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Ecology Experience #1 – The Metal Mushroom Patch

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Today we’re going to talk about the Metal Mushroom Forest.

Where did it come from?

A long time ago, in a bizarre time known as the “nineties”, a symbol of the pokey town of Vilna was created.  A trio of metal mushrooms were constructed to act as a symbol of the excellent mushroom picking in the area.  The original were 20 feet high and 18, 000 lbs. and were little more than an amusement until the times of revelations occurred.

The Time of Revelations somehow brought life to these large metal statues.  They are now techno-organic in nature and have spread beyond the original 3.  In fact this part of Alberta has become a “metal Mushroom patch” that has created its own ecology that is separate from the crystal forests to the north.

How Big is it?

The area covers the former Smokey lake county in Alberta.  It seems to not like crossing rivers and other body of waters and it contains this most unusual fungus.  Still, it has started to spread in a North West direction.

How do Metal Mushrooms Grow?

Like their organic counterpart, the metal mushrooms main body is actually a fruit, abet one that is completely inedible to organics. It has a set of root like structure under the earth that is known as a Mycelium that has the consistency of fiber optic cables.

The Mushrooms have this tendency to pop up within the area and “bloom” for days at a time before “popping” in a spray of metal dust.  This is very toxic to most and it makes it difficult for most life to live within the area.

Overall Properties

The area is contaminated (see Book of Adventure – Contaminants for details).  

Despite this, it is considered a fairly high grade of iron that can be harvested when in bloom.  They also generate a truffle like structure that is often pure ore.  This ore can be used as the physical component for golem creation.

Some Metal Mushrooms grow into a Metal Mushroom Circle that acts as a conduit for magical energy.

Metal Mushroom Circle:
Place of Power: Minor
Special Usage: The caster gains +2 Ritual skill checks to cast spells with an earth, earth or metal component.
Other Rules: You must be standing in the center of the Metal Mushroom Circle to get the effect.

Local Flora and Fauna

While mostly barren, it does have a few localized critters that seem to live in harmony with these bulbous giants:

Golems: Metal Golems spontaneous seem to bud off the Metal Mushrooms.  They seem to be ownerless and target most targets as unfriendly.

Ooze-Dread Tar:  This ooze seems to feed off the metal reserves, leaving a sticky tar that can be used as bio-fuel.

Megamoose:  These aberrations of an animal seem to consider the metal mushrooms a giant salt lick.  It has minimal side effects and even acts to “clean up” the soil.

Porcines:  the Terminator pigs seem to like wandering through the Metal Mushrooms and use them as back scratchers.

Who Lives there?

Trolls:  A family of Trolls have setup a mushroom mill and harvests the mushrooms for export.  While gruff, they can act as a waystation for Travelers if they take a liking to you.

Why would you go there?

·         This place is a focal point for the earth.
·         The material makes good base material for golems.

The Scenario 

One of the kids at the troll settlement has disappeared and is believed to have wandered into the metal mushroom forest:

Potential twists:
·         The kid has been kidnapped by a group of gremlin’s in the forest and are making the kid one of their own.
·         The kid has been playing the entire time with a golem and it has become his “friend.” The kid and golem will take offense in separating the two.
·         The kid has fallen down into a hole and can’t get out.

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