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Victoria Day Special - Snake People

Victoria Day is a time when the many parks open in Canada.  Now enjoy the following inspired by one of the most interesting conservation preserves.

Snake People


When people think of snake men, they think of cold hearted, evil creatures with ancient lore that have threatened humanity since the dawn of time. 

Snake people are definitely not like that.  They are a young species that is believed to be a mutation from the dreamtime that altered them and are generally friendly folk.

Their relationship with the more powerful serpents is unknown, but suspected as many seem to develop the spontaneous ability to cast spells.


Snake people are gregarious.  As a result, they congregate in communities that are frighteningly immense.  

The major reason for these communities is sex and earthworms.  They are a very sensual people that comes off somewhat disturbing to those unprepared.  Because they are carnivores, they have massive earthworm ranches to ensure everybody gets fed.  However, they also hunt to supplement their diet.

Snake folk give live birth to children that are raised communally.

The largest community is the Narcisse Snake pit in southern Manitoba.  They have hallowed out the canyons to build an amazing subterranean lair.  However, they are surprisingly versatile in re-purposing natural habitats and ruins to become effective homes.  There are also large communities in the former states of Minnesota, and Florida.

Despite this friendliness, there is a fierce dynamism and an unconquerable energy to these places.  They can go from lively and peaceful to an aggressive posse if outsiders appear to be rowdy.


Despite being usually quite friendly, they generally creep out the “mammal races” due to manners, actions and dietary concerns.  Dragons and Medusas usually have good relations with them, as they are able to look past the stigma.  Desecrator races can be surprisingly tolerant and open minded as well.  Feylins are usually bitterly disappointed as Snake people are noting like what they expect.   They have a friendly relationship with the Froggies, despite being considered “scaly hippies.”

While they often put off people with their mannerisms, they have this racial reputation of being “honest brokers” and often act as go between cultures.  In fact they are often requested by the Harvesters to act as mediators.  They also act as mediators between Bee People and other races.


Snake people adventure to experience life, and to meet people.   They often wriggle into and out of trouble just by simply entering an area.  It’s not just their appearance and mannerisms.  Sometimes Snake people just get cocky.

Recommended Class/Path:   
The most common class for Snake Folk is Adventurer with a spread between the Prowler, Scout and Troubleshooter paths.  If they do become spellcasters, they usually default to Channeler / Witch.


If ever there was a race that replaces manners with friendliness, it is the serpent folk. They are inquisitive, observant and have a bad habit of telling you what they observe.  However, in spite of this, once you earn their trust, you are considered more than friends: you are family.


Imagine a Snake half the size of a human, but with arms. While their coloration varies, the overwhelming majority are based on Garter Snake patterns, not unlike their personality.  In fact, racing stripes are considered “sexy.”

While they have no nudity taboo, they prefer brightly colored cowboy like attire when they do wear something, and often decorate their scales with colorful ornamental stones.  They are also love magic fetishes.

Height: 2’6” Height mod: +2d6 inches
Weight: 35 lbs + Height mod x 1d6 in lbs
Age: Starting: 16 +1d4 years (+1d4 years for spellcasters).
Middle Age: 40 years; Old: 100 years; Venerable: 150 years; Max Age: 150 years +3d20 years

Snake Folk
Creature Type: Monstrous Humanoid
Template: None to start; can take templates as a monstrous humanoid creature.
Racial Talents: Dreamtime, Savage, Savvy, Snake, Venom. 
Ability Score Adjustment:  +2 Wisdom; Snake Folk seem to be surprisingly wise and stubborn for what they consider right from wrong.
Size: Small: +1 to attack and AC, -1 to CMB/CMD, +4 to Stealth skill, carry capacity is ¾ (x 0.75) that of a normal
medium creature. Weapons must be sized for a small creature (treat tiny weapons as light, small weapons as
one-handed, medium weapons as two handed, cannot use large weapons).

Base land speed: 20 feet

Basic Features:
·         Alignment: Any, but usually Good.
·         Vision: Normal
·         Language: Draconic
·         The character gets Scent, and Thick Scales as additional racial Talents.
·         They also get one Racial Talent of choice:  A common one is Musk Spray.
·         Snake Torso:  While this makes it difficult to drive (-2 to use vehicle checks), it also gives them +2 to all Athletics checks.
·         Limit: Non-Human armor: Must wear armor designed for a small non-humanoid body shapes.
·         Limit:  Cannot use Boot Slot Items:  They literally do not have feet.

New Racial Talent Trees

A Note about Venom: The stinger feature from the Venom racial talent tree represents this creature gaining small, but sharp fangs to deliver any venom attacks they may have.”

Medusa Modification:  A common Mutation of Medusas is when they are born with a snakelike torso instead of legs.  If taken at 1st level, it causes the following changes:
·         Skill Changes: it makes it difficult to drive (-2 to use vehicle checks), it also gives them +2 to all Athletics checks.
·         They get the Snake Talent Tree as an option.
·         They get a free racial talent that must be taken from the Snake Talent Tree.
·         Limit: Non-Human armor: Must wear armor designed for non-humanoid body shapes.
·         Limit:  Cannot use Boot Slot Items:  They literally do not have feet. 

Snake Racial Talents

Coiled Strike (Ex)
Benefit: Grants the Lunge feat as a racial talent, and gain an additional +2 to attack when you use it.

Slither (Ex) 
Benefit: You may move at normal speed when prone (though you may not run while prone) and suffer half the normal penalties when squeezing through tight spaces
Normal: Move action reduces to five foot when prone.

Snake Athletics (Ex):
Benefit: Snakes may use their dexterity modifier for Athletics (Climb and Jump only) checks instead
of strength.

Snake Grapple (Ex)
Benefit: You do not apply your size penalty to CMB to perform grapples.  When you apply damage using the grapple sub-action you do +1d3 extra blunt damage.  You still provoke attacks of opportunity with grapples if you are not trained in their use, and all other normal grapple rules apply.

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