Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dimensional Gauntlet Jam #1 - Rocket Zone

The following is an example of a Dimensional Gauntlet.

Name: Rocket Zone
Entrance: Chest
Dimensional Effects: Zero Gravity, Thematic Warping: Racing
Effect:  This vaccum sealed chest opens up a space like world where several one man rockets are tethered at the starting asteroid.  The adventurers must race against the nether racers, the team dressed in black to win.

Rocket Race
Trigger Points:
•  When you start the Race
DC: 22  (CR 12).
Complexity: Difficult (4 successes, 2 failures)
Base skill: Athletics (to use your natural athletics to “cut a corner”, Use Vehicle (for the getaway).
Secondary Skills (+5 to DC): Gunplay
Success: You get the CR 12 equivalent of medium treasure (9,000 GB) from the experience.  You also get to roll on the Macguffin Treasure (See Rifts book of Adventure) to setup a future story hook.
•  Losers get nothing.

Retry: No

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