Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Feylin News Network - Part 7

“Hello everyone, and welcome back to FNN ONSITE.  I’m Walt Kooper, with me now is one of our fine saviors Jon Boo.  Welcome Mr. Boo, and thank you.”

“No problemo mi amigo. It was my pleasure and it was fun. You know what I always say.”

“What’s that Mr. Boo?”

“If you cut through a dark forest path, you better be prepared to rumble in the jungle.  And you better be prepared to shoot a giant sunflower monster thingy, lots.  Like seriously, I’m plum out of bullets.  Even Fred and Ginger are hot.”

“Fred and Ginger?”

“My pistols. Made with titanium steel alloy, perfectly balanced, Fred has a bigger bang, but my girl Ginger…”

“OK…Well, Mr. Boo it’s been a pleasure, but as I say, got to keep moving before the next commercial break.  Who else was involved in this rumble in the jungle that might be able to help me?”

“See that big human over there in the fancy armor? He’s kind of our boss he took the thing out.”
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