maybe?”

“Um, ya. I’ll come back later Miss…”

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