Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Feylin News Network - Part 9

“Um, hello, Miss Darthmouth? Can I trouble you for another comment, if, um, you’re not busy?”

“Yes, yes. Ya’ been here so long Walt, that I’ve finished my work.  Just be quick, I’m tired and we all need rest.”

“So your friend Baldrix will live?  You brought him back from the dead!!  YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!!”

“Inside voice Walt, and yes my beefy brute of a pal will live.  Chop, chop Walt; questions before I get impatient again.”

“Right, Right.  So, um, so you are a witch than?  How did you take down the eater of damnations?”

Witch?  I don’t call myself a witch exactly.  I just have way with words.  As for the Damnation Eater, I just gave it the good old evil eye, and an ear full.  Like the man in the tin can said: we had no choice, it was after my friends.  And are ya’ insinuating that little old me couldn’t take it down, Walt?”

“NO! No Miss Dartmouth, you are the most awesome Elf I have ever met…wait, why was the creature after your friends?  Did one of you start this?”

#drevrpg #apocalypse #news

“Why don’t you go ask Laura, she’ll love ya’ Walt.”

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