Tuesday, July 28, 2015

House Rules

Delaying the end of psychic month for one week while I get the final post prepped, so here's some filler:

The following are some fun rules that came up during game play that we found fun.

Critical Hits and Knowledge Checks

If somebody in your party makes a secret knowledge check on an opponent, it allows the party to be able to do critical hits on opponents that normally would be immune (ex. Construct, Undead).  This promotes team work and reduces talent waste (because honestly, if you sink a series of talents to improve your critical, this allows them to be used).

Potion Mixing

Note: This rule was inspired by the 1st edition dnd rules and the Spoony Experiment for reminding me about it.

It is possible to mix magic potions.  However, by doing so it increases the chance of magical mishap.  Use a Use Magic Device that is based on the most powerful spell involved (DCs as per a standard ritual check based on page 88 Book of Magic).  If it succeeds, both spells work normally.  If it fails, or a 1 is rolled, roll on the spell mishap table (see page 97 from the Dark Revelations Book of Magic).  If a 20 is rolled, consult the ritual casting-expanded critical (See page 45 of the Dark Revelations Book of Adventure) for results.

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