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Relic Roadshow #2 - Carhenge

Coordinates: 42.1423° N, 102.8580° W

Pre-Revelations History

This bizarre constructed site is one of the most powerful sites of magic on Dark Revelations Earth.  Created by the ancient art master Jim Reindeers for some unknown but assumed nefarious purpose, it sits in vast contrast to the flattened plains of the former state of Nebraska.

What is known is that the 39 automobiles were created in an identical model of the Stone Megaliths of Great Britain. 

It was dedicated in a ritual on the summer solstice in the ancient year of 1987.

Times after Revelations

Like many other sites of power, the time of revelations surged this ancient site to life.  It began to hum almost immediately and this dull roar has echoed through the plains.

Overall Properties

It circles an area that is 96 feet (29m) in diameter.  Most of the autos are held upright in pits five feet deep trunk end down.  To finish the arch other cars are placed welded in place. All are covered with gray spray paint.

Magical Effects

Place of Power: Major
Special Uses, Spellcasters:  Player character spellcasters gain a +2 bonus to Ritual skill checks to cast Enchantment, Transmutation and Divination spells.  When casting any Repairs spell (such as Repairs-Light) the caster may add two times the spell’s level to the total amount of hit points these spells restore.  You must stand within the circle for at least one full round to gain these bonuses.
Special Uses, Non-Spellcasters:  All player characters with ranks in the Tinkering skill gain a +2 to any Tinkering check they make.  When using tinkering repair tools increase the damage they repair to d6’s instead of d4’s.  You must stand within the circle for at least one full round to gain these bonuses.
Special Uses, Campaign:   Once during a campaign or when the GM feels it is an appropriate, if the party is able to overcome the guardian of Carhenge they gain a McGuffin called “Wheel of Carhenge.”  This looks like a normal steering wheel, but the party may use it to invoke a Resurrection Montage (see DRev Book of Adventure) outside of combat.  This Resurrection Montage can be used not only to bring back a fellow player character back from the dead, but may also bring back a vehicle from being completely destroyed that a character has invested their own money in purchasing or upgrading.  Once used the steering wheel disappears.  Its bounded with the party, so cannot be lost or stolen (will return with one day), but also cannot be sold or given away.  If the GM feels the party has broken their bond with the wheel (by say trying to pawn it off), the wheel will disappear from existence.
Other Rules: While originally located in Nebraska, it also has a tendency to teleport throughout the American prairies.  It is most likely during the Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice.

The Scenario

The Situation: The Cybercult considers this one of its more sacred sites and keeps sending out patrols to safeguard it.  It is an endless quest to keep it under their domain.  They almost always build a visitor center nearby to safeguard this amazing place.  As a result, they hired adventurers to track it down.
Potential Twists:
·         A renegade RoadCrew has decided that no “fleshbags” are worthy to gaze upon the mighty Carhenge and will attack those on site.
·         The Cybercult has hired the adventurers to not only track down Carhenge, but they are to be sacrificed at the next equinox/solstice.
·         When the party arrives at Carhenge, they are teleported with it.  This is also a good point to use the mystical energy for retraining (see Books of Adventure for full details).
·         Gremlins have infested Carhenge and are trying to figure out a way to destroy it once and for all.
·         A single Golem is acting as guardian for the site and will judge those by asking trivia that is based on their knowledge (technology).  If they succeed, they are greeted as a “kindred spirit” and it will allow those to bask in the glory of Carhenge.  If it fails, it will turn the power of the site against the party.

Common monsters to use:

Gremlins (All), Roadcrew (All), Golem (All).  Further machine opponents will be included in the upcoming Monster Manual 2: Psychic Boogaloo and Machines too.

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