Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The “Dano’mobile”

Jay Say’s:  When game testing quite often you build what is supposed to be a throwaway characters of various stripes to test the rules.  Over the testing process they seem to grow organically into beloved regulars with their own personalities and quirks.  When my GM and fellow game tester exclaimed “we need Skater Dan” numerous times, then I had no choice but to keep using him.  
So, who’s Skater Dan?  Well he’s my Halfling Transrider..with a skaterboard…who is super safety conscious.  You can see his picture under the Halfling in the DRev Player’s Guide.  But today instead of profiling Dan himself, we’re going to look at his car, “The Dano’mobile” with all of its weapons and glory.  As a roleplaying feature, the car is painted in bright construction orange and has numerous warning signs and decals on it, including a “Caution: Missiles Ready” sign. 

Writer’s Notes:  this vehicle was designed for a 10th level character.

“Cougar” Interceptor 4x4

This fair sized sturdy vehicle is a cross between an old style muscle car and a 4x4.
Huge ground vehicle (wheeled), 2500 lbs.
CR: 4
Cost: Base 16000, with extras 37910 total
AC: 14 (armor +6, -2 size)
Hardness: 12
HP: 60
Speed: combat speed: 70 (14 sq.); 80 mph overland; top speed x4
Mobility: Average
Max Driver Dex Mod: +4
Vehicle Strength: 22(+6); Base Ramming Damage: 2d10
base VCMB/VCMD: +8/18  (+12/21 with skater dan).
Stunt/Reflex Modifier: -2
Passenger Protection: Partial Cover (half hardness, inside -1 to perception, attack, ritual vs. outside).
 (environment protection does not protect fully from normal attacks, only air borne, i.e. car has “drop down” air masks for passengers).
Minimum Skill Rank: 4
Crew: 5 (1 driver, 3 passengers)
Fighting Space: 15 feet long x 10 feet wide (3x2 sq.)
Fuel: Gas (20 gallons, 5 mpg (100 miles))
Capacity: 3520 lbs.; has a medium size trunk that is large enough for medium sized items, and is capable of
towing. It is also large enough for a medium sized creature to lie down in (5x5x2 feet).
Extras (all added):  Crash Protection +2 hardness (+800 gb); Sealed Environ. System (10,000 GB, see below);  2 Weapon Hard Point-Front (8200 GB Twin Rocket Launcher, 2 concussive, 2 Heat); 1 Full cover turret with DG-290 Machine Gun (11850 gb +250, extra 1 box of ammo, MT 3)

Base Chassis:  

Hard Point-Front:  Twin Rocket Launcher:   2 concussive rockets (4d8 (b), 20/x2, 10 ft radius, 100 ft incr (20 incr. max; may fire double shot -2 attack/damage fire both at once).
Hard Point-Front:  Twin Rock Launcher: 2 HEAT rockets (4d12, 20/x2; must hit normal AC, 100 ft incr (max 20); may fire double shot -2 attack/damage fire both at once
Full Cover Turret:  DG-290 Machine Gun MT 3 (+3 attack).   2d10 (p), 20/x2, 90 ft incr.   Full Auto; 50 shot box (1 box reload, takes 2 full rounds to reload);  untrained: -4 attack,  full auto fire 1d10 bullets, +2 damage over the first bullet fired, only first bullet can crit.

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